Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock For Transport and Maintenance



A good motorcycle chock can help you transport your bike, stash it away for hibernation and free up space in your garage.

Our Top Pick

Ryde Front Chock

Strong, Simple, Versatile

The Ryde Front Chock is solid, sturdy and will keep your bike safe. It can also double up as a stand for light maintenance work. Check Amazon

Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock Reviews

Lets look at our top options.

Ryde Adjustable Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock Stand

This stand from Ryde can be used freestanding or bolted to a floor/trailer.

The wheel cradle can be easily adjusted to support wheels from 17 to 24 inches.

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This chock is well built from heavy duty steel, but it does take up a larger footprint than the others on our list.

Overall an excellent product at the price.


  • plus iconWell built and highly adjustable
  • plus iconWorks well freestanding


  • minus icon Bulky compared to other options

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Sealey FPS7 Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock

The Sealey FPS7 is a front wheel chock with a roll on locking system.

It supports wheel sizes from 15 to 18 inches.

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It’s sturdy enough to be used freestanding and the rubber feet do a decent job of holding it in place.

Wheel size can be quickly adjusted by moving a cotter pin in the wheel cradle.

Sealey have a reputation for quality and this wheel chock doesn’t disappoint.


  • plus iconExcellent build quality
  • plus iconQuick and easy to adjust


  • minus icon There are cheaper options

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Sealey FPS4 Rear Wheel Chock

This another solid piece of kit from Sealey.

The supported wheel sizes from to 14 inches to 21 inches fit snugly and securely.

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It’s sturdy enough for freestanding use and bolts easily to the floor of a trailer or garage.

Not the most adjustable, but durable, well-built and designed.


  • plus iconExcellent build quality


  • minus icon Not very adjustable.

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KTC TEC Front Wheel Chock Stand

A no-frills example of a front chock, this one doesn’t have a stabilisation bar and can’t be used freestanding.

Wheels from 8 to 24 inches can fit thanks to the adjustable wheel cradle.

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For a budget trailer solution this can fit a huge range of wheel sizes – might suit schools/recovery services/mechanics.

Everything is made of 3mm galvanised steel and feels solid.


  • plus iconDecent-quality roll on chock
  • plus iconCan fit the largest range of wheel sizes


  • minus icon Can’t be used freestanding
  • minus icon The Ryde is a better deal

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Qtech Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock

For the price, this is an excellent, adjustable, roll on wheel chock.

It supports wheel sizes from 12 to 19 inches.

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This can be used freestanding, but ships with bolts to anchor it to the ground or a trailer.

Construction feels solid, and the wheel cradle is easily adjusted.


  • plus iconGood price point
  • plus iconWell built


  • minus icon Ryde stand is better.

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Buyer’s Guide

The main reason to invest in a chock is transport.

Off-roaders, dirt bikers and trials riders use a chock bolted to a trailer bed for transporting their bikes to their terrain of choice.

But, having a chock can be a nice option for someone with limited storage space.

Rather than having to lift the bike up onto the centre stand (a struggle for smaller people or those with mobility problems), a chock lets you roll your bike into a secure standing position.

This is also useful for light maintenance work, although a paddock stand is generally a better option for working on your motorbike.

Wheel Size

The chocks on our list are all adjustable, usually inside a three inch range (though some options have a wider range).

Check your manufacturer’s website or owner’s manual to confirm your wheel size. Then make sure it’s supported by the chock you order.

Most bikes will be supported by most chocks. Typically, it’s the narrow tires of some classic bikes that might not fit.

Bike Weight

Once rolled onto the chock, the front wheel can’t turn from side to side, and the wide base of the unit stops any vertical rocking of the bike.

Most chocks will be permanently fixed to a concrete floor or trailer so ensure your fixings are rated for your bike weight. (Note: you will need to buy fixings separately.)

Front Or Rear

Whether you buy a front or rear chock depends on how accessible it will be once installed.

If space is tight, it might be easier to wheel your bike into place with a front chock.


All the motorcycle chocks on our list can be fixed to either a trailer, van or concrete floor, but none ship with the hardware required.

Only those with rubber feet and a stabilization bar (like the Sealey FPS70 or Ryde Adjustable) can be used free standing without being bolted in place.


Only the units with rubber feet and a wide stabilization bar are suitable for freestanding use.

These units are fairly portable and can be carried in and out of your garage for maintenance or motorbike cleaning.

A chock should only ever be used for transportation once it’s been bolted down to your van or trailer.

Chocks on our list range from 4.5kg to 15kg in weight.

Roll On Locking

All the chocks on our list feature a roll on locking system.

An adjustable pivoting wheel cradle directs the bike into position and locks in place, using the bike’s weight.


If you just need a chock to bolt to your can or trailer, you might be happy with the cheaper options on our list.

If you want something that will double up for freestanding use, some of the more premium items will be a better fit.