Richa Everest Textile Jeans Review


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Today we are reviewing Richa Everest Textile Jeans. Hopefully you will find our reviews useful and they will save you time in getting the best product for your needs.  



Lots of trouser for your money

Really stylish, slim-fit look

Waist-adjustment straps

Zips to connect to compatible jackets

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Richa Everest Textile Jeans Review

Richa are a highly respected name in motorcycle gear, for good reason.

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Richa Everest Textile Jeans rear view Richa Everest Textile Jeans detailed view



These stylish trousers have what’s called ‘Taslanised Airdura outer construction’, which makes the material breathable but still fairly waterproof – perfect for year-round riding.

The inner lining is also detachable for summer, and the knee armour is CE-approved, so for not much money you’re getting a great product from an excellent brand.


Good value for money

Slim-fit cut

Straps at the waist allow for fine tuning the fit

Connects to Richa jackets with attached zip


Waterproofing isn’t perfect in heavy rain, particularly around the crotch

Only one pocket, on the right side – not great for lefties

No venting, so summer riding can be warm

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Last Word

Richa Everest Textile Jeans are an excellent product from a very reliable brand.

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