Best Summer Motorcycle Jacket For UK Riders 2023



As soon as the sun comes out, the bikes come out to play. Summer is here, and riding season is on. There are few things better than riding your motorcycle with the sun beating down and the breeze blowing. 

There’s only one problem: It can be really hot when you’re fully kitted up, making you uncomfortable, sweaty, and sometimes pretty miserable. Some riders, therefore, decide to shred layers and, as a result, become much more vulnerable. 

Fortunately, motorcycle clothing manufacturers have come up with some awesome summer jackets to make sure you stay nice and cool but, most importantly, protected when you ride. 

Here are our top summer jackets.

Best Overall
Rev’it Eclipse Textile Jacket Rev’it Eclipse Textile Jacket

The Eclipse jacket is the ultimate summer jacket, with large mesh panelling in various places to keep you nice and cool, and it has a great price point too. 

Best Premium Pick
Klim Gore-Tex Latitude Textile Jacket Klim Gore-Tex Latitude Textile Jacket
It’s hard to go wrong with Klim. The Gore-Tex Latitude Jacket is a high-end, quality jacket, with D30 armour throughout, a Gore-Tex liner, and plenty of vents and mesh inserts for the best ventilation.

Best Summer Jackets Reviewed

Rev’it Eclipse Textile Jacket

The Rev’it Eclipse jacket is an excellent summer jacket. It has mesh panelling at the front, back, and inner arms, which allows maximum airflow through the jacket. 

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Protection is at the forefront of the design, with abrasion-resistant 600D polyester covering the abrasion zones and CE level 1-rated armour at the shoulder and elbows. There’s also a pocket to put in an RV-type CE level 2 back protector, which we highly recommend. 

There are tabs at the arms and cuffs, as well as adjustment points at the waist, so you can really tailor the jacket to fit properly. The jacket has outer and inner pockets along with double-jean loops to connect the jacket to your jeans. 

Note: Rev’it has also produced a ladies’ version of the Eclipse jacket, which is equally as good. 


  • Large mesh panels
  • 600D polyester construction
  • Back protector pocket 
  • Plenty of adjustment options
  • Good price
  • CE level 1 shoulder and elbow protection 
  • CE A certification


  • No back protector included

Klim Gore-Tex Latitude Textile Jacket

Klim makes some of the best motorcycle gear on the market. The only issue is that for premium products, you have to pay premium prices, and the Latitude is no exception. 

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The best bits about this jacket are the details:

  • 840D Cordura in the abrasion zones
  • A Gore-Tex 2-layer waterproof laminate shell
  • Goatskin trim in various places
  • D30 armour
  • A back protector
  • Six vents in strategic places
  • Cooling stretch-mesh inserts 

Klim has built the Latitude jacket with hot weather in mind while refusing to sacrifice safety to keep you cool, but there is no trade-off. The Latitude balances airflow and protection perfectly. 

On top of that, the Gore-Tex laminate construction means the jacket remains breathable but also completely waterproof.

There are also a total of 10 pockets to help you carry everything you need with you, five external, four internal, and one extra internal document pocket to the rear of the jacket.

Note: A Ladies’ Latitude Jacket is also available. 


  • CE AA certified
  • Gore-Tex layer
  • 840D Cordura in abrasion zones
  • D30 elbow and shoulder armour included
  • Back protector
  • Loads of vents
  • Plenty of pockets


  • Expensive

Knox Honister Armoured Mesh Jacket

The Knox Honister jacket has a CE AAA rating which is no small feat to achieve. It is equipped with CE level 2 armour at the shoulders, elbows, and back, and you can add chest protection if you wish. 

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Thanks to the mesh design, you get great airflow throughout. The mesh materials are paired with Cordura polyamide for the highest performance possible in tough environments. 

The jacket fits very snug as it takes after armoured vests. It holds the armour in position, thumb loops help keep the sleeves where they are meant to be, and you can connect the jacket to your jeans to stop it from riding up, protecting your lower back properly. 


  • CE AAA rated
  • SMART shoulder, elbow, and back protection (CE level 2)
  • Pocket for chest protector
  • Comfort collar
  • Loops for jeans


  • Expensive

Rukka Forsair Pro Textile Jacket

Rukka’s Forsair Pro Jacket is an awesome summer jacket loaded with technical features to both maximise airflow and keep you protected to the highest level.

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Cordura AFT (Air Flow Technology) and AFT+ have been used at the sides and shoulders, which maximises airflow while still being highly abrasion resistant. 

Rukka has strengthened the elbows and shoulders, which are high-impact zones. At both the shoulders and elbows you have D30 XTR protection to absorb impacts in an accident.

There are chest and back protector pockets for you to add in Rukka’s optional armour. There are also two large storage pockets on the front and one watertight pocket inside the left pocket.  


  • Knitted mesh Cordura AFT and AFT+ construction
  • Extra material at the abrasion zones
  • D30 XTR shoulder and elbow protection
  • CE A certification
  • Pockets for back and chest protection
  • Watertight pocket


  • No back protector
  • Expensive

RST Pro Series Ventilator-X CE Textile Jacket

The RST Pro Series Ventilator-X jacket is a summer jacket with a difference. It has a removable thermal and waterproof liner system which makes it suitable for when the weather cools down. 

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The jacket is equipped with mesh inserts and panels for maximum airflow, but should you get hit with a rain shower (a likely British occurrence), a waterproof liner will keep you dry. 

RST has used abrasion resistant MaxTex construction, Strong Max zips, and triple-stitched Coats bonded nylon seams for maximum durability. The shoulders and elbows have CE-rated armour along with a CE level 2 back protector. 

As it is a jacket with multiple liners, you may find the Ventilator to be slightly heavier than other summer jackets, but these removable liners can be extremely useful. 


  • CE level 1 certified shoulder and elbows
  • CE level 2 certified back protector included
  • CE AA certification
  • Removable thermal and waterproof liners
  • K300 mesh inserts
  • Adjustable


  • Heavy

Oxford Delta 1.0 Air Textile Jacket

The Oxford Delta 1.0 Air jacket is a short summer jacket with large mesh panels at the front and back for the best ventilation you can get. 

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There are plenty of adjustment points for a comfortable fit, and Oxford has used a Neoprene collar with cuffs to make the jacket even more comfortable. 

You get CE level 1 armour at the shoulder and elbows but no back protector, just a pocket, so it’s worth picking one up at the same time. 

The equivalent ladies’ version is called the Iota 1.0 Air.


  • Large mesh panels front and rear
  • CE armour at shoulder and elbows
  • CE AA certification
  • Neoprene comfort collar and cuffs


  • No back protector

Alpinestars Calabasas Air Textile Jacket

The Calabasas is a lightweight, quality jacket from Alpinestars. It has large mesh panelling on the front and back, as well as the inner sleeves, which allows for good ventilation. 

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The jacket is constructed from 600D polyester, with reinforcements in the impact zones, and it comes equipped with Nucleon Flex 1 (CE level 1) shoulder and elbow protection. There is no back protector included, but there are pockets to add in Alpinestars’ back and chest protection. 

It is a subtle design with a casual look. 


  • CE A certification
  • 600D polyester construction
  • Mesh on the front back and inner sleeves
  • Nucleon Flex 1 shoulder and elbow protection
  • Chest and back protector pockets


  • No back protector included 

Buyers’ Guide

Care, Considerations and Cost

It’s important when buying a motorcycle jacket that you know what to look for, particularly when buying a summer jacket, as they tend to be more lightweight and, on occasion, some jackets sacrifice protection for ventilation. 

You need to prioritise protection before anything else. After that you can think about ventilation, waterproofing, and any other features you might need. 

Here are some key things to consider when buying a summer jacket.



The first thing to do is look for the CE-approval rating of the jacket. There are currently three CE ratings that your protective motorcycle clothing must adhere to: CE A, AA, and AAA.

  • A-rated jackets are most suited to urban riding around town at slower speeds for shorter journeys. They tend to be lighter and have less bulk. 
  • AA-rated jackets are tested more extensively for everyday roads and conditions. 
  • AAA-rated jackets are the most protective. All the key impact areas must have appropriate armour and protection. AAA-grade clothing is usually geared for sports riders, where high-speed riding is more likely. 

Knowing the differences between the grades will help you select the right jacket for your riding needs. 

The Knox Honister Jacket is the only one on our list that is AAA rated. This rating is usually reserved for racing leathers, so if you need a summer jacket and ride your sports bike spiritedly, this might be the one for you. 


After checking out the jacket’s CE certification, you need to investigate the armour. 

I’m forever frustrated by jackets that come with shoulder and elbow pads but no back protection.

Even worse, some manufacturers place a foam pad in the back protector pocket, which misleads the customer altogether — you can easily think it is actual armour. Be sure to check the armour in your jacket is CE-approved and that you can add a back protector

Many jackets only come with basic CE level 1 armour to pass the approval tests, but most allow you the flexibility to remove the current armour and upgrade to a higher level of CE protection.  


Obviously, you want a summer jacket that is going to keep you cool, so after you’ve considered how protective the jacket is, check the ventilation system for good airflow. 

Mesh panelling is the way to go for maximum airflow. Be sure the jacket has either mesh or vents on the back so hot air can escape from the back of the jacket as you ride. 

Mesh on the chest, back, and inner sleeves will keep you cool as you ride. Equally, plenty of vents can do the same job as long as they are strategically placed, like in the Klim Latitude Jacket.

Most mesh materials will be made from a strong polyester or Cordura-type material, so the panels can still offer good abrasion resistance. 


Summer in the UK is quite different from many other places. It can be sunny in the morning, and by midday, we are set for rain showers. Therefore, it can be quite useful to have a summer jacket that also has some sort of waterproofing. 

Waterproof liners, such as that in the RST Ventilator-X, are great because you can remove them when not needed. This will ensure the airflow is as good as can be, but then when you need it, you just zip it back in and you are good to go. 

Lightweight jackets like the Latitude are Gore-Tex laminate. Gore-Tex allows the jacket to breathe, and with all the vents, the jacket is still very much a summer jacket, but it will keep you dry too. 

Other features you might want to consider are how many pockets the jacket has to carry your everyday items and how adjustable it is for comfort.  


Are Kevlar Shirts and Hoodies Good for Summer?

Relatively new products to the motorcycle clothing market are Kevlar shirts and hoodies. These are aimed more at the urban rider who wants a casual style. Although the Merlin Xander Armamid Hoodie does have a CE AA rating. 

Kevlar hoodies and shirts have a place in the market, but when something is Kevlar lined, it is quite warm to wear as it restricts airflow. A specific summer jacket with vents or mesh panels is going to be the better choice for summer riding. 


The Rev’it Eclipse Jacket is a great-value summer riding jacket with excellent airflow and good protection. 

However, if you are looking for something more premium, with a higher CE rating, more technical features, and waterproofing, the Klim Gore-Tex Latitude Jacket is the one to go for.