Best Motorcycle Helmet Under £200 for UK Riders [2023]



The under £200 category is probably the sweet spot in terms of value vs quality when buying a new motorcycle helmet.

All the big manufacturers are featured, and you will find lots of top-line tech filtered down from the high-end lids.

Listed below are the best of the mid-range that will keep you protected and looking the part.

Best Helmet For Under £200 – Quick Picks

Shark S900 Dual Special Edition: Best Overall under £200
Caberg Duke II: Best Modular under £200
HJC C10: Best Entry Level under £200
AGV K3 SV-S: Best Sports under £200
Caberg Tourmax: Best Adventure under £200
Bell Broozer: Best Cruiser under £200
Bell Custom 500: Best Open Face under £200
Scorpion Exo 491: Best Sports Touring under £200


Best Overall Under £200
Shark S900 Helmet Shark S900 Helmet

The Shark S900 Dual Special Edition is an awesome all-round helmet. The helmet has been put through the F.E.A as part of the development process.

It is a method taken from the automotive industry where the helmets are put through virtual crash tests and, later, real crash tests, which completes the safety procedure that Shark prides itself on. 

It is constructed from a thermoplastic resin paired with a multi-density interior for excellent shock absorption. 

Shark have trickled down their racing knowledge to the S900. There is a racing-style ventilation system with a multi-point air intake and Venturi deflector.

The helmet utilises an anti-fog visor and an internal anti-scratch sun visor that drops down when you need it. 

Shark has tested the helmet for wind turbulence and has used an anti-turbulence system, including a spoiler, to stabilise the helmet at higher speeds. 

The S900 is simply a fantastic value for a helmet with features that far exceed its price point.

  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • 4-star SHARP rating
  • Total Vision anti-fog visor
  • Good ventilation
  • Anti-turbulence system
  • Excellent value
  • None
Best Modular Under £200
Caberg Duke II Caberg Duke II

The Caberg Duke II is a fantastic modular helmet with a five-star SHARP rating. Modular helmets really struggle to get a five-star rating, so the Duke II is a rare breed.

It is homologated for use in both the open and closed position, although at speed, it is best to ride with it closed as the wind can make riding with it as an open face difficult. 

It is constructed from a high-impact ABS and features an internal drop down sun visor, a quick release visor system, pinlock insert, and an anti-turbulence nape shield. 

The ventilation is good, with chin vents and adjustable top vents. 

The Duke II is a great choice for riders who like the convenience and benefits of a modular design. 

  • 5-star SHARP rating
  • Modular design
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • Pinlock included
  • Homologated for both the open and closed position
  • Pretty heavy
Best Entry Level Under £200
HJC C10 Helmet HJC C10 Helmet

The HJC C10 is the best entry-level on the market, and it is ECE 22.06 certified, which is the latest certification for safety testing. 

It uses a polycarbonate composite shell that was designed using CAD technology. It’s a lightweight construction, as well, which is always a bonus to reduce rider fatigue. 

The ventilation is brilliant. Using the Advanced Channelling Ventilation system, cool air is sucked in and warm air is removed up and out. 

The C10 comes in four shell sizes, which ensures riders can get the right fit and not just depend on the cheek pads to create the impression of a good fit. 

This is a stripped-back helmet with little in the way of extra features, but it does come with an anti-fog visor that is Pinlock ready. 

  • ECE 22.06 certified
  • 4 shell sizes
  • Anti-fog visor and Pinlock ready
  • Lightweight
  • Basic design lacks features
Best Sports Under £200

Just because you’re on a strict budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality sports helmet ready for the track. 

The AGV K3 SV-S is ready to race. With ACU Gold approval, you can hit the track and test your skills.

The K3, has a four-layer multi-density EPS liner for added impact protection and a collarbone safe shape to prevent over extension. 

There are five intake vents and two rear exhaust vents for optimal airflow, as well as a breath deflector and chin curtain. 

An internal sun visor is a nice touch, along with the Pinlock ready visor. 

Whether you want a sports helmet for the streets or the track or a bit of both, the K3 is an excellent choice. 

  • Track ready with ACU Gold approval
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Brilliant ventilation
  • Internal sun visor
  • Pinlock ready
  • Not a universal fit
Best Adventure Under £200
Caberg Tourmax Helmet Caberg Tourmax Helmet

The Caberg Tourmax is a modular adventure helmet that uses a lot of the same technology as the Duke II, so it has achieved a five-star SHARP rating and is homologated for both open and closed use. 

There is an adventure style peak, a wide-vision clear visor with the Pinlock insert included, as well as a drop down sun visor.

The Caberg Tourmax is ready for the Caberg Just Speak communication system. It has been tested in a wind tunnel to make sure it cuts through the air as best as possible and it also has an anti-turbulence nape shield. 

Ventilation is provided by chin vents and adjustable top vents, and the internal helmet has an air circulation system.

Overall, the Tourmax takes the best bits of the Duke II and adds an adventure twist for those riders who like to venture off road and into the unknown. 

  • 5-star SHARP rating
  • Homologated for open and closed position
  • Pinlock insert included
  • Good ventilation
  • Adventure-style peak
  • Communication system ready
  • Heavy
Best Cruiser Under £200
Bell Broozer Bell Broozer

The Bell Broozer is a really cool-looking helmet. It is our pick for best cruiser helmet under £200 for sure. 

It’s a dual homologated helmet, so it can be worn as both an open-face or full-face helmet. The chin bar is fully removable, which changes the whole look of the Broozer from an aggressive full face to the less intimidating open-face option. 

The Broozer is supplied with a clear and tinted visor. There are chin and top vents for increased airflow and a removable washable anti-bacterial liner. 

The helmet comes in three shell sizes with three different EPS liners to match for the best fit possible. Also, the EPS liner is multi-density for good impact absorption. 

  • Dual homologated
  • 3 shell and EPS sizes
  • Good ventilation
  • Clear and tinted visor included
  • 5-year warranty
  • Noisy
Best Open Face Under £200
Bell Custom 500 Standard Bell Custom 500 Standard

There can be no other winner when it comes to open-face helmets other than the legendary Bell Custom 500. 

This modern Bell open-face helmet is as classic as it gets. Whether you are riding your 1970s Bonneville or your new Thruxton, the Custom 500 fits right in. 

It is a comfortable, airy helmet to which you can add a visor or shield from Bell’s extensive catalogue. 

There is a multi-density EPS liner with a padded chin strap and traditional D-ring closure system as well as a soft microfibre interior lining. 

Bell also offers a five-year warranty on their helmet, which the Broozer and Custom 500 both benefit from.

  • Classic retro design
  • Comfortable
  • Padded chin strap and D-ring closure
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • 5-year warranty
  • None
Best Sports Touring under £200
Scorpion Exo-491 Scorpion Exo-491

The Exo-491 is an awesome ECE 22.06-certified helmet that combines typical sports styling with the added benefits of useful touring features. 

It has a Pinlock-ready visor, a good ventilation system, an internal sun visor, and a comfortable, moisture-wicking liner. 

The RAM-AIR system ensures airflow gets into the helmet to keep you cool and the KwikWick lining keeps the moisture away from your face. 

This helmet is lightweight and constructed from a polycarbonate outer shell. It also comes in three shell sizes to help you find the perfect fit. 

  • ECE 22.06 certified
  • Good ventilation system
  • Pinlock-ready visor
  • Internal sun visor
  • Heavy

Buyers Guide

There are some key things to think about when buying a motorcycle helmet, even more so when you are sticking to a budget, as you want to be sure you are prioritising your safety and getting what you need out of your helmet. 

Here are the key things to think about.


First and foremost, you need to make sure the helmet is fit for purpose. It has one job — to protect your head. 

The perfect starting point when it comes to safety is to look at the helmet’s certification. 

In the UK, all helmets need to have ECE certification. The standards that currently apply are ECE 22.05 and 22.06. After January 2024, all manufacturers will have to meet ECE 22.06 standards

helmet strap label
ECE 22.05 label

The ECE certification will be stitched onto the retention strap. With this certification, you know the helmet is certified as up to the task of protecting your head in an accident. 

After the legal certifications, you can look for SHARP ratings. SHARP is an independent testing body that puts helmets through more rigorous testing. 

As a side note, manufacturers volunteer to put their helmets through SHARP testing, so not all helmets are rated.

You can check out the SHARP initiative here and check to see if a helmet has been SHARP rated. 

As we have proven in our best picks list, even cheaper helmets can achieve ECE 22.06 certification or 4/5 star SHARP ratings. You don’t need to compromise safety for budget.

Comfort and Fit

A well-fitting helmet is essential for both safety and comfort. In that respect, a helmet fitting well is more important than any certification or rating. If a helmet fits the rider, it can perform to the best of its ability; if it is too loose or too tight, it won’t perform 100% when needed. 

Be sure to check that it sits low on your forehead, your cheeks are pushed up nice and firm, and the helmet cradles your head all the way around. 

Make sure there are no gaps or pressure points, as these won’t get better over time. In fact, they usually get worse and can even be painful. 

In terms of comfort, look for microfiber, moisture-wicking liners and good ventilation. These are the key features that will keep you cool and dry inside your lid. A comfortable helmet means you will be able to ride for longer with less fatigue. 


There are plenty of different styles of helmet to choose from, and each will meet different riders’ needs. 

Aside from aesthetics, you should first look at your style of riding and your needs from the helmet.

  • Full-face helmets offer the most protection and are a great choice for sports riders, where the potential for high-speed riding is higher. 
  • Modular helmets offer the best of both worlds. They are versatile lids that allow the rider full-face protection with the convenience of an open face.
  • Open-face helmets offer the least protection but are a good choice for city riding and those who don’t like being closed-in. 

After the type of helmet, you need to consider the features you want out of your helmet. The most common features looked for are internal sun visors, Pinlock visors, speaker pockets, adventure-style peaks, tinted visor options, and good ventilation. 

Value and Sacrifice

Perhaps the key takeaway from this Buyer’s Guide is that value doesn’t have to mean sacrifice. 

For example, the Caberg Duke II has a five-star SHARP rating and an internal sun visor. It is dual homologated and Pinlock ready, and all of this is offered at an exceptional price.

Safety comes first, followed by fit and then features. Trust me, these helmets under £200 have a lot to offer!


With Shark’s safety testing processes, there is no argument that the Shark S900 Dual Special Edition is an incredible motorcycle helmet under £200. Safety is paramount, and yet they have still managed to pack in useful features.

However, if style is what you’re looking for, then the Bell Broozer packs a serious punch in that department, as well as being a dual-homologated lid for both open- and full-face use.