Garmin Zumo 595lm Review – Still A Great Package


The 595lm is one of Garmin’s most recent and fully featured GPS units.

It has been superseded by the newer XT (see Garmin XT review), but the 595lm still holds its own in the competitive SatNav market.

Bottom Line Up Front

Garmin Zumo

Zumo 595lm

Your lifetime of rides awaits

Ticks all the boxes for a motorcycle SatNav. It might not be as fancy as its more expensive compatriots, but it will still get you from A to B and let you enjoy yourself doing it.

An attractive package, with a very reasonable price tag.Check SportsBikeShop


Garmin Zumo 595lm (front view)

The Zumo’s quad core processor makes for fast and snappy scrolling and menus. Route loading times on the device are of negligible concern.

The 5” touchscreen- whilst being easy to use when wearing gloves, does suffer from sun glare , you could be squinting if viewing at anything other than a square angle.

The 595 also features onboard solid state memory, and has a micro sd expansion slot.

Whats in the Box?

The Zumo 595 comes in at around £375 and for that you get:

  • Sat Nav unit
  • Universal bike mount kit
  • Motorcycle power cable
  • Battery pack
  • USB cable
  • Car suction cup and power cable
  • Lifetime access to Europe maps


Garmin Zumo 595lm (back view)

The 595lm ships with a few different mounting options. The most relevant to us is the motorcycle mount and hardware.

The mount included is from RAM, and as such exhibits the great build quality and intuitive design synonymous with their brand. Couple this with the battery pack, and you’re good to go.

For a more permanent solution, there is also the option to wire the 595lm into your bike directly with the included power cable.

It’s worth noting that the wiring included with the 595 comes with a lot of redundant length, so if you’re not savvy with electronics it’s definitely best to enlist professional help.

In addition, the 595lm comes with a suction cup mount for use in a car- but that could also be useful for any riders who have large screens mounted to their bikes.

Connectivity and Updates

Garmin Zumo 595lm (live alert)

The 595lm can be updated via USB connection to a PC, or by connecting to a smartphone using Garmin’s BaseCamp app.

Access to the app is free, and allows users to plan routes and send them to their GPS seamlessly via bluetooth.

Also included are lifetime map updates, which are applied automatically when available and connected to the internet. All of these processes are intuitive and stress free- transferring data to the Zumo shouldn’t be a problem for any rider.

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The 595lm’s screen leaves something to be desired. Unlike in other areas, where the Zumo excels, the 5” touch capacitive display struggles a bit in bright conditions.

While the RAM mount makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle when riding, the narrow field in which the screen can be viewed correctly makes this an all-too-often occurrence.

Despite this, the resolution is good- 800×480- and when sun glare isn’t interfering with the screen the image is crisp and easy to read.

Route Planning

Garmin Zumo 595lm (route plan view)

Purchase of the 595lm nets you access to the BaseCamp app, and all the route planning capabilities that entails.

On top of the preloaded maps for Europe, you’ll be able to use ‘adventurous routing’ to modify your journey based on personal preference for the technicality of a given ride.

There are also live rider alerts for hazards, and a built in database of points of interest that you’ll similarly be notified of on the fly.

A personal favourite is the ‘round trip’ feature, which will automatically plot a different route back to your starting point than the one you’ve already taken- amazing if you want to explore a particular area and don’t want to trawl through the roads looking for the best ones.

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As befits a motorcycle GPS in the 21st century, the 595lm is rated IPX7. This means that it is impervious to all but prolonged submersion in water, and will resist scratches and drops that would make any iPhone owner cringe.

If you do decide to take the 595 off-road with topo maps, its certainly up to the challenge.

Battery Life/Power Options

The Zumo 595lm comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can easily be mounted to the device and removed for charging. Garmin claims a 4 hour battery life and, in practice, this is largely true.

Obviously, strenuous use with extreme brightness settings (the kind you might be using on a sunny day when your display is hard to see), will not be good for the longevity of your charge.

A wiring kit is also included with the Zumo, and the device can be relatively easily connected to the wiring harness of any bike- if you’re a mechanic. There are a lot of connections included in this wiring kit, and all but the most experienced sparkies will have a hard time installing them correctly.

Unless you know your bike inside out, this is a job best left to a professional.

Included Maps

The 595lm comes pre-loaded with a full suite of European roadmaps, so its ready to go straight out of the box. These maps are later updated with the included lifetime maps. The Zumo can be upgraded to support 3d topographic maps, as well as custom maps uploaded by other users.

The topo feature is particularly interesting, especially if you’re planning on taking the 595lm to some of the more inhospitable places motorcycling allows us to access.

Additional Features

Garmin Zumo 595lm (ytre monitor view)

There are a few really cool bonuses with the 595lm. These details make the Zumo stand out from the crowd.

There’s a route logging feature that will record information about your ride for you to review later, and a system of up-ahead alerts that will notify you of any upcoming road works or hazards.

The 595 can even monitor your tyre pressure. With the purchase of two sensors from Garmin, you can use the SatNav to see your pressures in real time- perfect for long tours that cover changing climates and road conditions.


The Zumo 595lm is a great all-rounder. If you can get past the screen’s brightness issues then you’ll be rewarded with a fast, fully featured GPS to suit any rider.

The lifetime updates, up-ahead alerts and route planning capabilities of the 595 combine to make a seamless riding experience, with handpicked roads and points of interest incorporated naturally into a digitally generated journey.

Check Prices

Garmin Zumo

Zumo 595lm

Your lifetime of rides awaits

Ticks all the boxes for a motorcycle SatNav. It might not be as fancy as its more expensive compatriots, but it will still get you from A to B and let you enjoy yourself doing it.

An attractive package, with a very reasonable price tag.Check SportsBikeShop

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