Motorcycling Costs

Licence Fees

Type of LicenceApply OnlineApply by Post
First Provisional£34£43
Upgrade to FullNAFree
Renew Expired£14£17

Motorcycle Laws

Test and Training Fees

CBT £100.00 to £150.00 approx * see notes
Theory test £23.00 (Same on Saturdays and weekday evenings)
Practical test – Module 1 £15.50 (Same on Saturdays and weekday evenings)
Practical test – Module 2 £75.00 (£88.50 on Saturdays and weekday evenings)

Notes – The cost of compulsory basic training (CBT) varies between schools, be sure to check which of the following are included

  • Motorcycle Hire
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Insurance with collision damage waiver
  • CBT certificate

All our featured instructors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Further motorcycling costs include:


You can buy a used 125cc bike for about £400 but make sure it has an MOT if it’s 3 years old or more.


If you’re thinking of buying a used motorcycle it would be sensible to have it checked out by HPI motorcycle Check. You get an immediate online vehicle data check which includes stolen/police interest, write off/accident damage, scrapped by the DVLA, plate transfers, former keepers, full VIN/chassis check, make and model, engine number and size, colour and colour changes, imported or exported and date first registered.


A new crash helmet can cost from £40 to £500. Jacket £80+. Boots £40+. Gloves £10 to £100. You can get them cheaper second hand but we would advise that you buy at least the crash helmet new.


Additional Costs

Insurance Costs

This depends on your age, the size of the bike and the area where you live.

The cost of insurance can vary massively between insurance companies, the quickest way to compare lots of quotes is to use a comparison site.


Fuel Costs

On a 125cc bike you can travel about 15 miles for £1.


Road Tax (Vehicle Excise Duty)

Not over 150cc £17 p.a.
151cc up to 400cc £38 p.a.
401cc up to 600cc £59 p.a. – £32.45 for 6 months
Over 600cc £81 p.a. – £44.55 for 6 months