Best Motorcycle Trainers and Shoes For UK Riders [2023 Options]



Trainer-style motorcycle shoes are an increasingly popular choice amongst younger riders.

We can see why.

Their lightweight construction and casual looks work off the bike. And by using waterproof membranes and miniaturised armour/padding, this boot style can offer a decent level of protection. 

Top Pick
Alpinestars CR-X Drystar Riding Shoes Alpinestars CR-X Drystar Riding Shoes

Next-Level Comfort - Riding Or Walking

Alpinestars CR-X Drystar shoes use a microfibre construction and carefully engineered sole to offer real walking comfort. They work great on the bike too.

Stylish Pick
TCX Mood Gore-Tex Boots TCX Mood Gore-Tex Boots

Good Value For A Properly Waterproof Shoe

A stylish vintage looking pair of shoes. Fully waterproof and breathable due to their Gore-Tex liner. Very comfortable on and off the bike.

Alpinestars CR-X Drystar Riding Shoes

These lightweight, waterproof shoes are made with a comfortable microfibre construction. This results in a breathable, forgiving feel, even when worn in a snug fit. 

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Flex grooves in the sole help with walking comfort, while a full-length TPU soleplate keeps you protected. Ankle protection comes in the form of a PU foam collar.

An EVA patch in the sole helps with all-day comfort while walking – these are unusually comfortable off the bike. And the non-slip sole is durable.

Alpinestars’ proprietary Drystar membrane provides effective waterproofing while remaining breathable. 

Alpinestars boots are good, as a rule, and these are no exception. If you’re after a pair of motorcycle trainer-style boots with maximum comfort, these are absolutely some of the best on the market. 


  • Super light
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Good protection


  • Fairly expensive

TCX Mood Gore-Tex Boots

These casual-looking trainer-style boots from TCX use a Gore-Tex liner for breathable weather protection.

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The full-grain leather construction means these are supple right out of the box – no break-in period required. 

A lace-up closure system allows for a snug fit but also fits the relaxed aesthetic. 

Reinforcements in the ankle, toe, and heel keep you safer in an accident, and a replaceable, anatomic footbed helps with off-the-bike comfort. 

Trainer-like white rubber on the sole helps with the aesthetic and offers excellent grip. 

These are a premium pair of shoes from TCX and are worth the money. 


  • Excellent build quality
  • Effective Gore-Tex liner


  • Expensive

DXR Jordan Shoes

This affordable pair of waterproof microfibre shoes from DXR is a decent-looking, lightweight option. 

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Using lace-up closure with a hook and loop at the top, it’s easy to get a comfortable fit.

This system also makes it easy to put these on and off quickly – minimum faffing around with laces after the first time. 

A breathable, waterproof membrane protects against the weather, and a high shank protects the ankle.

The DXR Jordan is a low-key-looking pair of shoes with decent features at a low price. 

The microfibre construction feels great, keeps the water out, and looks decent – nice. 


  • Low price
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable


  • Not as much protection as some other options. 

FLM City Leather

This article aimed to highlight some truly casual-looking, trainer-like motorcycle footwear. 

Enter the FLM City Boots, a carefully redesigned take on the Converse company’s classic Chuck Taylor shoe.

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Their distressed cowhide exterior and weathered rubber sole help them to look like a pair of trainers you’ve been wearing for several years. 

These are a good option if you’re hellbent on buying a pair of riding shoes with good camouflage. 

A polyamide membrane takes care of waterproofing with decent breathability. It’s not at the level of Gore-Tex or some other more expensive solutions, but it’ll keep you dry and feel comfortable in all but direct sunshine.

Protection is pretty basic here, with soft ankle protection and the durable cowhide exterior being the extent of it. 

While these are a comfortable pair of trainer boots and will keep you dry, they will wear out quickly if you do a lot of walking around. 

The sole isn’t as robust as the options from Alpinestars and other bigger names. But then again – the price here is significantly lower. 


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof


  • Not especially durable

Alpinestars J6 Waterproof Shoe – Black Gum

Built with lightweight leather and suede, these shoes from Alpinestars look sharp and perform well. 

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Underneath their leather and suede exterior, a waterproof membrane provides 100% effective protection against water penetration (according to their copy). 

And the response from riders is good, too, with many reporting dry feet after riding in heavy, prolonged downpours. 

They’re comfortable, too, with high-grade padded leather on the tongue and collar. 

A replaceable EVA and lycra anatomic footbed also help with comfort. 

The dual-density ankle and heel protectors are effective but don’t feel intrusive, thanks to the padding. 

This motocross boot-inspired protection and the rest of the J6’s construction mean they’re Category 2 CE certified. 

Overall, an excellent, premium pair of trainer-style boots. 


  • Look simple and cool
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Great protection


  • Premium price tag

RST Ladies Urban 2

These CE-certified, full-grain leather women’s shoes from RST are built for comfort. 

A 3D mesh lining increases airflow and reduces the number of contact points between your foot and the liner. This results in very little friction and a relaxed-feeling fit. 

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Triple-density arch support helps with walking while off the bike, and it feels good with your feet on the pegs. 

The tough leather protects with reinforcement in critical areas. 

A memory foam collar also supports and protects the ankle. 


  • Smartly-designed, casual-looking shoe
  • Decent protection
  • Easy to walk in


  • Not waterproof

Buyer’s Guide

What Makes It A Trainer-Style Motorcycle Shoe?

It boils down to aesthetics. When a company makes an effort to disguise the motorcycle-specific elements of their footwear and tries to mimic high street trends in trainer fashion – they’re making this style. 

Alpinestars and Dainese were the pioneers of this trend, realising that some consumers were willing to sacrifice a little protection to lose some bulk. 

Also, see our guide to the best short motorcycle boots.

Is This Style Of Shoe Safe?

Certainly, all the shoes on our list offer much better protection than a normal street shoe. But, generally speaking, larger racing/touring boots provide significantly better protection than the trainer style.


Expect to pay somewhere from 80 to 250 GBP for a riding shoe of this style. The sweet spot is probably somewhere between 100 and 150.

If the product uses Gore-Tex, it’s likely to be more expensive than shoes made with a manufacturer’s proprietary waterproofing. 


The membrane-type solution is most common in motorcycle footwear these days. This type of shoe offers excellent penetration resistance without regular maintenance. Gore-Tex is probably the best-known waterproof material and has good breathability properties.

However, companies that want to use Gore-Tex have to pay a licensing fee. Many manufacturers create their own, cheaper alternative membrane material with varying degrees of effectiveness. 

Also, read our guide to the best waterproof motorcycle boots.


Though not comparable to the level provided by touring/racing boots, motorcycle trainers offer some protection.

The sole and upper are typically made from either high abrasion resistance microfibre or full-grain leather. They’re designed to hold together and protect your feet from coming in contact with the road. 

Some shoes on our list also feature reinforced areas in the heel, toe, and ankle. Padded ankle collars are also designed to offer some protection (though not as effective as armour inserts).

Only the Alpinestars CR-X from our list features a TPU soleplate to offer protection from twisting in a crash. 

Look at our casual motorcycle boots guide for a slightly more robust solution.