Kickin’ It – The Best Motorbike Socks For Long Rides



Motorbike-specific socks – an often overlooked piece of kit that’s worth a second thought! 

On longer rides, the padded areas, moisture-wicking properties, and insulation of a good pair of socks can make a real difference to your comfort.

Our Top Pick

RST tour tech

RST Tour Tech

Best Socks In Class

These cotton base layer socks have a reputation for being comfortable, the right length, and keeping their shape and elasticity even after multiple washes.

My dad and I wear these on long rides and swear by them.Check On SportsBikeShop

Buyers Guide

What to look for in a quality pair of motorcycle socks.


All the socks on our list are cut to be worn under a protective motorcycle boot and feature padding and reinforcement in areas likely to rub or wear over time.

These socks will fit snugly and stay in place – with the cuff just below the knee. 

This prevents the one major complaint riders will make about a pair of socks – they slide down into the boot, and you have to stop to fish them out. Tis the stuff of nightmares!


Socks that wick moisture effectively are preferred, and to this end, merino wool is a favourite (if expensive) choice.

There are several benefits to using merino in motorcycle boot socks.

  • Softer than regular wool and can be worn next to the skin without causing any irritation
  • Wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Regulates temperature
  • Helps to cancel out any unpleasant odours

Socks made from manufactured fibres such as polyester or a combination of cotton and manufactured fibres are generally cheaper. They will certainly do a more than adequate job if budget is a concern.


For ease and convenience, make sure your motorcycle socks are suitable for machine washing (all the ones reviewed here are) ain’t nobody got time for handwashing.


One piece of advice given to me by a professional mountaineer has stuck with me all these years:

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on waterproof boots and fancy socks, then for God’s sake: keep your toenails trimmed.”

The big toe, if not kept trimmed, will rub a hole through your fancy socks and eventually through the GoreTex lining of your boot.

Like many of the socks on our list, it’s best to avoid letting the velcro straps from your boot touch your socks. This can result in thread pulling or balling.

Best Motorbike Socks Reviews

Our top 3 choices.

RST Tour Tech Socks

These cotton, base layer socks are comfortable, durable, the right length, and crucially – they stay up all day. The RST Tour socks will stay in place without the cuff being too tight on even the longest ride.

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RST tour tech

I own a pair of these myself, and they are my go-to socks if I intend to ride for more than an hour.

Built-in comfort pads work a treat, and these socks will keep their shape and elasticity even after several years’ worth of washing. Recommended.


plus iconCompetitive price point

plus iconKnown to stay up all-day

plus iconAs warm and comfortable as the competition


minus icon We scoured the internet for product reviews, and nobody was complaining

Check SportsBikeShopCheck On Amazon

Moto GP Boot Socks – Race

Moto GP Boot Socks come in one size to fit all – ultra stretchy.

They are loop knit for warmth and comfort, feature a fitted ankle to reduce slippage, will stay up and keep you warm.

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motogp socks

When researching this article, I sent a message to some friends asking what they wear under their boots on longer rides. One fella reports having a pair of these socks on the go for almost a decade – gross, but an endorsement of quality.

Moto GP Race socks fit perfectly under commuter and race boots.


plus iconComfortable and durable

plus iconReasonably priced

plus iconSome people love that Moto GP logo on the top


minus icon Inclined towards thread pulling if touched by the velcro straps on your boots

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EDZ Merino Boot Socks

The price point of these socks may be double that of some synthetic/cotton options, but regular touring riders consider them worth every penny.

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EDZ merino socks

EDZ Boots Socks are Terry cushioned (like expensive hotel towels) for warmth and comfort and are reinforced at points likely to wear against your boots.

Our only complaint against these socks is that some customers had trouble keeping them up. I checked out a pair in a high street shop and felt they would certainly hug my slender calves comfortably. Your mileage may vary.


plus iconThe material is superior in almost every way to the synthetic/cotton options

plus iconMerino regulates heat – great for mountain riding with large elevation changes


minus icon Double the price of their competitors

minus icon Some users report trouble keeping them up

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Alternative Option 1 – Heated Socks

Like the other heated kit we have reviewed, heated socks are powered by your bike’s battery or a lithium-ion battery pack.

If you are prioritizing purchases on your first complete set of gear, heated socks should fall somewhere close to the bottom. I rarely feel the cold on my feet with a decent set of socks under my windproof, waterproof boots.

That said – if you’re changing elevation by several thousand metres on a long tour, the option to electronically heat the feet can be a welcome one.

Gerbing MicroWire Pro Heated Socks

Gerbings heated socks are made of a lightweight, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch material.

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Gerbing heated socks

The heating elements on the sock’s top and bottom ensure an even distribution of heat.

Can connect directly to your bike’s battery or be daisy-chained through a heated jacket or trousers; optionally, you can use a Gerbing battery pack.

The manufacturer suggests wearing a lightweight sock underneath these for hygiene purposes.

Like all heated gear from Gerbing, the elements are covered by a lifetime warranty.

I find the default setting on all heated socks too hot for regular use. Granted, I am a hot-footed man – but it is something to consider, given that these socks are sold without a controller and have only one heat setting.

We’ve written about controllers before, and it’s worth a read if you are planning to go down this route.


plus iconTypical Gerbing build-quality

plus iconLifetime warranty on heated elements


minus icon No controller means socks can only be used at default setting – may be too hot for most people

Check SportsBikeShop

Alternative Option 2 – Heated Insoles

Heated insoles serve the same function as heated socks but don’t require frequent washing and can be left in your boots and turned on or off as needed.

They are powered directly by your bike’s battery or a rechargeable pack.

Electronically heated insoles can daisy chain to other pieces of heated kit. Most heated vests, body warmers, jackets and jacket liners come with dedicated connectors for heated insoles.

One thing to be aware of here – the default setting on most heated insoles is really hot. Unless otherwise stated, heated insoles come without a dedicated controller – this means only the default setting is available.

Keis S102 Heated Inner Soles

Keis S102 Heated Inner Soles are made using a durable one-piece design and ship with everything needed to connect directly to your bike’s battery.

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Keiss heated insoles

They can also be powered by any Keis battery pack and are designed to connect to Keis heated vests and jacket liners.

These insoles are lightweight, breathable and fully washable.

Powering them by battery pack also makes these an attractive option for those with a secondary interest in golfing or hiking.

One criticism levelled at these (and most other heated insoles) is that without the option for variable heat control, they are simply too hot. Keis sell a lightweight controller unit, which I and many others consider an essential purchase to make this product perform well.


plus iconHigh build quality and (too) warm

plus iconCan be powered by portable lithium-ion battery

plus iconEasy to connect to heated vests and jacket liners


minus icon Default setting is too hot for most conditions

minus icon Variable heat control unit must be bought separately

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True to form – I’m not going to deviate from my first pick.

The RST Tour Socks are reasonably priced, well-made, toasty and durable. I own a pair and can personally vouch for their quality may account for something here.

The Moto GP Boot Socks have also left a trail of satisfied customers in their wake, and when a toe finally pokes through my RSTs – I’ll give them a shot.

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