Best Motorcycle Leg Bag – Simple, Cheap and Convenient Storage



While most motorcycle jackets include an easy reach pocket for your essentials, many riders prefer to use a leg bag to hold their keys, wallet and phone.

These bags are often waterproof, easy to use with gloved hands and designed with quick access in mind.

Our Top Pick

Held leg bag

Held Leg Bag

Solid, Secure, Good Capacity

A durable, water resistant bag with a fully waterproof inner pocket.

It’s not the cheapest bag on our list, but it is the best. Check Get Geared

Honourable Mention


Waterproof and Durable

The Huntvp Tactical Leg Bag might not be motorcycle specific, but tough 900D polyester and a waterproof lining make it a decent bargain pick for UK riders. Check Amazon

Best Motorcycle Leg Bag Reviews

Lets look at our top options.

Held Leg Bag

This 1 litre bag uses the same fastening mechanism as Oxford’s, with one strap for your waist and another for your leg.

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Held leg bag

It feels comfortable, has a good level of adjustment and sits correctly off the hip when at a full stop.

This bag is listed as water-resistant, and includes a fully waterproof inner pocket. This is definitely a nice touch for UK riders.

Held have opted for a tapered cut, with the widest point at the top.

It certainly looks right with full leathers and a sports bike, and leaves little material to create wind resistance.



  • plus iconLightweight and comfortable
  • plus iconWill fit most
  • plus iconWater-resistant with a waterproof pouch


  • minus icon Not the cheapest option on our list

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Oxford Leg Bag

Oxford’s 1 litre bag fits by placing one strap around your waist and another around your leg. The bag sits in between, anchored to both straps. .

This setup is comfortable, highly adjustable and puts the bag in the correct position when you come to a complete stop and put your feet down.

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Construction feels pretty tough, but the marketing blurb doesn’t mention any waterproofing. Safe to say these are not intended for all-weather use.

Though it’s a one litre bag, its cut makes it feel slightly bulkier.

A solid bag that should fit most riders.


  • plus iconComfortable, adjustable fit
  • plus iconMotorcycle specific (and it shows)


  • minus icon Not waterproof

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Givi Easy-T Leg Bag

Considering this bag only uses one strap around the thigh, it’s surprisingly comfortable and stays in place pretty well.

Bags anchored at two points will always perform a little better in this respect, but Givi have made a comfortable, affordable leg bag with a slim profile.

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Givi leg bag

The size in litres is not listed on this one and it feels smaller than its competition.

There’s no waterproofing here, but the 600D polyester construction means it should last a long time.

It’s also slim enough that you could wear it under your waterproofs. Perfect if you just want to take your phone, wallet and keys.


  • plus iconSlim cut
  • plus iconReflective panels
  • plus iconTrusted Italian bike gear


  • minus icon Not waterproof

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Q Bag Thigh Bag

This lightweight and discreet thigh bag has been designed for sports bike riders who don’t want to mess around with panniers, top boxes or backpacks. As a day bag to fit your phone, wallet and keys, it’s just right.

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Qbag thigh bag

A document pocket is even included for your license and registration (or passport when motorcycle touring).

Though tough and durable, this bag isn’t waterproof.

At the price, it’s a great little bag and a good place to start out if you haven’t used one of these bags before.

One thing to mention: unless you’ve been religious about leg day at the gym, this might slip down when you’re walking. I found it better to take it off and sling over my shoulder when off the bike.


  • plus iconSimple, quality design for easy access


  • minus icon Not waterproof

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Huntvp Tactical Leg Bag

Though this isn’t sold as motorcycle specific kit, for commuters who don’t care too much about bulkiness, it’s ideal.

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It’s a little more square and less aerodynamic than some of the motorcycle gear.

But ample space, 900D polyester and a fully waterproof inner liner mean it performs very well as an alternative to a backpack or panniers.

Both the waist and leg straps are comfortable and adjustable, and the mesh backing on the bag means it’ll stay cool during the brief UK summer.


  • plus iconQuality at this price point
  • plus iconWaterproof inner liner


  • minus icon Bulkier and less aerodynamic than some motorcycle specific options

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Buyer’s Guide


Though the bags with a single thigh strap on our list perform pretty well – if you’re after a bag that will stay up while you’re walking around, get one that also has a waist strap.


The sizes on our list range from the Huntvp (biggest) down to the Q Bag (smallest).

If you’re after something that’s just for grabbing your wallet or phone quickly, go for one of the smaller options.

The Huntvp bag might suit someone who wanted to do away with panniers, backpack and topbox entirely and carry a small but complete kit on their hip.


This is going to be important for most UK riders, so choosing an option with a water resistant outer and a fully waterproof inner makes most sense.

Some people wear a leg bag under their waterproof trousers, in which case slimmer options like the Givi or Q Bag might work best.

Comfort and Fit

This is a tricky one.

Bags with waist straps might feel slightly more intrusive when riding, but at least they stay up when you’re off the bike walking around.

The thigh strap only variety are typically so light and unobtrusive while riding, you barely notice you’re wearing them.

Once walking around though, they slip down and are better taken off.

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A leg bag is a nice option if you want to ride with only the essentials, or you want your license, wallet and keys within easy reach in the riding position.

Either way, they’re an inexpensive piece of equipment that lots of commuters will find handy.