kawasaki ninja
Yes but you cant ride it to the training school and it must be taxed, insured and have a valid MOT.
Age 16 – Mopeds up to 50cc with L plates.
Age 17 – Light motorcycle up to 125CC with L plates.
No – you need only legally need to take theory test before taking your full motorcycle licence.
Yes  – you must take the motorcycle theory test.
If passed before 1st February 2001 – No CBT required to ride a moped. Anythiing over 50CC – CBT required.
If passed after 1st February 2001 – CBT required for all motorcycles and scooters.
No – you are not allowed to carry pillion passengers until you have passed your full motorcycle licence test.
No – you are not allowed to ride on motorways until you have passed your full motorcycle licence test.
If you are riding on a provisional licence you must display L plates
2 years
Yes – although if moving from an automatic to a geared bike it is advisable to get some extra training.
No – it is a training course designed to teach you how to ride to a safe standard on the road.
Dont worry CBT is not a test – you will be invited back to do further training. Only when your instructor is happy that you are safe to ride on the road unaccompanied will you be given your certificate.
No – you will need to exchange it for a UK licence.