The 5 Best Ground Anchors For Your Motorcycle



Ground anchors are arguably the best security devices available for bikers.

Disc locks and alarms are useful, but they don’t prevent the removal of the whole bike.

Our Choice Top Ground Anchors

Concrete In Pick

Oxford TerraForce Concrete-in Ground Anchor

Super Simple, Super Solid

First choice for me is the one that is the hardest to remove.

No bolts and little metalwork to bash out with a hammer. The straight peg with swivel head slots into deep concrete and stays there! Check SportsBikeShop

Bolt-In Pick

Mammoth Bolt-In Ground Anchor

No Frills, Rock Solid

With a reassuring four bolts, it is a simple yet highly effective design.

Carries the Thatcham security approval rating and the Sold Secure grade. Check Amazon

Ground Anchor Reviews

Let’s have a closer look at some of the popular brands and models available

Oxford TerraForce Concrete-in Ground Anchor

The Oxford TerraForce sinks seven inches/18 cm into new concrete. The exposed 59mm (internal measurement) steel ring provides a low-profile but heavy-duty anchoring point.

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It’s got a coveted Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating, and case hardened steel helps protect it from heavy blows.

Note that this anchor needs to be concreted into the ground, requiring some basic DIY skills to get set up properly.


  • plus iconSuitable for use indoors and outside
  • plus iconSimple and effective design.
  • plus iconIncludes ground anchor unit and instruction guide


  • minus iconInstallation requires some DIY competence!

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Mammoth Security Bolt-In Ground Anchor

This product carries the Thatcham security approval rating and the Sold Secure grade – an independent test to resist determined attacks by thieves. Both approvals are recognised by insurers who may offer reduced premiums for the product’s users.

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The unique feature of the Mammoth is a twin layer design forcing the would-be thief to deal with another section of hardened steel.

The unit is fixed into the ground with a reassuring four-bolt installation. Ball bearings are supplied for hammering into the bolt heads, rendering them impossible to remove with conventional tools.

Compared to other models, the Mammoth is relatively small, but its double layering of hardened steel makes it a formidable security device both in and outdoors.


  • plus iconAnti-tamper fixing bolts
  • plus iconSmall and less obtrusive than other models
  • plus iconAffordable for those on a lower budget


  • minus iconMay not stop a determined thief with very heavy cutting equipment

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Oxford Brute Force Ground Anchor

Two heavy-duty, rawl bolts secure the Oxford Brute Force Ground Anchor to the floor of your garage or driveway. Its design also facilitates wall-mounting.

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Oxford brute force

The allen key and ball bearing option guarantee a tamper-proof unit following installation.

The Brute Force is a simple and low-profile design and easily accommodates a range of heavy-duty chains and locks.


  • plus icon Fits all of the Oxford security chain products
  • plus iconCheaply priced
  • plus iconSold Secure, which may allow discounts on your insurance premiums


  • minus iconRelies on bolts rather than in-concrete installation

Oxford Anchor Force Ground Anchor

The Anchor Force represents a higher specification than other models with double layering and four installation bolts instead of two.

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Hardened steel further enhances the quality of this Secure Gold approved unit.

Consideration is needed for installing. The four-bolt option may make it unsuitable for older ‘red-brick’ wall mountings.


  • plus iconRelatively low profile for a sturdy ground anchor
  • plus iconSold secure gold approved
  • plus iconDouble layered hardened steel


  • minus iconUnsuitable for some brick wall mounting

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Gear Gremlin Ground Anchor

This flip-up style ground anchor requires four M10 bolts to keep it secure.

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The unique feature is its fold-down hasp. This makes it inconspicuous when not in use and reduces the chance it tripping you up.

The heavy-duty steel plate bolts into a concrete surface. Unlike many other models, it has a curved ring allowing a smoother fit for your chain.


  • plus iconSuitable for use indoors and outside
  • plus icon Heavy-duty steel bolts
  • plus iconIncludes ground anchor unit and instruction guide


  • minus iconUnsuitable for some brick wall mounting
  • minus iconNot Thatcham approved

Where to install

The obvious locations for ground anchors are at the home and workplace, where the bike is most likely to be kept for long durations.

In the absence of security guards, we can’t watch our bikes all the time, and much can happen over several hours for the out-of-sight motorcycle.

According to published crime reports, 80% of thefts occur at the owner’s home. To reduce out-of-control motorcycle thefts, local councils are considering installing more of them in public parking locations. In the home, they can be placed in garages or driveways.

Speak with your company and discuss a suitable location if you ride to work on a bike.

Lock and chain

motorcycle security lock

You’ll also need a lock and chain so check out our reviews of the best motorcycle security chains. You may wish to consider installing more than one ground anchor for front and back wheels.

They are reasonably priced, and anything that protects thousands of pounds worth of motorcycle and keeps your insurance premiums low is a good investment.

How To Install

Unlike other security devices which simply attach to your machine, the ground anchor requires a little installation work and some drilling.

Usually, this is basic DIY level and no more complex than routine bike maintenance. The bolts and screws come with the package.

For installation, find a good solid concrete floor at least 10cm deep. Consider a wall if the brickwork is strong enough. Old orange brickwork is unlikely to survive.

You’ll typically require a 16mm drill bit to reach about 75mm deep. The basic install involves screws placed into rawl bolts and tightened with an allen key.

The tops are made tamper-proof by hammered in ball bearings and sealing caps to avoid unscrewing by thieves.

Install your ground anchor out of the way where you won’t trip on it or damage a car wheel. You should still be able to anchor the bike by a chain.

It is important after all your hard work to place your chain in a suitable location. Rather than a removable wheel, try locking it to the bike by a frame rail.

A raised chain is harder to break than one which can be hammered against the ground.

Here’s a good wall installation video to help you.


The material into which you mount your anchor is as important as the material of the anchor itself.

Tarmac and other soft ground surfaces will not provide the resistance to prevent extreme forces from towing or pulling your anchor from its mounting.

Think about the prevention of cutting, drilling, and heavy hammer impact.


Concrete is the surface of choice, especially if it is 10cm or more in thickness.

Brickwork is not as good as a heavy blow can destroy the surrounding area to remove the mount.


The metalwork of your anchor should be steel or hardened steel which is less brittle than alternatives.

Any attempts to remove an anchor mount are likely to be prolonged and noisy; a well-installed and high-quality model goes a long way in stopping such attempts.


You get what you pay for, so buy the best you can afford. Make a ground anchor part of a mini ‘security field.’

An additional alarm with a built-in motion sensor will alert you to any burglary attempts inside your garage.

Read our review of the best disc locks here.

Remember, they’re out there looking for an easy target. Don’t give them one.

Safe and happy riding to all.