CBT Renewal Requirements, Courses and Options



You may be wondering what happens when your current CBT certificate runs out. 

You have been riding around quite happily for 2 years, and then suddenly you have a decision to make: do you take your big test, take another CBT or quit riding?

Well, quitting riding is out of the question, but you also don’t want to move on to a bigger bike yet, so a CBT renewal may be the best option for you. 

It was for me. 

I rode on a CBT for 6 years and was quite happy to do so, as I loved my Mutt 125cc

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So, What is a CBT renewal course?

A CBT renewal isn’t an official course; it is the same as a regular CBT in that you have to complete all 5 elements to gain your certificate. 

It will enable you to ride with your CBT certification for a further 2 years. 

The main difference is that your instructor may assess your riding quicker and pass you on each element more quickly than they did when you did your original CBT. 

The course will usually take between 3-4 hours and will include on and off-road exercises designed to allow the instructor to assess your riding properly. 

This is to ensure you are still well equipped for safe motorcycling and following the rules of the Highway Code. 

When you book a CBT renewal course, you will likely be with other riders of equal ability who are also renewing their certificates.

However, this won’t always be the case, and your renewal may run at the same time as a regular CBT course with completely new riders.

In this case, you may find the instructors put you through the various exercises first and get you out on the road first so that you can complete the day more quickly. 

When can you do a CBT renewal?

To undertake a CBT renewal, you need to still have a valid CBT certificate. 

If your CBT certificate has expired, you will be required to book a regular CBT course to obtain your new certificate, which will last a further 2 years from the date of completion.

Can you ride your own motorcycle on a CBT renewal course?

You can ride your own motorcycle for your CBT renewal course, provided your current CBT certificate is valid.

You will need to bring proof of insurance, road tax and an MOT certificate if the bike is more than 3 years old.

What documentation do you need?

Alongside a CBT certificate that is still in date, you will need to take with you a valid UK Full or Provisional Driving License or EU driving license.

If you are riding your own motorcycle for the CBT renewal, then many training schools will require proof of insurance. 

Training schools also require your National Insurance Number for you to complete the course.

Why should you do a CBT renewal?

Firstly you are legally required to hold a valid CBT certificate to ride a motorcycle up to  125cc with L plates.

If your CBT certificate has expired, it is illegal to ride your motorcycle until you have renewed your certificate or passed your full license tests. (Read: Is CBT on police database.)

If you have been riding motorcycles for 2 years and still feel like you have some learning to do or skills to get a hold of, then a CBT renewal can be a great booster to refresh the basics and get you back up to speed with the fundamentals of riding. 

Some riders don’t want to move up the ladder to a bigger capacity machine and are quite happy plodding around on their 125s. 

I was one of those riders, and therefore a CBT renewal was a cheaper option for me to keep riding rather than having the expense of doing a DAS course to get my full A license. 

After your second or third CBT renewal, however, it may make sense for you to undertake your A, A1 or A2 license tests, especially if you have lots of riding experience at that point. 

Even if you keep your trusty 125, at least you can take those pesky L plates off.