Best Motorcycle Tool Kit (Portable and Workshop Options)



A quality tool kit is a must for any motorcyclist.

From portable kits that will get you back on your bike to fully featured kits for the workshop the choice is enormous.

We’ve picked some of the best options in each category to get you fixed up and back on the road.

Best Workshop Kit

Sealey tool kit

Sealey 97 Piece Tool Kit and Top Chest

Comprehensive, stylish storage

Rugged and robust, these tools will be around for the long term, and won’t let you down when you’re half-way through a custom upgrade.

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Best Travel Tool Kit

Oxford Bike Tool Kit Pro

Lightweight and easily stored

Everything you need for a quick repair – trim, lightweight and easily stowed on the bike. Check Amazon

Best Motorcycle Tool Kit Reviews

Lets jump into our top choices.

Sealey 97 Piece Tool Kit and Top Chest

Sealey tool kit

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We love these iconic tool boxes, which are heavy duty, attractive features for any workshop.

Comes with well made, fully loaded tool kit, suitable for a vast array of projects.


  • plus iconBroad selection of tools
  • plus iconRobust outer casing to keep them protected
  • plus iconHigh quality, built to last
  • plus iconGood value for money


  • minus icon Tools will have to be removed and packed separately for roadside use
  • minus icon Large and heavy

Oxford Tool Kit Pro

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Low priced, basic kit that will fit under most motorcycle seats.


  • plus iconUnder £30, great value for money
  • plus iconTransportable and intended to be stored on your bike
  • plus iconLightweight, weighing a total of 880 grams


  • minus icon Grips are fairly small
  • minus icon Restrictive selection
  • minus icon Susceptible to rust damage if stored with your bike

Black & Decker 77 Piece Tool Accessories Roll Bag

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Travel ready set, with ample tools to cover most frequently seen repair jobs.


  • plus iconPackable with your luggage
  • plus iconPlenty of tools for different repairs
  • plus iconHighly rated by other owners and users


  • minus icon Questionable against wear and tear
  • minus icon Expensive for a travel kit

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Bike It Emergency Tool Kit

Bike it emergency tool kit

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Starter set, for the simple and minor fixes. Very basic with no frills.


  • plus iconCould not cost less, under £10
  • plus iconEnough for the bare essentials
  • plus iconTravel case included


  • minus icon Limited selection
  • minus icon Likely to require other tools added to it in the future

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Bikeservice Motorcycle Master Mechanics Tool Kit

Bike service motorbike tool kit

Check Prices on DemonTweeks

Especially well equipped tool kit, designed for professional use or the serious home mechanic.


  • plus iconWide range of tools
  • plus iconQuality, long lasting kit
  • plus iconProfessional standard
  • plus iconPortable, despite weight


  • minus icon On the heavier side, weighing 15kg
  • minus icon Quite expensive

Halfords Essentials 60 Piece Home and Garage Tool Kit

halfords tool kit

Check Prices on Halfords

Plenty of pieces to get your home and garage repairs done, all for a really competitive price.


  • plus icon60 pieces, more than sufficient for small jobs
  • plus iconVariety in sizes for screwdrivers, sockets and hex keys
  • plus iconCheap in cost, considering the number of components contained
  • plus iconHandy case for storage


  • minus icon May not be as heavy duty as other kits
  • minus icon Not ideal for travelling

Buyers Guide

What Tools Do I Need?

Whether it be for daily professional use or just an occasional emergency repair, there are some essentials you’ll want to have to hand. If it offers all the tools listed below, it will meet the majority of your needs.

  • plus iconPliers
  • plus iconScrewdriver and bit set
  • plus iconAdjustable wrench
  • plus iconSet of hex keys

Other desirable items include cable ties (useful for securing loose parts) and a puncture repair kit

You’ll probably find yourself adding to your collection in the future, but these basics will have the most common repairs covered.



A portable tool kit will have different requirements to a fully featured workshop kit, the key considerations are summarised below.

Portable Motorcycle Tool Kit:

  • Size – It is important that the kit is easy to pack, and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Weight – Keeping the weight to a minimum makes for easier use and storage.
  • Durability – Tools need to be reliable, as they can’t be conveniently replaced.

Home/Workshop Motorcycle Tool Kit:

  • Versatility – More pieces and parts will cover a wider range of projects.
  • Quality – Long lasting and damage proof.


What you’ll get for your money?

Remember – quality is key, and if you scrimp too much you might find yourself shelling out more cash at a later date to replace shoddy kit.

Strong tools are usually built of steel, because it is a tough, wear resistant material. Also look for good warranties and some brands even offer lifetime guarantees, which could mean never having to reach into your pockets again.