12 Gift Ideas For The Motorcyclist In Your Life



If you’re here because you need a gift to treat a loved one who is also a motorcyclist, you’re in the right place.

This comprehensive list will cover a range of prices, with a whole host of different ideas to put the biker in your life in the mood for a ride.

It can be hard to know what a biker might use, need or want, but rest assured – this guide was put together by a motorcyclist hoping his other half might stumble across it…

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A day at wheelie school

Nobody needs to know how to do a wheelie. That said, you can’t use a skill you don’t have, so a day learning how to pop the front wheel up – and keep it there – is a great way to get someone using their (or the school’s, if they’re sensible) bike in ways they perhaps hadn’t considered.

Extreme Wheelie in York will get you up on one wheel of a Yamaha MT07 or MT09 for £225, and they also sell gift vouchers starting from £50.

A phone mount

Many riders don’t bother with a phone mount and make do with pulling over and getting their phone out of a pocket – fiddly with gloves and rain – or use audio directions from their phone to a Bluetooth headset.

A phone mount is a great way of keeping your rider’s mobile front and centre, so they’ll never miss a turning – or a call from you – again.

Ram-Mount Phone Mount Ram-Mount Phone Mount
Quality phone mount from a a quality company. Any motorcyclist will love one of these.

A proper leather jacket

There’s no doubt that most beginner motorcycle gear looks a little dorky. Textile trousers and jackets just don’t have that Steve McQueen cool factor all bikers secretly want.

Luckily, leather jackets exist. Richa has that vintage look covered for anyone with a naked or retro-styled bike, and Dainese is the go-to for a super sporty look.

Cheaper leather jackets won’t always offer great protection, so you will want to spend a bit on one that will last a lifetime.

Retro Pick
Richa Daytona 2 Leather Jacket Richa Daytona 2 Leather Jacket
Beautiful retro styled jacket with armour and thermal lining included. Doesn’t get much cooler than this.
  • Casual Look
  • CE AA Approved
  • D30 CE Armour at Elbows, Shoulders and Back
  • Removable Thermal Liner
  • Small Sizing

Bluetooth connectivity

I spent the first two years of my riding life ambling around with nothing but the sound of wind washing over my helmet for company – well, and the beautiful sound of a motorcycle engine.

Getting a Bluetooth headset is a game changer in riding enjoyment – it allows you to listen to music, podcasts and directions and receive calls easily.

This Freedconn setup is an easy-to-use, entry-level model, but the best-in-class will always be Sena – either way, your biker will thank you.

Read more about the best motorcycle intercoms.

FreedConn Intercom (dual pack) FreedConn Intercom (dual pack)
Simple setup and ease of use along with a wallet friendly price make this a great budget option.
SENA 20S Dual Pack SENA 20S Dual Pack

Premium Headset

Well worth considering if you want premium features and connectivity to up to 7 other riders.

A tool kit

No motorcyclist wants to break down – but that doesn’t stop it from happening. A tool roll, or beginner motorcycle tool kit, will be a valuable addition to any biker’s arsenal.

Oxford’s Toolkit Pro has ratchets, spanners, pliers, Allen keys, screws and sockets galore – enough to do any bits of maintenance at home and on the go. It will also fit below most seats comfortably.

Oxford Tool Kit Oxford Tool Kit

Practical and portable, a great gift for your mechanically minded loved one. Comes with a very reasonable price tag also.

Beefed-up security

Take it from personal experience – there are few worse feelings than walking to where your bike should be, only to find it not there anymore.

Stop riders getting lax with their motorbike security by gifting them an extra alarmed disc lock – you can never really have too many.

Oxford Big Boss Disc Lock Oxford Big Boss Disc Lock

Strong and loud

The Oxford Boss works. It’s a solid lock paired with a 100db alarm to address the problem of theft from multiple angles.

Highly recommended.

Some reading material

Bikers like being on bikes; they like talking about bikes – it stands to reason they’ll also enjoy reading about them, right?

Gonzo journalist extraordinaire Hunter S Thompson got up close and personal with America’s Hell’s Angels, giving him the material for the incredible stream-of-consciousness Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga.

Hell's Angels Hell's Angels

Hunter spent more than a year with the Angels to bring us this masterpiece of underground writing.

Some direction

Not all bikers want to know exactly where they’re going – sometimes, a vague direction will do.

Beeline Moto has made a motorcycle-specific version of their mega-hit bicycle handlebar navigator. You can get turn-by-turn instructions or a general arrow pointing you towards your final destination.

Read our full Beeline sat nav review.

Bottom Line Up Front
Beeline Moto Beeline Moto
Reasonably priced, lightweight, simple to mount and has extraordinary battery life. An interesting alternative to a full blown GPS system.

Extra storage

One disadvantage bikes have to cars is that of storage – bikers either have to have big pockets, tailbags, top boxes or panniers – or a decent backpack.

Read this for more on motorcycle backpacks.

Knox Studio Rucksack Knox Studio Rucksack

This stylish bag from Knox has pockets and flaps aplenty, fits extremely comfortably and is waterproof.

Heated gloves

If the biker in your life is a year-round rider, they’ve likely experienced the frozen fingers that come with winter riding.

Give them back the feeling in their fingertips with a pair of heated riding gloves.

Read for more on the best-heated motorcycle gloves.

Our Top Pick
Gerbing MicroWirePRO XRL Gerbing MicroWirePRO XRL

Typical Gerbing reliability and top-notch armour protection. These gloves tick all the boxes.

An exhaust bung

This is a tremendous little low-cost stocking filler. When cleaning the bike, it’s easy to accidentally send a jet of water from the hose down the exhaust pipe – which is bad news.

An Oxford bung will end this problem, plugging up the end of the bike’s pipe.

It’s also perfect if a bike is going to sit for a long time, for example, during winter or a holiday – because it can stop small creatures from getting in and making a home.

Oxford Exhaust Bung Oxford Exhaust Bung
Simple and practical, this clever little tool makes a great stocking filler.