Best Ladies Motorcycle Trousers, Jeans and Leggings (2023 UK Edition)



In recent years, female motorcycle clothing has seen great advancements, and finally, women can buy kit that protects and looks good.

Women now have a choice of kevlar jeans, armoured leggings, styled and tailored textile trousers and leathers that come in more colours than just pink.

Designers are finally considering the female body and how that affects fit. Fit affects comfort and safety, so it is one of the fundamentals to get right.

Ladies Motorcycle Trousers, Jeans and Leggings Reviews

Best Overall
Bull-it Ladies Covert Straight Covec Jeans Bull-it Ladies Covert Straight Covec Jeans

The Bull-it Ladies Covert Jeans offer a contemporary style without sacrificing protection. They are CE AAA rated, the highest level available, and come with CE level 2 hip and knee armour. 

The polyurethane armour is soft, supple, and lightweight but is still more than up to the task of protecting against impact. 

The jeans are constructed from highly durable Covec denim, which has been tested in the harshest conditions but remains lightweight at the ideal 13.5oz denim weight. 

A water-resistant coating keeps the rain away if you get caught short. And moisture-wicking internal mesh liner regulates skin temperature, particularly helpful on hot summer days. 

Overall, the Covert jeans are brilliant, protective jeans that demonstrate how the development of design and technology in motorcycle clothing merges style with function

  • CE AAA rated
  • Excellent value
  • CE Level 2 hip and knee armour
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • None
Best Textile Option
Oxford Montreal 2.0 Ladies Textile Jeans Oxford Montreal 2.0 Ladies Textile Jeans

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional but with all-weather capabilities, then a textile trouser could be the way to go. 

The Oxford Montreal 2.0 trousers are our best textile pick, and for good reason. 

They are loaded with practical features for riding in a variety of conditions, such as a waterproof and breathable Reissa liner, a removable thermal liner, and CE-certified knee armour. 

Double waterproof layers have been added to the seat, crotch, and knees which are the most likely areas to suffer water ingress. Plus there is a storm flap system on the waist and leg closures and water-resistant pockets. 

If the weather improves, you can remove the thermal liner and open the vents to increase airflow. 

On the inside legs, heat-proof panels prevent any nasty accidents with the engine or exhaust. Stretch panels and reinforced areas provide maximum riding comfort, and the adjustable lower leg sections will suit a wide range of riding boots.

  • CE knee armour
  • Waterproof and breathable Reissa liner
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Comfortable
  • Good ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Run small
Leather Pick
Rev'it Ladies Xena 3 Leather Jeans Rev'it Ladies Xena 3 Leather Jeans

If you prefer leather, then the Rev’it Xena 3 Jeans are a great choice. They’ve even been double-stitched for added strength. 

They are an understated, classic leather trouser constructed from cowhide, the PWR shell 500D stretch panels from Lorica. This combination makes for a highly durable set of trousers with great abrasion-resistant properties that also allow for freedom of movement in all the right places.

Stretch panels are included at the front and back of the knees as well as on the legs and crotch area. A double-leather seat section adds both comfort and durability. 

CE level 2 knee protection and CE level 1 hip protection are included, plus you can add knee sliders by simply removing the leather patches from the knee area. Overall, it’s a well-constructed leather trouser that will keep you safe in style.

  • Hip and knee armour included
  • Panels for knee slider compatibility
  • Comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • Slightly short leg length - but fine for long boots
Best Leggings
Oxford Ladies Super Leggings Oxford Ladies Super Leggings

Oxford got the name perfectly right with these leggings as they are, well, super! 

Where they excel is in the level of comfort they give those wearing them. 

The stretchy material allows for free movement, and it is quite easy to forget that they are protective clothing.

The leggings come with Oxford’s CE Level 2-certified knee protectors, but you can swap these out to something else if you prefer, and there are pockets that can accommodate hip armour.

Abrasion resistance is high as they are fully lined with Dupont Kevlar Lining, the same as what is used in standard motorcycle textile trousers.

I have worn these at work after riding the bike in the morning, and my only real complaint was that I got a little hot; otherwise, I was perfectly comfortable all day.

They can also be a bit tricky to get on as they are both thick and tight. Leggings are tight-fitting anyway, but the Kevlar lining adds another tough layer that you might struggle with. Peeling them off after a long summer day’s riding can be a bit gross too.

The flip side is that the way the leggings fit means they hold the armour in place, and it doesn’t slide around or move out of position as it can do in some motorcycle jeans.

Style-wise, they are plain black with subtle belt loops bearing the Oxford logo. Besides the knee armour, you could get away with these as a pair of regular leggings or slim-fit joggers.

Another huge positive is that these leggings come in short, regular, and long length, and for a change, ladies, they fit true to size; we know with bike kit, that can be a big problem.

  • Comfortable
  • Great value
  • Stylish and excellent standard of fit
  • High standard of protective lining with options to upgrade included armour to suit
  • Not waterproof
  • Can get very warm on a hot day
Ladies Sports Pick
RST Ladies GT CE Leather Jeans RST Ladies GT CE Leather Jeans

RST have used the best leather for the GT CE, and we have picked them for some of our favourite mens trousers too. 

They are triple-stitched for maximum strength and the leather is perforated to allow airflow. A 3D bubble-mesh liner increases comfort and prevents the rough leather from rubbing against your skin. 

The jeans are CE AAA certified, which is the highest certification for protection, and they come with CE level 2 knee and hip armour. They are set up for sports riding, as well, with knee sliders included, fixed by hook and loop. 

The only problem with RST is that the sizing tends to be all over the place. You may need to go a size or two up from your regular size to get the right fit. This is a case of trial and error. 

Also RST leather’s calf size tends to be very small. This can be problematic with boots, as well as getting the trousers to fit right. 

  • CE AAA rated
  • Comfortable
  • Great Value
  • CE level 2 knee and hip armour
  • Knee sliders included
  • Sizing and fit can be very off
Touring Pick
Rukka Ladies ComfoRina Textile Trousers Rukka Ladies ComfoRina Textile Trousers

Our last pick is for the ladies who want to go touring and need durable, functional kit that can go the distance. 

The Rukka ComfoRina textile trousers are the best of the best. The trousers are equipped with a Gore-Tex liner to keep you dry and allow airflow, plus there is a removable thermal liner.

D30 CE level 2 hip, knee, and shin armour offer the best protection. It’s lightweight, soft, and flexible when riding but has fantastic impact-absorption properties. 

Vents give you the flexibility to increase your airflow if needed and you can adjust the leg bottoms to suit your boots. 

They are a very comfortable trouser that is pretty true to size, as well, which is always a novelty with motorcycle gear. And if the fit isn’t quite perfect, the legs are adjustable to really tailor the fit.

While they’re expensive, Rukka offers a six-year warranty with their kit, so you can rest assured these trousers will last and cover all the miles you can.

  • D30 CE level 2 knee, hip, and shin armour
  • Gore-Tex liner
  • Comfortable
  • Vents
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Quality construction and materials
  • 6-year warranty
  • Expensive

Buyers Guide

Having read through the reviews of our best options for ladies’ motorcycle trousers, you may be more confused than ever.

So, here is a short buying guide that will help explain the different types of trouser options available to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Textile Trousers

Buffalo Ladies Turin Jeans

Textile trousers are a popular choice for riders who commute, ride all year or go motorcycle touring.

Usually, they are full of features such as waterproof breathable linings, plenty of air vents, removable thermal liners and more pockets than you know what to do with.

Often textile trousers will have either a half zip or full zip to connect up to a textile jacket of the same brand.


RST Ladies GT CE Leather Jeans

There’s a reason leather is still the only type of clothing allowed at track days and in professional racing.

As much as technological advancements have been made with textile clothing and they continue to pass relevant safety tests, leather seems to come out on top every time.

You can check out this video about leather vs textile jacket, which breaks down the main differences.

Leather is a heavy material, and it can get very hot in the summer, which is when textile clothing tends to take over as favourite.

Leather is not just restricted to sports styling anymore, with brands focusing on casual look protective leather jackets and trousers to cater to a wider market.

Leather is not waterproof. It can be made somewhat water-resistant with various oils and sprays, but it will never be as good in the rain as a good waterproof set of trousers.


RST Ladies Aramid Straight Leg CE Jeans

Kevlar/Aramid/Dyneema jeans and leggings are some of the newest additions to the market and offer a more casual look while remaining protective.

There are a lot of jeans on the market, and some are better than others. Fully-lined jeans are the better option, in my opinion, as they are abrasion resistant all over rather than just select areas.

Check out this video that runs a test on half lined and fully-lined jeans to see the difference a full lining can make.

There are plenty of different styles of jeans, from skinny to bootcut, so you will most certainly be able to find a pair to suit your style that you are comfortable with.

This type of motorcycle trousers is best suited to Summer riding as they lack wind protection and are not waterproof.


Oxford Ladies Super Leggings

Motorcycle leggings are the newest addition for women and, in my opinion, are brilliant. They offer more comfort than standard jeans and keep your armour where it needs to be.

While not waterproof, they are comfy and slim enough to throw a waterproof layer over the top without too much trouble. You may be able to get more use out of them in cooler weather.

Most leggings will be fully lined with some Kevlar or Aramid fibre which is another advantage over and above half-lined jeans.

Key Differences for Women

For many years, women have struggled to get motorcycle clothing that fits, is attractive and protective. For a long time, ladies have spent many riding hours in men’s kit that is ill-fitting, heavy and unsuitable.

That has now largely changed, there’s a long way to go, but there has been a 100% improvement over the last decade.


Motorcycle clothing designers are now accommodating women of all sizes and body shapes.

You will see trousers in the stores with velcro/poppers/zips for an adjustable fit, different leg length options and sizes from XXS to 5XL.

Finally, someone has realised that women have hips. Hips that are significantly wider than men.

Trousers are now being produced with higher waists and more room in the hip area, allowing ladies to sit comfortably in the saddle all day long.

Other Considerations

Current ladies’ style and fashion trends have been thought about and have filtered down in the form of skinny riding jeans and leggings.

You can get any style of jeans under the sun to ride in now, and ladies can feel good knowing they are in style but also protected.

For so long, men’s jackets in ladies sizes with a pink stripe were sold as ‘ladies’ jackets. That isn’t the case anymore, and women have a lot of choice about what they want to wear when they ride.

Nothing against pink; I think it is just nice to have other options from time to time.


When looking at motorcycle clothing, the big factor is whether it is waterproof and whether I need it to be.

Textile clothing is the only option for waterproof gear (other than a set of waterproofs thrown over your clothing).

There are different levels of waterproof standards and ways manufacturers achieve this. The most common has been stitching in a drop liner on the inside of the jacket/trousers. This waterproof liner is intended to keep water getting through to your clothes and skin beyond this.

It works to a point; however, if the zips aren’t waterproof, water can seep through, and over time the liner can get worn, rip and be no longer fit for purpose.

Another way is to laminate GoreTex (or something similar) to the outer material of the jacket/trouser. This stops water from getting through at all.

Previously only to be seen on expensive high-end brands like Rukka, Richa and Dainese. More recently, Alpinestars and Oxford have started producing waterproof laminate kit.


The second thing I think about is how breathable something is.

Even in the depths of Winter, breathability is essential; there is nothing worse than wrapping up warm with layers on layers, going out for a ride, getting back and being drenched in sweat because your heat had nowhere to escape.

Textile trousers are awesome as they allow the heat to escape with the vents open, and then you can close them if things get a bit chilly.

Jeans and Leggings are a good choice too, as they are not lined with a windproof liner, so you will get some airflow.

Leather, however, unless it has perforated holes, will not allow for as much breathability and, as a result, can get very hot in the Summer.


In terms of protection, motorcycle trousers are the same for men as women, and the levels of protection available are equal.

CE Approval

To understand how protective motorcycle trousers are, check the CE rating. There are three grades of CE approval: A, AA, AAA.

A Grade: A-grade trousers will be best suited for urban riding and relatively slower speeds. You will likely find them lighter weight.

AA Grade: AA-grade trousers will have been tested more thoroughly in conditions that all sorts of riders are likely to encounter.

AAA Grade: AAA grade is the highest certification and is mostly found on sports-riding clothing, where impacts are more likely, and at higher speeds.

For each grade, from A–AAA, trousers will undergo a more vigorous abrasion-resistance test at higher speeds and for longer. 

Two types of protection are essential when it comes to trousers: the level of abrasion resistance and the protective armour used.

Abrasion Resistance

Leather is the only material for clothing that is allowed to be used on the track, and as such, the general rule of thumb is that leather offers the best protection, especially in high-speed environments.

However, textile clothing made of 600 Denier (super tough) polyester has also held its own in testing environments; some now argue that textile is actually more effective at resisting abrasion.

Kevlar/Aramid Fibres/Dyneema and composites of such fibres are relatively new to the market as motorcycle protective clothing. Essentially these are the same fibres used in bulletproof vests and stab vests used by the police and military.

The theory is that with a lining made of these fibres, any textile on top is strengthened and abrasion-resistant.

FortNine channel on YouTube has a great video showing the durability of motorcycle jeans. Check that out here.

Fundamentally, what material wins in terms of protection is down to personal choice. They all do a pretty good job of abrasion resistance.

I have seen many strictly leather-wearing riders switch to Kevlar jeans and never look back. Equally, I have seen them switch and switch back straight away due to feeling uneasy and unsafe on the bike.


There are several types of armour available on the market, and some are not much better than a piece of foam, whereas others are extremely good at protecting you in an accident.

It is always best to go for armour that is CE approved. There are two levels, Level 1 and Level 2.

The short version is that CE Level 2 transmits less energy through the armour and protects you more from injury.

Go here for a more in-depth discussion of motorcycle armour.

Be warned that some clothing will come with ‘armour’, but it is actually just a piece of cheap foam and serves no protective purpose.

Always get the armour out of your new clothing to check if it is CE approved, and therefore you know it has been tested as suitable for riding.

I love D30 armour and also Forcefield back protectors; both of these are supple and soft when in your clothing and also lightweight.

You can ride all day and not be irritated by bulky, heavy armour. However, when you need it, the armour kicks in to absorb the energy.

Read about the tech in the Forcefield armour here.


Bull-it Covert jeans are a fantastic choice for those who want a casual style without sacrificing protection, while the RST Ladies GT CE leathers are excellent sports-style trousers for ladies who love a good track day.


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