Lexmoto Motorcycle Review: Range, Reliability and Cost



The Lexmoto brand is among the more popular Chinese-made import bikes in the UK. Like their competition, they mostly focus on lightweight, smaller displacement machines and scooters for holders of lower category licenses.

And like a lot of the competition, Lexmoto’s newer range has a few heritage-inspired designs that will appeal to more aesthetic-conscious riders.

Parts, customer service, and mechanics familiar with the machines were typical problems surrounding import bikes in the past.

However, with 170 retailers throughout the UK and its own part-vending subsidiary company, finding parts and service for a Lexmoto is now simple.

We said they mostly focus on smaller machines. But Lexmoto also has a small range of adventure bikes, street bikes, and maxi-style scooters with more power, ranging from 250cc to 500cc.

In this article, we’ll look at a few highlights from their current range and give some background info on their operation. 

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Lexmoto History – Who Are They?

Lexmoto grew out of another UK-based import company in 2007. The core idea was to offer low-maintenance, zero-hassle bikes at unbeatable prices.

While manufacturing and assembly are done in China, the whole operation is based out of Exeter. This helps give the brand an authentic-feeling UK presence. 

Lexmoto machines are built by Chinese firm TARO. But prototypes are tested, tweaked, and iterated upon through a collaborative process between the UK team and TARO.

Some companies simply sell off-the-shelf, rebadged clone bikes designed and built by Chinese factories. Lexmoto bikes are custom-tailored to the UK market.

Parts And Reliability

Local Parts And Dealers

Lexmoto operates with an inventory of spare parts in the UK. This is a big deal in terms of getting you back on the road if you have problems.

Often with import bikes, finding a part and getting it shipped from China represents a bigger problem than the actual repair.

Thankfully, Lexmoto machines are built to run with few issues and make good starter bikes for people who want to get their hands dirty.

If you need professional help, UK-based parts and one of the 170 Lexmoto agents in the UK can quickly get you back on the road. 

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Well-Tested Designs

Many Lexmoto models are based on old-but-reliable engine designs that have proved their worth over decades.

Some users still report issues with the finish – paint flaking, premature rusting, etc. While these cosmetic problems certainly lose Lexmoto a few points in our view, they’re less critical than mechanical issues. 

Of these, there are mercifully few.

By using single overhead camshaft designs borrowed from older Japanese bikes like Honda’s CB125J, CBR, and CG125, Lexmoto keeps it simple.

The factories that produce Lexmoto also produce engines for Suzuki’s classic GN125 series – another old reliable bike that Lexmoto’s range compares to. 

The Lexmoto Range

LXR 125

Lexmoto LXR 125

Lexmoto’s LXR 125 was the UK’s most registered road bike of 2020. That’s no mean feat and should indicate just how much this brand has taken off in recent years. A kind of CBR-like machine, the LXR has a classic, sporty look and a comfortable, neutral riding position. 

It’s not a powerhouse, topping out at 70mph and about 12.5hp. But it is light and responsive. The liquid-cooled engine offers slightly better performance than the simple, old-fashioned, air-cooled designs standard in this type of import bike. 

Its rear mono-shock suspension provides more than enough dampening for commuting. But it also fulfils the vital role of making this thing look really cool. The front telescopic forks are hidden mainly by faring, but the handling feels good.

The LXR uses a combined braking system instead of ABS to keep costs down. It works. It’s nothing fancy, but there’s plenty of stopping power with the bike’s low power and lightweight.

We like the bright LED indicators and surprisingly sweet-sounding stainless steel exhaust. 

Michigan 125

Lexmoto Michigan 125

The Michigan is a lightweight cruiser similar to Keeway’s Superlight. The handlebars, raked-out front fork, and teardrop tank are features we used to only see on custom machines.

The Michigan represents a quick and cheap way to get that cruiser look.

It uses a basic single cylinder, 4-stroke engine. It’s reliable but will only get you about 63mph at 9.4hp. The mileage is spectacular. Michigan riders regularly report figures like 90mpg. 

It’s a relaxed riding experience, helped by a comfortable, low seat, large footplates, a mellow riding position.

We like the blacked-out headlamp with cowl and the low, minimal seat. Combined with the high bars, these features give the Michigan a muscular look that’s not common in 125s. 

Lexmoto ZSB 125

Lexmoto ZSB 125

The ZSB is a no-frills, minimalist street bike comparable to something like Suzuki’s GN125. With its low-tuned engine, large tank, good mileage, luggage rack, and comfortable seat, this bike makes an excellent commuter for those after something basic. 

This is aimed at newer riders, and the easy-to-use controls, low weight, and upright seating position inspire confidence. The rock-solid, air-cooled engine produces about 11.5hp and can deliver speeds of 56mph. These are relatively mellow numbers – good for getting to grips with riding. 

With budget commuters, reliability, function, and economy come first. The ZSB does well in all these categories, trading all-out speed for solid performance and fancy fairing for a standard-looking frame. This is an excellent first bike

Lexmoto Vendetta 250

Lexmoto Vendetta 250

This retro-inspired V-Twin will appeal to some experienced riders. Its outline owes something to the classic era of British scramblers. But with ABS, fuel injection, and a digital display, the Vendetta takes advantage of modern advancements where needed. 

Smooth and comfortable at 70mph, the Vendetta is at home on most types of roads. The top speed isn’t exceptionally high, and the power comes in at 16.8hp. But there is a feeling of torque and a beautiful sound provided by the V-Twin setup. 

The radial spoked wheels, custom sump guard, chopped mudguards, and miniaturised components are all beautiful.

It’s genuinely surprising to see a bike with this level of finish in the ‘budget’ category. There are certainly 250s out there with more grunt. But there aren’t many that look this cool right off the factory floor. 

Voge 500 AC

Lexmoto Voge 500AC

Described by Lexmoto as ‘neo-retro’ in their own marketing copy, the Voge is similar in looks to Yamaha’s XSR series. This is definitely a good thing. A kind of naked street bike with sizeable rear wheel clearance, this is the kind of machine that some people will absolutely love. 

The 471cc parallel-twin engine delivers 48hp and a top speed of 100mph. The Voge also has adjustable USD front forks and a mono-shock rear with preload and dampening capability. This allows you to quickly switch between a higher performance setup when riding alone or extra dampening for a passenger. 

Dual-piston Nissin brake callipers with two discs take care of stopping upfront while a single-piston grabs a single disc in the rear.

This bike is set up and finished like a premium machine from a premium vendor. Yes, some corners will be cut over a brand new bike from the big three. But you’ll be hard-pressed to point them out at first glance.

You’ll see the exact same machine sold as the Bluroc 250 V2 with a few cosmetic changes. 

Lexmoto Echo 50

Lexmoto Echo 50

There’s not much to say about this budget 50cc scooter other than “yay” or “nay”. This one is a “yay”, and it gets our nod for a few reasons. 

The main ones are easy handling, smooth, steady power delivery, and good stopping power. There’s not a huge amount of power with a top speed of 28mph and only 3hp. But it is light enough that such low numbers feel sufficient. 

Decent under-seat storage and a luggage rack included as standard should make this an appealing option for many young commuters. 

Lexmoto Titan 125

Lexmoto Titan 125

The Titan is an excellent twist-and-go option for those who want a simple machine with some extra power. At 118kg, it’s lightweight and can do about 50mph. This low weight helps the front and rear disc brakes to stop the machine quickly. 

The large seat is comfortable but also makes for a large storage compartment underneath. The rear luggage rack also helps with carrying capacity.

The air-cooled, single-cylinder engine is basic but ultra-reliable. It uses EFI to deliver smooth and steady power mile after mile. 

Lexmoto Diablo 

Lexmoto Diablo 125

The Diablo is a more aggressive, sportier-style scooter than the Titan. It features a more spikey, aerodynamic fairing, a livelier 8.6hp engine, and a top speed of 56mph. 

Combined hydraulic brakes will bring you to a stop quickly, and an ultra-lightweight frame will have you jumping off the line at traffic lights. 

A digital display and LED lights are included – features often seem on higher-end machines. This will likely appeal to newer riders who want sporty looks and a little more grunt.

Thankfully, the easy handling and excellent stopping power make this a relatively safe option.

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