Best Gore-Tex Motorcycle Jacket For UK Riders (2023)



Gore-Tex jackets offer a fantastic waterproof/windproof addition to your riding armoury.

Because they’re so well made and reliable, they’re not cheap. However, they’re often lighter and more comfortable than leather, offering top safety and superior waterproofing.

In this article, we’ve researched and reviewed a range of Gore-Tex jackets, so you don’t have to.

Best Overall
Klim Gore-Tex Latitude Textile Jacket Klim Gore-Tex Latitude Textile Jacket

Protective, Waterproof, Comfortable

Lightweight, brilliant protective Gore-Tex jacket loaded with technical features perfect for touring.

Premium Pick
Rukka Kallavesi Gore-Tex Jacket Rukka Kallavesi Gore-Tex Jacket

D30 Air Protection, Top Quality, Premium 

The do-it-all and go-anywhere protective Gore-Tex jacket is an investment piece for any hardcore rider, 100% waterproof and windproof suited for all weather.

Best Goretex Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Let’s dive into our shortlisted jackets

Klim Gore-Tex Latitude Jacket

Klim produces some of the best technical motorcycle gear on the market, especially when it comes to touring clothing. 

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The Latitude jacket is constructed from a waterproof Gore-Tex 2-layer performance shell matched with an 840D Cordura laminate material in the high abrasion zones. 

In terms of protection, you get D30 T5 Evo Pro XT elbow, shoulder pads, and the D30 Viper stealth back protector. The armour pockets are adjustable, so you can get the pads in the right place and be comfortable. 

There are two arm, two chest and two exhaust vents on the back, and you can clip the collar back to allow even more airflow down the back of the jacket. 

Where the vents are located, they have been waterproofed so you can stay cool and dry at the same time. 

The jacket has 5 external pockets, four internal pockets, and an internal document pocket behind the backpad. 

Adjustability options are throughout, from the collar and cuffs to the waist and hem. 

The Latitude jacket is probably my favourite touring jacket as it is also pretty lightweight compared to other riding jackets; you have all the Gore-Tex waterproofing and technical features without the need for a big heavy, cumbersome jacket. 


  • Comfortable
  • D30 armour at shoulders, elbows and back
  • Plenty of pockets for stashing your bits
  • Waterproofed vents
  • Gore-Tex 2-layer laminate waterproofing
  • 5-year Klim warranty


  • No removable thermal liner

Rukka Kallavesi Gore-Tex Jacket

Rukka’s Kallavesi jacket is the business, a heavy-duty touring jacket built to keep you warm, dry and comfortable no matter the riding situation.

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Its standout features include the 60g removable thermal lining, Gore-Tex Pro 3 laminate construction, D30 Air XTR shoulder and elbow pads, and CE-certified chest and back protection.  

The jacket is ready to receive the D30 Air back protector if you wish to do the upgrade. 

You have vents on the chest, sides, back and sleeves that you can open and close to regulate the airflow and a temperature regulator liner that keeps you warm/cool depending on your needs. 

Two waterproof outer pockets and two waterproof inner pockets will hold all your stuff, and there is also a large rear pocket for bulkier items.

This is the Rukka jacket you want if you are riding every day, all year, or undertaking long touring trips. Protective in an accident, protective from the elements, 100% waterproof and windproof, it is the king of Gore-Tex jackets. 


  • D30 Air XTR armour at shoulders, elbows
  • CE armour at the chest and back
  • Gore-Tex Pro 3 laminate construction
  • Awesome ventilation system
  • Removable thermal lining
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable 
  • 6-year Rukka warranty


  • Pricey

Rukka Kalix 2.0 Jacket

The Kalix 2.0 is a more budget-friendly Rukka jacket that makes Rukka quality accessible to a slightly wider audience. However, it is still pricey compared with other brands, so bear that in mind. 

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It is Gore-Tex Pro 2-layer laminate construction where the Gore-Tex membrane is laminated to the outer layer so water can’t penetrate. 

Laminated Gore-Tex remains the best method of construction for a waterproof jacket. 

Many waterproof liners simply sit between the outer and inner layers, blocking water from getting through to the inner layer. This means water can penetrate the outer layer and make the material quite heavy and damp until it dries out. With laminate Gore-Tex, this isn’t an issue. 

The Kalix jacket is slightly more stripped back than some of the Rukka jackets; there is no removable thermal liner, for example. 

However, it does have several water-resistant inner and outer pockets, D30 Air armour at the shoulders and elbows and a soft neoprene comfort collar. 

You can zip the Kalix 2.0 jacket to any Rukka trousers for a complete waterproof set. 


  • Gore-Tex Pro 2-layer laminated
  • D30 Air shoulder and elbow pads
  • Back protector pocket
  • Water-resistant pockets
  • 6-year Rukka warranty


  • No back protector as standard

Richa Arc Gore-Tex Jacket

Next up, we have Richa’s addition with the Arc jacket, which uses laminated Gore-Tex 2-layer fabric to keep you dry.

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There is D30 armour in the elbows, shoulders and back, and additional pockets for optional chest armour.

The thermal liner is removable, and there are vents for airflow when the weather is a bit warmer. 

Richa is great at producing comfortable jackets. The Arc features pre-curved sleeves for immediate riding comfort (especially for a sports rider), and you get some adjustability on the waist and cuffs. 

This is a Gore-Tex laminate jacket that looks sporty instead of styled like a touring jacket, so you can still ride around on your CBR or R1, looking the part while remaining protected from the rain. 


  • D30 armour at elbows, shoulder and back
  • Chest armour pockets
  • Pre-curved sleeves
  • Sports styling
  • Five-year Richa warranty


  • Less technical features than other jackets in this price bracket

Richa Cyclone

At the lower end of the price range, the Cyclone isn’t particularly exciting in the looks department.

It is, however, reliably waterproof, having a textile outer layer, Gore-Tex lining, stretch panels on the rear, and a detachable inner lining.

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It’s a light jacket, but the outer textile layer will potentially retain water during heavy rain and need drying.

It has chest and rear vents, a Velcro adjustable waist, and external pouch-style Velcro pockets, which aren’t waterproof and can be a pain to access with one hand.

The jacket has a good standard of well-placed CE D30 level 1 armour, although many users have complained about the back protector being less than adequate.


  • Good value keeps you dry and warm
  • Unobtrusive armour that stays in place well
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Outer layer will retain water in heavy rain
  • Poor back protector
  • Velcro pockets aren’t easily accessible

Best For Women – Dainese Ladies Carve Master 3

When the original men’s Carve Master jacket was released, I wanted it immediately; it was stylish and comfortable off the hanger. Today 3 generations on the Ladies Carve Master 3 is just as awesome, and I love it even more, thanks to its feminine fit. 

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The Carve Master utilises a Gore-Tex membrane and water-resistant outer 3D Mugello fabric construction to provide its waterproof abilities. 

While not laminated Gore-Tex, the outer fabric is water resistant. Using a regular protectant spray should enhance the outer jacket’s waterproofness and reduce damp breaking through the first layer. 

You get CE level 2 shoulder and elbow protectors but only have a pocket for the G1 or G23 back protector, which isn’t provided. 

The removable thermal liner and collar are thick, comfortable and soft; it feels luxurious. 

You can adjust the sleeves, waist and bottom hem for the right fit and connect the jacket to Dainese jeans. 

The jacket has several airflow vents, five external and two internal pockets. 

The Carve Master 3 is an evolved version of the original Carve Master and now casts an elegant female silhouette, giving it bonus points. 


  • Comfortable
  • CE Level 2 shoulder and elbow protection
  • Many pockets
  • Several vents
  • Removable plush thermal liner


  • Not laminated Gore-Tex
  • No back protector as standard

Buyers Guide

So what do we need to consider when choosing the right Goretex jacket?


Prices vary from the £270 markup to an eye-watering £1,700+ for top-end jackets.

However, these Gore-Tex jackets offer a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex guarantee and blend in other hard-wearing materials, such as Cordura and Armacor, to deliver safe, long-lasting, lightweight jackets that provide excellent comfort and movement.

You’re unlikely to buy one of these as your first jacket, but experienced motorcyclists know that buying quality pays off in the long run.

Gore-Tex Technology

Gore-Text closeup with water beading

Discovered by the Gore family in the 1970s, here’s some data for fact fans:

  • It was discovered when a layer of plastic resin was stretched
  • This was developed into a multi-layered laminated ePTFE membrane
  • One square inch contains over 9 million pores
  • Each pore is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet
  • Whilst being waterproof and windproof, it’s also breathable
  • It has an internal Oleophobic layer that prevents pore blockages from body oils and sweat
  • Garments bearing the name have to comply with strict production processes and rigorous testing
  • Famously Gore-Tex offers a lifetime guarantee on their material

Gore-Tex offers a fully waterproof layer as a standalone material, but consideration should also be given to the outer material it is bonded to.

Cost and quality will affect the denier, weave and water beading properties.

They will still keep you 100% dry, but lower-quality fabrics have the potential to retain some water, albeit in heavier downpours.

Also, read our guide to the best waterproof motorcycle jackets

Gore-Tex Pro

A further enhanced material seen in higher-end jackets, where extra layers of ePTFE are bonded directly to the outer layer, giving 28% greater breathability and durability.


Jacket armour offers protection in four key areas, elbows, shoulders, back and chest, with the latter being a common feature in top-end garments.

Most jackets come with CE-approved level 1 armour, an adequate level for all but the most advanced track day racers. These consist of varying materials such as silicon, memory foam, hard plastic, and Viscoelastic.

This material’s flex, weight and placements will affect comfort and manoeuvrability and vary the shock absorption, impact dissipation, and abrasion levels.

There are some superior Viscoelastic products. One example is D3O armour, which is beginning to be utilised by many leading brands. It uses a lighter, flexible premium material with advanced impact qualities to provide even better crash protection and comfort.

Read more about motorcycle armour.


Some manufacturers offer extended warranties, and as per our reviews, this is often seen with higher-end, higher-quality jackets. These must be registered fairly soon after purchase and cover most damage outside general wear and tear.

Other Points

All the jackets in our review come with connection points for trousers, allowing for greater waterproofing.

Most brands are designed to interface with their own trousers, so if you buy an expensive brand, you may want to raid the piggy bank for a pair of matching strides.

Read our full motorcycle jacket buyers guide.


Gore-Tex jackets offer an excellent reliable option for cold/wet riding, and being honest, that’s most of the year in the UK. They’re not always so versatile when it comes to summer heat.

Throughout this review, we’ve tried to refrain from using the phrase “you get what you pay for”, as there’s a clear correlation between features and price.

However, if you want something that will last an eternity, then the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” applies here. But whatever you choose, you’ll undoubtedly be dry and warm with a Gore-Tex on your back.