Motorcycle Hip Armour Guide – Reviews and Buyers Guide



The hip isn’t always considered a primary area of protection, even though it’s our most important joint and the biggest load bearer in the body.

Utilising armour in this area not only absorbs impact to the key bones that enable walking, running and jumping but crucially gives extra spine protection.

Here’s a selection of what’s currently available and a general buying guide.

Our Top Pick

ARMR Moto Hip Protector

ARMR Moto Hip Protector

Comfortable and light

Supplied as standard in a number of high end motorcycle garments.

These CE level 2 protectors are not only comfortable and light but, surprisingly, the cheapest on our list. Check SportsBikeShop

Premium Pick

Rukka D3O XTR Air

Top quality and protection

They are double the price of everything else on our list, but the XTR’s unique shape and D3O material makes them a very comfortable and highly protective choice. Check SportsBikeShop

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Best Motorcycle Hip Armour – Our Picks

ARMR Moto (Best Overall)

ARMR Moto Hip Protector

Check Prices on SportsBikeShop

These CE Level 2 hip protectors are very soft and spongy.

Their squidgy nature helps them shape well around the hip and result in a comfortable light protector.

This all comes at a very reasonable price; amazingly they are the cheapest on our list.


  • plus iconLightweight
  • plus iconCE level 2
  • plus iconVery low price


  • minus icon Can discolour in dark jeans (bothered?)
  • minus icon They are probably not going to last as long as premium options

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Rukka D30 XTR Air (Premium Pick)

Check Prices on SportsBikeShop

Made from high quality D3O armour, these are the second CE Level 2 protectors on our list ensuring high levels of protection and comfort.

They can make a good option if you’re looking to upgrade existing armour. Their butterfly shape allows for good coverage whilst moulding more effectively around the hip.


  • plus iconLight and comfortable
  • plus iconTop end D3O armour protection
  • plus iconCE level 2


  • minus icon Cost

RevIt Seesoft RV01 Hip Protector

Rev'it Seesoft Hip Protector Insert

Check Prices on SportsBikeShop

These fully CE rated protectors use a material called Tryonic which is a layered blend of memory foam.

It’s worth checking in-store to ensure that these fit your garment as they are chunky pads.


  • plus iconReasonably priced
  • plus iconRemain snug and stay in place well


  • minus icon Mainly designed for Rev-It garments, may not fit all trousers
  • minus icon May need to be trimmed

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RST Contour Plus

RST Contour Plus Hip Armour

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Although made from an unspecified material, these nice looking protectors are fully CE rated. More of a proprietary insert for RST trousers, although users have reported that they do fit other makes of trousers.


  • plus iconComfortable
  • plus iconNon-Intrusive


  • minus icon Users report that they are a tight fit even in RST jeans

Revit Seesmart RV33 Type B

Rev'it Seesmart Hip Protector Insert

Check Prices on SportsBikeShop

Made from a honeycomb style material not only makes these protectors lightweight, but ensures they are highly flexible when in place.

Despite their CE rating the thin nature of these protectors doesn’t inspire a high level of protective confidence.


  • plus iconLight and flexible
  • plus iconVery discreet/unnoticeable once in place


  • minus icon Very thin, may sit loose in some garment pockets
  • minus icon Thin nature doesn’t garner confidence

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Buyers Guide – Considerations

As with all armour, hip protection is available as an insert for pockets in existing motorcycle clothing.

It’s also built-in to some higher quality shorts and trousers such as Icon’s Field Compression pants which we reviewed recently.


CE Armour Levels

So how can you tell if your armour material is up to the job? It can be a mind numbing area when you get into the detail, but there are essentially two main certification standards that manufacturers can apply to their products:

CE Level 1: Means that the armour has been tested to provide good protection for general use

CE Level 2: Offers greater impact protection (and potentially chunkier armour), we always recommend going for this where budget allows.

For a full guide including armour standards see our: Motorcyle Armour Guide


Sizing and Material

Whilst hip armour can add protection to an existing garment, it’s also a good option for upgrading existing armour that may be uncomfortable, obtrusive or not up to the job.

Not every protector will fit, however, softer materials, such as layered sponge, D3O and SAS-TEC can be trimmed with a decent pair of scissors.



Your hips are such an important part of your body, so seek out a CE level 2 protector wherever possible.

If you’re someone who puts in some serious ride time, or intend to do track days or riskier riding, then I would recommend spending more on premium armour. They will not only offer better comfort but will last longer.

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