Get A Grip: Guide To The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount



One significant advantage modern cars have over motorcycles is in-built sat navs and entertainment screens.

Many riders used to these luxuries from their cars want to be able to see, at a glance, information on a screen – be it what music they’re listening to, their navigation system or to see who’s calling them.

The best way of approximating this on a motorcycle is with a secure phone mount, which usually affixes to your handlebars.

But how do you know you’ll be getting one that will stay put, offer waterproofing and still be easy to use while wearing gloves?

Our Top Pick

Ram Mount Active Holder

Simple, strong, effective

From well-renowned brand Ram Mounts, this is big, ugly and effective.

If you’re looking for security and don’t care about looks, this is the right choice.
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Waterproof Pick

givi phone holder

Givi Universal

Rainproof, practical, solid

Riding in British conditions means you need a solid, rainproof cover that will still fit securely, and the Givi S957B Universal does exactly that.

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Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews

These are our top six mounts to suit every rider.

Ram Mounts Active

Best All-Rounder

Ram is the brand you’ll see bikers mention most often as the one to go for – it has a fearsome, and well-earned reputation for reliability.
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  • plus iconUnique ball and socket connection for great adjustability
  • plus iconIncredibly strong and made from resilient materials
  • plus iconTakes phones of all sizes, even with bulky cases attached


  • minus icon It’s big and it’s ugly, but it works
  • minus icon It’s possible for thieves to make off with the whole thing if left unattended
  • minus icon Expensive

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Givi S957B Universal Smartphone Holder

Best For Waterproofing

Givi earned their stripes with market-leading topboxes and panniers, but do their phone mounts live up to the reputation? ‘Mostly’ is the answer, making this a great all-rounder.

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givi phone holder


  • plus iconComes with rainguard to keep phone safe in downpours
  • plus iconHas an extra safety strap just in case the main mount comes loose
  • plus iconQuality materials mean screen glare is reduced
  • plus iconEasy to mount, quick to attach and detach phones
  • plus iconHas a hole to run a power supply to your phone


  • minus icon Bigger phones can be a tight fit
  • minus icon Slightly over-priced
  • minus icon Difficult to make adjustments when wearing gloves

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Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount

Best For Style

Slightly more expensive, but will fix your phone in place with serious dedication with its proprietary locking system.


  • plus iconQuad-lock system makes it incredibly stable
  • plus iconSuper easy to install
  • plus iconHas a premium feel and looks stylish


  • minus icon Requires a specialist phone case for your mobile, adding to cost
  • minus icon It’s quite pricey anyway
  • minus icon No waterproofing

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Oxford Aqua Dry Phone

Basic Waterproofing

Something with a bit more protection to keep your phone dry in case of showers on your journey, from the trusted Oxford name.

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oxford aqua dry phone


  • plus iconFull-cover system makes it good at protecting from rainfall
  • plus iconMid-range in price so won’t break the bank
  • plus iconPlastic window is touch-sensitive so you can still use your phone
  • plus iconEasy to install
  • plus iconWill protect your phone from rain


  • minus icon Is one-size-fits-all so if you’ve got a tiny mobile, it may jostle around
  • minus icon Materials don’t feel incredibly sturdy
  • minus icon To ensure waterproofing, there’s no gap for a charging cable
  • minus icon No camera gap so if you want to snap a photo, you’ll have to take it out

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Aduro U GRIP PLUS Roll Mount

Best For Adjustability

A universal phone mount that makes it really easy to place the phone in and out of the grip, with fully adjustable rotation and tilt.

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  • plus iconAt the lower end of the price spectrum
  • plus iconVery adjustable, meaning you can always get good visibility
  • plus iconSilicon bands make for extra security that will reduce vibration
  • plus iconNice red and black colour scheme
  • plus iconEasy to rotate phone between portrait and landscape modes


  • minus icon Will only fit mobiles with screens up to 5.5 inches
  • minus icon No waterproofing
  • minus icon The extra adjustability means over time it could lose stability

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Considerations, Care and Cost


A motorcycle phone mount won’t cost you an arm and a leg – it’s the bit that supports the expensive bit, after all.

You can spend as little as £5 and some models can cost upwards of £100. What you get at the top end of the price spectrum is something that will do the same job as a £20 model, just better; with less vibration, better waterproofing and snazzy, yet generally unnecessary, extras like magnetic mounting.

The sweet spot in terms of pricing – where it’s going to be affordable, yet reliable – is generally found in the £15-£35 range.

Fixings first

Motorcycle phone mounts can fit your handlebars in many different ways.

Usually, and more often on cheaper models, the mount will be one unit that clamps around your handlebars, with a screw system to tighten up, and a bracket to place your phone into.

However, some models will have one section that attaches permanently to the bike, and then a ball and socket joint that attaches to the back of the phone, meaning you can remove the handset easily without taking the entire mount apart.

It’s important to check the listings of the mount you’re looking at to ensure it fits your handset – most are adjustable, but some may not house larger ‘phablet’ style phones.

Material world

Your phone mount has one job – to keep your phone in place, facing where you want it face.

Have you ever had mirrors that bounced around at high speed? You don’t want that when your smartphone is at stake.

You want something that will absorb vibrations while you take on Britain’s uneven roads, speedbumps and many potholes.

Finding a mount with metal components made of zinc alloy or aluminium will help with sturdiness, while ABS plastic will also do just fine.

Often the part that holds the phone will be a rubberised plastic, and sometimes will have a whole plastic pouch to put the phone in to maximise waterproofing.

When it comes to mounting your new purchase to your bars, you want it to be tight enough you can’t spin it around without serious force – but not so tight you’re putting unnecessary stress on the fixings.

What are the benefits of a motorcycle phone mount?

It goes without saying you should never operate a mobile phone while riding a motorcycle – it’s not only dangerous, but illegal.

However, there are certain things that make having a phone mount a seriously useful bit of low-cost kit to add to your bike.

  • Navigation – Firing up Waze or Google Maps before you set off will give you a real-time map, at a glance, to tell you where you’re headed and the distance to your objective.
  • See who’s calling – Even if your phone is connected to headphones through Bluetooth, when you’re riding you don’t know who’s ringing you – unless it’s out and in front of you.
  • Track your distance – If you’re riding a bike without a fuel gauge, it’s handy to know exactly how far you’ve travelled since your last fill-up.
  • Music – If you do have a Bluetooth headset connected, you’ll be able to skip songs and adjust volume more easily.


The Verdict?

The best mount for general use has to be the Ram Mount and is easy to use.

Thousands of bikers can’t all be wrong – and if you can get past its looks, you’re left with a seriously sturdy phone mount that will last you for plenty of riding seasons.

But if you’re someone who commutes through all seasons and wants to have a screen in front of them come rain or shine, the Givi S957B can do it all with added peace-of-mind in the event of an unexpected storm.

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