Best One Piece Motorcycle Rain Suits and Waterproofs For UK Riders (2023)



There are three options open to you when riding in the rain:

  • Get wet.
  • Wear waterproof jackets and pants all the time.
  • Carry a rainproof suit in your luggage system.

Changing ‘mid-flight’ is never convenient, but if the process could be quick and immediately effective, then would we be interested?

A one-piece rain suit can be worn from the outset of your journey or stowed in a pannier or rear-mounted box for quick retrieval.

Many models can be worn over riding boots but not all. You may require a shifting of feet and some leg-balancing while you remove and replace boots, but like anything else, the skill can be honed for speed.

Cold Weather Pick
Weise Siberian suit Weise Siberian suit

Warm, Non Bulky

Warmer insulating properties give this suit the edge when riding in freezing conditions.

With a name like that, it’s not hard to see why! 

Best Motorcycle Rain Suits Reviewed

Weise Siberian Waterproof 1 Piece Suit

Top All-Rounder

For a more stylish model, try the Weise Siberian suit in black. Also going to 5XL, it’s made of a tough Taffeta nylon fabric and fully waterproof throughout.

Extra insulation is provided with a polyester quilted lining.

The model looks less ‘baggy’ than others. Zips and Velcro strap closures help keep everything more compact. It will keep you dry and warm in very cold and wet conditions but does come with a more expensive price tag.

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  • plus iconReflective Scotchlite on sleeves
  • plus iconChest and thigh pockets
  • plus iconMore streamlined and should reduce wind resistance and drag


  • minus iconMore expensive

Held Splash Rain Suit

Lighter Choice

Taking streamlining to yet another level is the Held Splash Rain Suit. They achieve streamlining with a nylon outer shell and mesh-lined upper body. Excess material is further restrained by an elasticated waist and zip and Velcro fasteners around the wrists and ankles.

Entry is via a diagonal front zip. The high collar further keeps out the driving rain giving an all-round tight and compact fit.

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  • plus icon3M Scotchlite reflective detailing
  • plus iconSmart colour and style
  • plus iconGood value


  • minus iconSizes up to 4XL

Richa Typhoon Rain Overall

Easy Carry

The Richa Typhoon one-piece suit is similar in appearance to the RST. However, the yellow areas are mainly under the arms and down the thighs.

The design is lightweight, making for a comfortable ride. Unlike other models, the Richa suit is already oversized to reflect your usual clothing size. In other words, if you’re an XL jacket, then buy an XL Richa suit. Don’t worry, the size range goes right up to 5XL!

The suit folds into an integral bag, which can be worn around the waist while riding. This is ideal if you don’t have a tank bag, backpack or panniers.

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  • plus iconSturdy and well made
  • plus iconMore insulation than other suits
  • plus iconGood value


  • minus iconA little on the heavy and bulky side but stows nicely into a tight pack

RST Waterproof 1 Piece Suit

High Visibility

This waterproof suit is high-visibility with reflective detailing throughout. This may require a little more cleaning as it picks up the dirt but being seen in the rain is an advantage.

The company advises customers to choose two sizes bigger than normal to ensure the suit fits over regular riding gear. That’s an indication that they’re not already sized for ‘over wearing’.

Like many waterproof suits, it has no protective armour or padded areas.

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  • plus icon100% PVC coated nylon
  • plus iconVelcro fastening in neck with front storm flap
  • plus iconElasticated waist and cuffs
  • plus iconRear vent
  • plus iconLarge front pouch
  • plus iconGood value


  • minus iconBright yellow areas will be prone to dirt

Weise Tempest Unlined Oversuit

No Fuss Pick

The Weise Tempest Over Suit is unlined, making it more light and baggy looking than other models. This will appeal to riders looking for a quick waterproof-only solution leaving their existing clothes to insulate them.

The overall material is compact with taped and welded seams and elasticated waist, ankle and wrists. Leg gusset and poppers allow the suit to be put on without removing motorcycle boots.

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  • plus iconMesh half lining
  • plus iconFull length ‘off-set’ chest to leg zip
  • plus iconReflective tape on back of suit
  • plus iconLeg pocket
  • plus iconYKK zips used throughout


  • minus iconNot much insulation

One Piece Rainsuit

Years ago, in a bid to stay warm in freezing water, scuba divers wore waterproof dry suits. The dated and clumsy early models did the job but looked like black rubber bags.

Nowadays, dry suits are streamlined, stylish and slick like Formula 1 pit crew outfits.

The same differences can be seen with waterproof motorcycle suits ranging from baggy, oversized sleeping bags with arms and legs to something more resembling the shape of… a human being!

If style is important to you, then wearing something that just ‘gets the job done’ may not be enough. There are plenty of stylish yet practical, one-piece waterproof suits to choose from.

A one-piece rain suit comes into its own when you can pull over and use it quickly to keep your standard gear dry. Infrequent rain showers and riding in more sunny regions mean that your suit will stay packed in a pannier most of the time.


The negatives of getting soaked in the saddle are numerous:

1. Distraction

As water accumulates and infiltrates your clothes, you’ll feel the wind chill. Your body temperature will drop, and you won’t function like the alert and comfortable rider you were when starting out. This poses bike control issues when concentration falls and anxiety creeps in.

2. Illness

Low body temperature and shivering make us vulnerable to colds and fevers. Left unchecked, hyperthermia may kick in. When riding in remote environments, the elevated condition may become life-threatening.

3. Costly

Consistently drying out rain-sodden clothes will leave you looking shabby and subdued. Perhaps you’re on your way to the office for a business meeting, and under your regular riding jacket and pants is a smart suit.

Regular motorcycle commuters will have gotten an idea of weather patterns and long established the likelihood of getting a soaking on the way to work. You might also ruin paperwork or mobile phones if your pockets and packs let in the rain.

Do they fit?

When choosing a waterproof suit, consider how it will fit over what you already wear and that it won’t hamper your movements or the safe control of your bike.

It is important to remember what these suits don’t do. Padding, armour and other protective accessories are not usually part of them.

That job goes to what you wear underneath.

Many models are quick slip-on suits made only for waterproofing and secondary insulation.

Be careful about sizing. Some models make allowance for putting them on over other gear, some do not, and you have to ‘size up’ accordingly.


While these suits will roll up nicely and fit into relatively small places, they are not pocket-sized. As a minimum, you’ll probably need a backpack or container to stow them when not in use.

Rear or side-mounted panniers are ideal, but a decent backpack will do the job nicely.

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