Best Textile Motorcycle Trousers For UK Riders



After your bike, the gear you buy is the most important thing to consider. In the best circumstances, it will keep you safe, as well as dry and comfortable.

When it comes to motorcycle trousers, you want something that looks half decent, but also has all the protection you need as well as giving you some mobility when you’re off the bike.

Here, we round up half a dozen of the best pairs of textile trousers from varying price points, which each have their pros and cons when it comes to guarding your legs during a ride.

Top All-Rounder

richa textile pants

Richa Everest Textile Jeans

Great value, comfortable, waterproof

Understated and dare we say quite stylish, also offers good waterproofing and a removable thermal lining.

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Top Pick For Protection

Richa Colorado Textile Jeans

Richa Colorado Textile Jeans

High quality, great fit, D30 armour

Removable thermal liner and quality D30 armour means these trousers have a high safety rating to go with their comfortable fit. 

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Top motorcycle textile trousers reviewed

Here are six of the best

Richa Everest Textile Jeans

Richa are a highly respected name in motorcycle gear, for good reason.

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richa textile pants

These stylish trousers have what’s called ‘Taslanised Airdura outer construction’, which makes the material breathable but still fairly waterproof – perfect for year-round riding.

The inner lining is also detachable for summer, and the knee armour is CE-approved, so for not much money you’re getting a great product from an excellent brand.


  • plus iconLots of trouser for your money
  • plus iconReally stylish, slim-fit look
  • plus iconWaist-adjustment straps
  • plus iconZips to connect to compatible jackets


  • minus icon Waterproofing isn’t perfect in heavy rain, particularly around the crotch
  • minus icon Only one pocket, on the right side – not great for lefties
  • minus icon No venting, so summer riding can be warm

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Richa Colorado Textile Jeans

These Richa Colorado Textile Jeans offer another year-round solution to budget-conscious riders.

By including a removable, thermal layer, these jeans will keep you warm and dry in all four seasons of UK weather. At this price point, we were surprised at the level of detail and some of the premium materials used.

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Richa Colorado Textile Jeans

The jeans are lined with taffeta, a high-end fabric often for ball gowns and expensive soft furnishings. It’s warm but also highly breathable and holds its shape well. A PU coating on this layer ensures a durable waterproof finish.

600D Cordura nylon fabric, Contra-Glide ™ technology on the seat area, and D30 knee armour mean these trousers attain a CE rating of prEN 17092-4:2018 A (this is considered a good rating).

The knee armour can also be adjusted. This is a feature we like and increasingly see included as standard. It genuinely helps dial in a perfect fit for each and every rider.

Waist and leg measurements are very little to go on when buying technical, riding gear and it’s nice to be able to make some post-purchase adjustments at home.


  • plus iconWaterproof, warm, and breathable
  • plus iconLook simple and cool
  • plus iconGood protection


  • minus iconSlim fit might be unsuitable for those who don’t skip leg day at the gym

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Oxford Mondial Advanced Textile Trousers

Oxford’s entry-level gear is legendary. But in the last decade or so, their mid-range lines have turned out some really attractive, low-key, functional designs that can compete with gear from other manufacturers at a higher price point.

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Oxford Mondial Advanced Textile Trousers

The Mondial Advanced Textile Trousers are about as good as it gets in the sub 200 GBP category.

They use a laminate Dry2Dry ™, waterproof, breathable membrane layer and a removable, WarmDry ™ thermal liner.

This feature is key in making these true “all-weather” trousers. In warm conditions, the breathable layer and vents do a decent job of keeping things cool and the thermal layer is toasty when the temperature drops.

Tough nylon with bar-tack stitched seams and CE level 1 knee armour do a good job of keeping you safer in an accident.

Pockets for hip protection are included and we recommend grabbing a set of inserts when you buy your trousers. It’s too easy to forget and only think of it again after a fall.

These look great, fit true to size, and are easy to recommend at the price – even more so if you see them on sale.


  • plus iconWaterproof, windproof, breathable
  • plus iconRemovable thermal lining
  • plus iconZip connection to Oxford jackets


  • minus icon Double check sizing, may need to size up

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Oxford Subway 3.0 Textile Jeans

Oxford’s are the first entry on the list which shows how good their products are for entry-level riders.

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oxford subway trousers

The Subway trousers come with loads of bells and whistles, including a reinforced crotch, vents and flaps everywhere, grip panels, armour and pretty much everything else you’d want.

They have a clever adjustment panel on the legs so getting the perfect fit with different types of boots is straightforward, ensuring a good seal against the weather.

They also look pretty tidy, if utilitarian.


  • plus iconGreat value for money
  • plus iconRough and ready looks
  • plus iconBrilliant attention to detail


  • minus icon All that protection can leave them tight around the thighs if you’re a bigger rider
  • minus icon Thermal liner doesn’t cover the whole leg
  • minus icon Not brilliantly waterproof on the rear and crotch if you’re mounting an already-wet bike

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RST Tractech Evo 4 Leather Jeans

RST are a very race-friendly brand, so if you’re likely to do more spirited riding, they could be the best brand to aim for.

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RST Tractech Evo 4

These jeans, although designed as part of a two-piece set, are perfectly fine to wear by themselves, and are a blend of leather and textiles for a super-secure pair of trousers.

Unlike the other trousers on this list, the knee armour is on the outside, making these the most obviously ‘motorcycle’ trousers of the bunch.

They are AAA CE certified which is the best safety rating currently available for protective motorcycle clothing. 


  • plus iconReally great fit, perfect for riders of all sizes
  • plus iconBest safety rating possible
  • plus icon‘Knee slider’ style knee armour looks the business and works perfectly
  • plus iconLeather quality far above average


  • minus icon Unless you’re connecting to the jacket, the trousers aren’t particularly tight around the waist
  • minus icon A little tight around the thighs and knees until they give after a few wears
  • minus icon Very pricey, especially if you’re getting the jacket too

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Oxford Continental Advanced Textile Jeans

This second pair of Oxford’s certainly look the part, and are made of nylon and polyester, with extra waterproofing in the crotch, seat and knee area.

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Oxford Continental Advanced

They come with CE-approved knee protection which is height adjustable. Hip protection is included but is poor quality, we’d recommend replacing this with some higher rated hip armour.

They’ve also got reflective panels and transfers, to make you stand out at night.


  • plus iconDetachable waterproof membrane allows for great flexibility
  • plus iconVent panels and mesh inserts for hot conditions
  • plus iconBrilliant for keeping you warm with removable thermal liner


  • minus icon They may keep you TOO warm
  • minus icon At the higher end of the price scale
  • minus icon Low quality hip armour

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Considerations, care and cost

As with much in motorcycling, costs vary wildly in terms of motorcycle textile trousers, and as with much in motorcycling, paying more doesn’t always mean you get a better product.

For a first pair of trousers, it’s ideal to spend somewhere between £75-£150.

Anything lower and you can’t be certain they’ll stand up to serious testing – like heavy rain or even a fall – and anything more, and you may end up spending hundreds on something that doesn’t fit you properly in the crotch, or doesn’t have a pocket where you’d like one.

Top tip: Wear the trousers around your house for a few hours before you take the tags off and get riding. A bit of walking around will give you an indication of their overall comfort and fit.

Types of textile trousers

As you’ll remember from school, ‘textiles’ basically means any material that clothing can be made out of. You can get denim motorcycle trousers, waterproof-type ones, and of course leathers.

By and large, by ‘textile’ trousers here we mean non-denim, non-leather trousers made of a man-made material that’s usually waterproof.

However, some may contain denim or leather elements – so even if the product is labelled ‘jeans’, have a look to make sure what you’re getting.

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motorcycle rider crash

It’s worth investigating closely what protection your new textile trousers come equipped with. Some are little more than waterproofs, while others will have CE-approved armour or Kevlar built in, or perhaps leather patches on potential skid-zones.

If these trousers are going to be your go-to for leg protection (i.e you’re not wearing knee or hip pads) then spending a little more on better armour is always a sensible bet.

As the old saying goes: Dress for the slide, not the ride.

A short slide at 30mph can wear through normal denim in a couple of seconds – and will then start working on your skin.

If you consider that coming off in the rain at 70mph could leave you sliding down the motorway for up to 30 seconds, that is clearly going to leave you with some serious problems if you’re not geared up.

Textile trousers with CE2 armour, Kevlar or Cordura are all super-protective and should do you well in the event of an off.

How to wash your trousers?

If you keep on top of washing and maintaining your textile trousers, they can last for years.

But just bunging them in the washer/dryer won’t do them, or you, any favours. This can warp armour and remove any waterproofing they may have.

For the most part, following these steps will see your textiles right:

  • Remove any armour (this can be handwashed in the sink if you like).
  • Either handwash over the tub, or on a delicate wash in the machine.
  • Spin extremely gently, if at all.
  • Hang up to dry – unless washing instructions say so, it’s best not to tumble dry textile gear.


Wearing motorcycle-specific trousers is an absolute no-brainer, but it’s something most new riders put off.

With options available at all price levels, it’s not something you’ll want to miss out on, especially when you consider who’s most likely to have a lowside or another kind of off – that’s right, people who are more inexperienced behind the bars.

Oxford have really got the entry-level gear for bikers down to a fine art in all arenas, and their trousers are no different – so our pick of the bunch is the subway trousers.

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