Best Motorcycle Jeans For UK Riders [2024 Edition]



Dress for the slide… not for the ride.

How simple it would be in the summer just to don a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and feel the breeze as you ride your motorbike along country roads.

Unfortunately, UK motorcycle riding is awash with hidden surprises; the guy texting that pulls out without looking, the hedgerows that conceal traffic or the distracted driver who rear-ends your bike.

Perhaps the motorcycle rider is more vigilant and in tune than an average car driver, but we can’t always avoid the consequences of other people’s shortcomings on the road.

Motorcycle jeans provide the protection and peace of mind you’ll need on the road.

The majority look just like ordinary jeans; there are few telltale signs that beneath the denim veneer lays a mini arsenal of protection. Kevlar, mesh liner and 14-ounce thick denim offer vital insurance in vulnerable areas.

Our Top Pick

RST Pro Series Ventilator

RST RST Pro Series Ventilator X

Protection, comfort, versatility

These trousers are outstanding. Offering high-quality armour coupled with a very comfortable fit.

Whilst on the expensive side, these jeans still feel like a bargain and should offer years of wear.Check SportsBikeShop

Budget Pick

Turin Kevlar

Decent budget option

These pants offer decent protection and comfort levels.

Whilst they are not in the same league as the RSTs, they are a sensible choice if you are on a tight budget.Check On Amazon

Best Motorcycle Jeans Reviews

Let’s jump into our top choices

RST Pro Series Ventilator X 

The RST Pro Series Ventilator X Jeans are high-quality all-encompassing motorcycle jeans.

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RST Pro Series Ventilator

They more resemble rally pants rather than traditional jeans.

The level of protection and quality construction is vast and, in my opinion, easily justifies the greater price over other types.

Ventilator 5 Jeans are constructed of Ballistic, Max Tex and K300 mesh material and include a removable waterproof breathable liner. You get a lot of jeans for your money.


  • plus iconDouble and triple stitched seams and heavy-duty bonded nylon thread
  • plus iconPockets for hip armour
  • plus iconFull jacket to jean connection zip
  • plus iconNight-time visible reflective detailing
  • plus iconRemovable waterproof breathable liner
  • plus iconStretch comfort panels and adjustable waistband
  • plus iconHeight adjustable knee protector pockets


  • minus iconHigher cost
  • minus iconNot ideal for uses other than motorcycling. (Skiing maybe!)

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Turin Kevlar

These Turin Kevlar Jeans are denim lined with 100% Knitted 280gsm Dupont Kevlar. Free knee and hip protection is also included and is CE approved.

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The breathability factor of these jeans allows the even distribution of air, giving a much more comfortable ride.

The manufacturers use only 280gsm 100% knitted Kevlar and claim that anything less is not considered safe for motorcycle use.


  • plus iconThicker material than other brands
  • plus iconCan also be worn as regular trousers
  • plus iconComes with removable hip and knee pads


  • minus iconSome taller riders report that the knee padding sits a little high when in a riding position
  • minus iconNot the most comfortable when worn for long periods

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Richa Everest Textile 

These Richa Everest Jeans represent a noticeable departure from the more traditional ‘501’ denim appearance of most motorcycle jeans.

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richa armoured motorcycle trousers

They are sports-style textile trousers with armour in the knees and a detachable thermal inner lining.

The jeans are waterproof and breathable. Like rally pants, they include elasticated waist fasteners and zip for attaching a Richa riding jacket.


  • plus iconMore protection than regular denim jeans
  • plus iconGreater style and practicality for motorcycle riding
  • plus iconComfortable, sturdy and very light
  • plus iconGood waterproofing


  • minus iconCan be a tight fit; consider ordering a size up
  • minus iconNo vents, so can get hot
  • minus iconJust for bike riding

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Resurgence Pekev Voyager Jeans

A great-looking pair of jeans from the Canadian brand Resurgence.

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Resurgence Pekev Heritage Jeans - Old School Blue

The jeans are made with an extremely tough polymer – Pekev, which protects against abrasion (basically sliding!). Resurgence claim this material has the highest abrasion rating for motorcycle jeans on the market today.

Comes with full level 2 CE certification, and well-regarded brand Knox makes the armour inserts. The inserts are removable.

As far as comfort goes, these jeans have a soft inner mesh material that feels like denim and keeps the garment cool.


  • plus iconCE level 2 certified
  • plus iconRemovable armour
  • plus iconSoft material
  • plus iconClever mesh lining to disperse heat
  • plus iconLook like everyday denim jeans


  • minus iconJeans are fairly heavy
  • minus iconFitting the armour can be fiddly

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Texpeed Armoured Motorcycle Trousers

These Texpeed’s are a sporty-looking style of jeans with thigh-mounted external pockets.

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They are constructed with waterproof Cordura and have a fully detachable and washable polyfil quilted inner lining—an all-round, tougher, more durable pair of riding pants ideal for longer trips.


  • plus iconAnkle tightening to reduce draft and water up spray
  • plus iconwaterproof zips on front pockets
  • plus iconJackets may also be attached to the jeans via a zip fastener
  • plus iconRemovable CE armour for the knees and hips
  • plus iconElasticated knee and waist panels and an adjustable waist belt


  • minus iconJust for riding or digging snow from the driveway!
  • minus iconInner lining is awkward and can get caught in feet when putting them on
  • minus iconWaterproofing is not particularly good

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Buyers Guide

Jeans may be a starting point for the new rider before moving onto full motorbike textile pants or leathers. Tour bike rally pants and racing outfits are thicker with higher specifications and costs.

Armoured jeans get you started and protected at a reasonable price. Many styles allow you to wear them as ordinary fashionable jeans while others are thicker and afford more protection.

Whether we like it or not, a high-speed impact with the nakedness of a motorcycle exposes our entire bodies to severe injuries. While much focus is rightfully afforded to the head, feet and hands, let’s not forget that injuries to the legs and lower mid-section can be equally unforgiving.

It might prove grim reading, but understanding the nature of severe skin damage and grafting might be enough for some riders to think twice about taking shortcuts in their choice of motorcycle protective clothing.

On the plus side, you can still achieve peace of mind and remain stylish with many choices to suit all preferences and budgets.


kevlar molecules
Kevlar sheet molecular structure

Motorcycle trousers are typically constructed of denim. They may also be lined with re-enforcing, and protective material such as 100% knitted Kevlar, which doesn’t rip or tear like typical material. It will also withstand flame heat up to 500 Celsius.

It is a soft knitted non-abrasive material, comfortable against the skin and designed to dissipate heat quickly; handy for those long hot rides in the summer.

Kevlar, however, varies hugely and is not just a single type of material. The weight and the fabric composition should be considered when shopping for Kevlar protected jeans.

Other types of material include Cordura and mesh lining.

Padded areas are often the removable type allowing for changing and cleaning. Breathable material provides greater comfort and hygiene after long hot rides.

Comfort and style

Denim jeans are sized in pretty much the same way as standard fashion jeans, but non-denim types like rally pants may differ.

Some of the protective armour is woven in, but others are removable such as pads.

Below is an ‘inside-out’ view of what lies inside a well-protected pair of motorcycle jeans. Here we can see just how valuable they would be in the event of a slide along a road surface:

Weather & Waterproofing

Waterproofing is achieved with water-resistant, breathable and washable lining such as Cordura.

A breathable lining also helps avoid the worst of the engine’s heat when riding long distances in warm weather.

Many bikers know that their pants can become quite unbearable after a few days of heavy riding and sweating! See our guide to the best summer motorcycle trousers for some more warm weather options.

Look out also for pants that have ankle fasteners. These help keep the spray and dirt from rising up your legs.


Motorbikes jeans are fitted with extra padding around the hips, knees and seated area at the base of the spine.

Insertable hip, rear, and knee pads allow for a greater cushioning effect.

Triple stitching around the main seams further reinforces the material, and thick, durable lining doubles the protective layering.

Additionally, a good pair of pants protect the rider from insects, stones and grit. They also provide insulation for cold weather riding, keeping the rider comfortable and distraction-free.


No rule says your motorcycle pants must look like a standard pair of jeans. For those who prefer the convenience of having a ‘two-in-one’ type of pants, then they are ideal. The hidden armour may also prove handy if you live in a rough part of town!

When selecting any protective gear or clothing, avoid the temptation of putting fashion and convenience ahead of protection. With such vast choices available, you shouldn’t have to compromise anyway.

I would personally favour the RST Pro Series Jeans.

Whatever your choice of motorcycle protective jeans or pants, think ahead to the type of riding you’ll be doing and the weather you’ll be exposed to.

Safe and happy riding to all.

Image Credits Franc / CC BY-SA