What to do if your CBT Certificate is Lost or Stolen?



You have done your CBT training, you have your motorcycle, your gear and your life on two wheels has just got started, it is an exciting time. 

Then if you are anything like me, in all the excitement you have somehow managed to lose your CBT certificate. 

Or in my case the mysterious wind God’s decided to lift it up and throw it out of the car window on your way back from training, never to be seen again. 

Now what? 

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1. Contact Training School

Well, don’t panic is the first answer.

The next thing you need to do is contact the riding school where you did your CBT training.

They should be able to replace your certificate and they may charge you up to £20 for the pleasure of doing so. 

2. Contact DVSA

Should you be very unlucky and the training school you used has since closed down then you need to contact the DVSA who will be able to issue a replacement. 

The DVSA CBT department can be contacted at the following email address: [email protected].

In order for the DVSA to replace your certificate they will need the name of the training school where you did your training, their address, the date you did your training and you will be charged a £20 fee for a replacement. 

Should your certificate have been stolen, then you follow the above steps but you will also need to report this to the police. 

Do not delay in getting a replacement certificate as it is an important document that entitles you to legally ride your motorcycle on the road. 

You will also need your certificate if you are going on to pursue your motorcycle theory test and A2 or A licence tests.