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6 ways to reduce your motorcycle insurance

We feel your pain, premiums seem to be increasing every year and customer loyalty is a thing of the past. That’s why it pays to get a fresh quote every year.

Tip #1: Use the comparison engine to compare the market every time your renewal comes up. Insurers give their best prices to new customers.

Tip #2: Pay an annual premium if you can afford it, monthly payments are more expensive.

Tip #3: Fit anti-theft devices, having a high-quality chain, ground anchor, immobiliser and tracker should result in a cheaper quote.

Tip #6: Bike storage when not in use. This can have a large effect on your premiums, store your bike in a garage or secure off-road area to get the best quotes.

Tip #4: No mods! Insurers don’t like anything that even hints at risky behaviour. Factory is cheapest.

Tip #5: Take an advanced riding course. IAM and Rospa provide well-respected courses.