Best Casual Motorcycle Boots For Urban Style and Comfort



There are a lot of riders looking for a boot in an urban casual style, and there are just as many boots for them to choose from.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best options available in the category, and take a look at what makes each of them tick.

Best Value Pick

Richa casual boots

Richa Slick Boots

Waterproof, Breathable, Affordable

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Best Looking Pick

TCX X-Blend

TCX X-Blend

Vintage looks, Modern materials

Full leather with a vintage style and great protection. A perfect all-rounder and great for everyday wear. Check SportsBikeShop

Best Casual Motorcycle Boots Reviewed

Here are six we recommend.

Richa Slick

If you’re looking for a boot at a good price that offers ample protection and casual styling, look no further than the Richa Slick.

The waterproof membrane is unusual at this price point and sets this boot apart from its rivals.

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Richa casual boots

This boot is ideal for an everyday commute. Ruined a pair in rough conditions? Doesn’t matter, they’re £50, buy another pair.


  • plus iconTop levels of security protection
  • plus iconWaterproof, unlike similar boots
  • plus iconAmazing Price
  • plus iconLightweight


  • minus icon Won’t offer as much protection as a heavier boot
  • minus icon Narrow fit might be uncomfortable for riders with wide feet
  • minus icon Weak lateral support

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TCX X-Blend

These vintage-styled boots will offer great protection compared to the lighter entries in the list.

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TCX X-Blend

The TCX X-Blend is a tall boot, designed to be lightweight and stylish whilst also offering excellent protection for the foot and ankle. They are full leather and come with a waterproof lining and a replaceable inner sole.

Great for use on and off the bike.


  • plus iconFull leather
  • plus iconReinforced for better protection
  • plus iconVery comfortable


  • minus icon Leather requires more care than a synthetic boot
  • minus icon High price for the category
  • minus icon Heavier than other casual boots

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Spada Pilgrim

These are motorcycle boots that look normal!

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Spada Pilgrim

The Pilgrims from Spada are an incognito riding boot in the style of a chelsea shoe. They have a leather and synthetic outer and even feature a wood sole.

Of all the entries on this list, this pair of boots look the least like motorcycle gear.

Choose these if you have a kevlar suit and need to ride to a wedding.


  • plus iconDon’t even look like riding boots
  • plus iconReinforced gear pads
  • plus iconComfortable and well ventilated


  • minus icon Sit lower on the leg so offer less protection
  • minus icon Waterproofing doesn’t hold up to harsher conditions
  • minus icon Chelsea style isn’t for everyone

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Forma Hyper Boots

Striking high top styling, perfect for the urban rider.

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Forma Hyper Boots

These are made from full grain leather which provides a decent level of waterproofing whilst still allowing the feet to breathe.

We like the sturdy zip closure and the reinforced ankle, heel and toe protectors.


  • plus iconQuality materials
  • plus iconUrban styling
  • plus iconVery comfortable


  • minus icon Expensive
  • minus icon Protection is only OK
  • minus icon More of a trainer than a boot

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TCX X-Street

The TCX Street comes with a full leather upper and removable soles, as well as reinforcement in all the right places.

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TCX X-Street casual boots

TCX X-StreetProbably the best looking boot at its price, it’ll keep your feet safe and dry on the bike and save you the hassle of changing shoes when you get off.

Great value for a solid product.


  • plus iconGood price
  • plus iconNice styling
  • plus iconGood for everyday use


  • minus icon Not as much reinforcement as heavier boots
  • minus icon Shallow tread
  • minus icon No shifter protection

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TCX Rush

In the urban sport boot category, the TCX Rush boots guarantee waterproofing with a dedicated lining.

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TCX Rush casual motorcycle boots

They have a replaceable insole and high wear sole for longevity, and ventilation in the ankles to facilitate air flow in warm weather.


  • plus iconGood protection
  • plus iconWaterproofed
  • plus iconEasy to use velcro fasteners


  • minus icon High price for this style of boot
  • minus icon Not strictly ‘casual’ looks
  • minus icon Long breaking in period

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Buyers guide

Just what should we be looking for in a pair of casual motorcycle boots?

Types of Casual Boot

Within the subcategory of Casual Boots, there are subcategories.

No, really.

There are examples of most in our reviews, but here’s a general outline of what the different types are.

  • The Trainer: Designed to look like your average skate shoe. Dainese and AlpineStars are the frontrunners of this look. Some designs will compromise on protection for style. 
  • The Mil-sim: This type of boot has a thick sole and a high rim. They’re the closest in class to a full-on riding boot. Designed to echo the looks of soldier’s footwear.
  • The Chelsea: Many brands offer a more formal-looking boot as the Spada Pilgrim found above. Like The Trainer, this type of boot may lack the protection of others.
  • The Racer: Stripped down versions of race boots like the iXS Sharky also fall into the casual category. You won’t find any in the list since they’re so close to regular boots. The focus here is on casual styling.


Casual boots follow the same pricing as the rest of their foot-saving cousins, so a pair is going to cost you anywhere from £60 to £200.

Price is usually a good indicator of quality, but there are some bargains on this list that will give you a lot of bang for your buck.

A recommended spend would be in the £100-£150 range, so you can be sure that the boots you’re buying will last you a long while and offer good protection from rain and the road while doing so.

For some more budget options see our guide to the best cheap motorcycle boots.

Caring For Your Boots

Different boots will need different care regimes. They can be roughly divided into leather and non-leather, and of the two the former will require much more input from the owner to perform properly.

Non-leather boots usually require little to no maintenance, and can be looked after the same way as a pair of trainers or other shoes.

Leather will require treatment, and should be cleaned and polished frequently to maintain its integrity.


Motorbike riding in rain
Are your boots fully waterproof?

Most boots are waterproof to some extent. Even a hi-top trainer will provide some protection against light rain.

The best boots, though, will keep your feet dry in a hurricane.

The styling of casual boots often means compromising on waterproofing, and you should take this into consideration when choosing which ones to buy. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.

If you’re regularly facing heavy rain, invest in a full riding boot, or one of the heavier options available in other categories. For most riders, though, casual boots will more than suffice for everyday use.


A boot in this style is never going to offer the same protection as a racing boot, or even a road boot.

Casual boots also have varying levels of protection depending on the style- some only feature soft padding in the ankles and heels, whilst others have full armour in those areas and others.

Bear this in mind when choosing which is for you, and always check the EU safety ratings of the product you’re looking at.

Despite this, there are still options in the category that will provide ample protection for a rider on a daily commute, or otherwise using their bike for less intensive duties.

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