Best Portable Motorcycle Jump Starter



Many fuel-injected bikes come without a kick start (more about that later). This means if your battery dies on a long ride, you could be stranded.

The solution? A portable jump starter.

HiQ PM400

Portable and Lightweight

The HiQ PM400 jump starter is our top pick because of its slim, lightweight and durable design.

It can’t be used for other vehicles, but if you’re purely after something for your bike that can also be used as a power bank – this is ideal.

Best Motorcycle Jump Starter Reviews

Here are our top picks.

Hi-Q PM400 Jump Starter

This a fully, motorcycle-specific jump starter that’s slim, rugged and lightweight. It only outputs 12 V at 400 amps, so no cars or other vehicles but if you’re after something exclusively for your bike, this is a great pick.

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HiQ PM400 Jump Starter

The 24 W lithium-ion battery gives this decent capacity and there’s a 4 increment capacity LED display. Battery connection leads are tough and easy to fit on a motorcycle. The inclusion of a cigarette lighter adapter is a nice touch and another clear nod to the motorcycle market.

This is the smallest device on our list, and probably the one we’d recommend if easy storage is a priority. It doesn’t have all the features of some of the larger options, but works perfectly for motorcycles, is tiny and has a rugged lightweight shell.


  • plus iconSlim, portable and light
  • plus iconRugged


  • minus icon Limited options

Noco GB400

This starter uses a 24W lithium-ion battery with 400 amp output and is one of the smaller and lighter solutions available.

Though it’s small, it’s perfectly suited for cars up to 4 L and will jump-start any motorcycle around. The marketing for this one mentions up to 20 starts off a single charge.

Even if that’s a slight exaggeration, there’s still a lot of charge in this unit.

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USB in and out ports are located on the side and a micro USB cable is included and four LEDs give battery readout in 25% increments.

Everything here is miniaturized and this feels almost like motorcycle-specific equipment. The needle nose connectors are particularly suited to attacking to a motorcycle battery and an LED torch is included for emergencies.

Overcharge protection, reverse polarity protection and spark-proof connectors are all featured, making the unit safe.


  • plus iconSmall and rugged
  • plus iconDecent capacity


  • minus icon Not as many charging options as others

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DB Power Portable Jump Starter

This unit has an 18,000 mAh capacity and can deliver up to 800 amps to jump-start your vehicle. The marketing says it can jump-start up to twenty times off a single charge – and they’re accounting for an average-sized car.

All this is a lot more than we necessarily need for motorcycling but the unit is as compact as some of the lower capacity starters on our list.

For adventure/touring riders having a large capacity to charge laptops, phones, and cameras can be important. To this end, a USB port and 8-in-1 laptop/Macbook charging adapter are included.

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Protection against human and mechanical error is as comprehensive as any starter on our list. Crucially, reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection and spark-proof connectors are used.

Of the 8 types of safety feature that a jump-start unit can have, this one features all 8. If you’ve connected it incorrectly, the unit won’t send current.

An LCD, flashlight and compass are mounted on the DB. The compass and flashlight are useful additions for adventure riders and the screen gives a battery readout.


  • plus iconHigh capacity
  • plus iconCan charge almost any domestic vehicle (7.2L petrol engine – 5.5L diesel engine)


  • minus icon Could be overkill for some riders

Buyer’s Guide

Portable Design

This is a pretty big factor for most of us. Motorcycling riding means hard limits the amount of gear we can carry, so if a jump starter needs its own backpack, it’s not really practical for our purposes.

The starters on our list are all designed to fit inside a glove compartment. Though, in some cases, there would be little room for anything else in there!

Lots of portable jump-start solutions also market themselves as portable charging stations for your electronic devices for activities like camping and hiking. This also demands a smaller form factor.

Output Voltage

Motorcycles almost universally use 12v batteries so we need something that can output this voltage at least. Many devices are sold as suitable for charging a variety of larger vehicles and therefore will be able to safely charge your smaller motorcycle battery.

Likewise, a jump starter capable of powering your 12v motorcycle battery will be able to charge smaller devices like laptops, phones and tablets (if the connections are present).


The larger the capacity of your jump starter means more jump-starts and more charges for your electronic devices. How quickly a battery depletes when stored varies from product to product and according to the conditions it’s stored in.

Battery packs are best kept away from sunlight and localised heat if possible.

Built-in Protection

The jump starters on our list use spark-proof connectors and reverse polarity protection to mitigate any risk involved with jump-starting your vehicle. Without these two features, connecting the wrong clamp to the wrong battery post could create problems.

Additional Features

Some of the units on our list go as far as to include compasses on their surface, and others feature hazard lights for night time use in an emergency. Honestly, neither of these two features are really necessary but nor are they utterly pointless.

If you’re out on trails and camping, you can never have enough compasses with you.


All of the jump starters on our list feature at least a USB C connector. Higher-end jump starters include a wider variety of ports and some even 6-in-1 power supply designed to fit the majority of laptops, tablets and cameras.



It makes sense to have one of these under your seat or in a pannier.

They’re inexpensive, whereas a single call out to a recovery service could cost you quite a bit.

The smallest ones on our list will work if you’re trying to keep it as minimalist as possible. And if space isn’t a huge concern, consider a larger unit that can work for cars and other vehicles too.

Note: If you do get caught out without the right tool try these 4 ways to jump start a motorcycle.