Bell Motorcycle Helmets: 10 Fantastic Options To Consider



Bell started in 1954 as a manufacturer of racing helmets. They’ve focused on no-frills, all-function helmets for sports, touring, commuting, and motocross.

They’re known for reliably producing some of the better-looking helmets in the industry. For this reason, we’ve made a shortlist of ten of our favourite examples. 

Bell Qualifier Matt Black

This polycarbonate shell helmet looks clean and uncluttered, has excellent ventilation, and is designed to prevent lifting or buffeting. Nutrafog 2 technology is used in the visor, and a photochromatic version is available. 

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This is by no means the quietest helmet out there. Relatively lightweight padding in some areas may be a factor here. But with the wind collar secured, this can be fairly silent.

Many riders will like its aggressive but low-key styling, generous Velocity Flow ventilation, and budget-friendly price point. Unfortunately, it only scores a 3 on Sharp’s safety test (a 5-point system).

What We Like…

The simple classic styling and breeziness are the standout features here. 

Bell Star DLX 

This helmet contains Bell’s MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system). This kind of slip-plane technology sits between your head and the protective material of the helmet. It insulates the head and neck from twisting motion during an accident by absorbing some of the movement and reducing rotational acceleration.

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Thankfully, there’s more to this helmet than this protection system.

The tri-matrix composite shell comes with 6 shell sizes, and six EPS insert sizes to help you get a perfect fit. Decent ventilation and a Panavision Protint photochromatic visor round out an excellent package. 

What We Like…

The MIPS system has been used successfully in push bike and motorcycle applications for a while, and it’s nice to see it fitted in a simple style helmet. 

Bell Moto 3 Classic

We wanted to include at least one motocross helmet on the list, and this seemed like the most classic option. This was the world’s first motocross-specific helmet design in 1971. And the improved, modern fibreglass shell version is better than ever. 

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This is a cult classic for a reason – its aesthetic. The grilled snout and huge viewport have a certain undeniable charm. But Bell has updated the interior with a quality EPS shell and terrycloth liner to make this more than just cool-looking. 

What We Like…

People were relining 40-year-old versions of this helmet and riding in them because they looked so cool. That’s dumb. We’re glad you can buy a new, safe one. 

Bell Pitboss Unisex

The Pitboss is a futuristic-themed street helmet in a unisex design. It uses a Panovision viewport to ensure you’re aware of your surroundings.

There are two configurations for the viewport shape. This one features the streetview – a shape suited to more upright, touring and commuting riding positions. 

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This is a lightweight fibreglass helmet with excellent vents and comfort. The X-Static liner is bonded with a silver coating to inhibit the build-up of bacteria or fungus, causing unpleasant smells. 

What We Like…

The redesigned viewport is ideal for tourers who want to see as much as possible of the terrain ahead. 

Bell Broozer Solid Black

A popular helmet with the street fighter crowd – for pretty obvious reasons. It’s lightweight, using a thermoplastic construction and modular with a flip-up chin bar.

But everyone remembers this one for how it looks – kinda like one of the bad guys’ flight helmets in Top Gun. 

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But there’s a quality lid underneath the comic book exterior. Front and chin vents keep things cool, the removable, washable liner is comfortable, and the helmet ships with a range of inserts and shells to dial in the perfect custom fit. 

What We Like…

OK – with this one, it’s pretending to be a fighter pilot while cruising down to Tesco’s for milk. Everyone does it!

Bell Custom DLX 500

Based on Bell’s original 1954 designs, the DLX is slightly different.

Funky 70s colours, snap-on visor tabs, and a wide, open face give this some retro appeal. But for those after a ¾ helmet, this is one of the best ones out there.

The composite fibre shell, multi-density EPS, and cloth liner are all materials found in many helmets at a much higher price point. 

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This won’t be suitable for everyone. But if you’re riding a custom classic in similar colours, it could be a nice touch. 

What We Like…

Three-quarter face helmets are often sloppily put together because manufacturers believe their users don’t care about safety. This is a premium option. 

Bell Eliminator Gloss Black

The Eliminator is a premium fibreglass composite street helmet that cuts no corners. Contoured cheek pads, excellent vents, an effective antibacterial liner, and Provision anti-fog visor are just some of the premium touches. 

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But the Eliminator also strives for a low-key, no-nonsense look, partially inspired by auto racing helmets. If you’re after a helmet built from the best stuff with all the full-fat features (but doesn’t advertise them too loud), this might be a good choice.

What We Like…

We like that this helmet hides its premium features and build quality in a fairly standard-looking lid – stealthy.

Bell SRT Modular Gloss White

With its drop-down sun visor and vent options, this street-focused, modular helmet could handle some light touring use. It’s a simple but pretty affair. With its clean lines and classic, neutral style, this helmet looks decent paired with most riding gear. 

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Flip-up function is a nice touch for tourers, commuters, and messengers. This one releases easily and snaps back into place just as easily –  a solid mechanism. And it’s a feature they’ve added without too much extra weight.

The addition of hinges, clasps, and locks to accommodate modular chin bars can get heavy. 

What We Like…

It’s comfortable, looks decent, and opens easily. 

Bell Bullit DLX Command

We can’t remember if the 1970s Lego spaceman’s helmet was identical to the motorcycle one or not. But either way, we’re glad that design is now available as a real-life riding helmet.

This design will probably be a bit on-the-nose for some. Many riders prefer their retro through a more modern lens.

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And while the look of this thing is a pure throwback, it does take advantage of all the various advances in material technology in the last 3 decades. It uses a composite fibreglass construction and multi-density EPS liner to offer modern protection from impact. Included are three insert sizes to help you customise the fit. 

What We Like…

Some authentic touches here, like the brushed aluminium visor pivot rings, look great. 

Bell Race Star Dlx

This is a high-end helmet from a top-tier manufacturer. Carbon fibre, raceview oriented, and with all the bells and whistles you could imagine, an impressive piece of technical riding equipment. 

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Casuals and those on a budget probably won’t be interested. But it could make sense if you do track days or are the kind of rider who likes to experience the very best.

The level of protection is extraordinarily high. But the comfort is also worth a mention. The mesh liner limits the amount of skin in contact with the surface and keeps things cool, and the 5 included shells ensure a perfect fit. 

What We Like…

It’s nice to experience this level of technical equipment – even if it is slightly more than is necessary for our commute.