Richa Motorcycle Jacket Showcase: 10 Fantastic Options to Consider



Richa has been making motorcycle-specific gear since 1952. Initially a glove manufacturer, they have since developed into one of the premier names in motorcycle clothing.

Since 2011, they’ve had a license agreement with Gore-Tex and offer a range of clothing using this and other waterproof materials. 

The D30 armour used in Richa gear is known for flexibility and comfort. It’s fairly lightweight too and is often used in entry-level motocross and track racing.

We like Richa for its mid-price range equipment. The higher end of their gear (and even their simple rain overalls) are high quality, but for functional, budget-friendly gear, Richa is a safe bet.

Let’s dive into 10 of our favourite Richa jackets

Richa Atlantic Gore-Tex Jacket

Richa’s Atlantic jacket is a full-fat, feature-complete touring jacket with a price to match its high-end finish.

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Its laminated Gore-Tex construction is about as waterproof as jackets come. 

Richa has included abrasion-resistant Armacor sections on areas of wear and impact. Between these and the rugged feel of the laminated Gore-Tex, this jacket should offer lasting protection. 

The YKK zips, hook-and-loop wrist closure and adjustable waist zipper are similarly well-built. 

Stretch panels help with the fit. In the riding position, these panels allow the jacket to sit naturally without pulling on our arms – super comfortable for long rides.

With a full, removable arm-length thermal liner, the Atlantic will hold up in most weather conditions too.  

D30 armour in the elbows and shoulders completes a comprehensive, year-round touring jacket. 

What We Like…

This is high-grade technical riding equipment – waterproof, breathable, and protective. But it’s understated, slim-fitting, and genuinely cool-looking. 

Richa Rain Warrior Textile Jacket

This one is worthy of inclusion because it’s a low-cost way of staying dry in bad weather. 

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Designed as an over-jacket to be worn on top of other layers, the Rain Warrior is sized slightly large to allow for a textile/leather jacket underneath. 

There’s not a huge amount to say about this one. It’s lightweight, stops the rain from getting in, and is reasonably comfortable.

Some stretchy panels across the waist help with this, as does the generous cut.

This is designed as a unisex item and will fit well over most sets of leathers and textiles 

What We Like…

We like this one because it’s a cheap way to stay dry.

Richa Bonneville Waxed Textile Jacket

Last year’s Bonneville jacket makes the list for its all-around function and classic styling.

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Using high-grade, British, Millerain waxed cotton, a removable liner, and a breathable, waterproof membrane, this jacket will keep you warm and dry in the worst weather.

We like the four large front pockets, snap buttons, and waist belt – lots of storage and not much wind drag thanks to the belt.  

This is a design that hasn’t changed much since the classic era of British motorcycling. 

The corduroy collar and storm flap do a great job of keeping the weather out but can be opened and rolled down for a casual look off the bike. 

CE certified armour in the shoulders and elbows feels well placed and comfortable. A pocket for an optional back armour insert is also included. 

What We Like…

The classic styling but modern function wins us over here. 

Richa Bonneville 2.0 Waxed Textile Jacket

This updated, 2021 version of the Bonneville tones down the retro styling slightly but keeps the same features. 

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It’s also an excellent 4-season riding jacket with a simple, clean look. 

It uses the same, high-end Millerain cotton, removable liner, and waterproof breathable membrane as its previous iteration.

This is a great choice for anyone who likes their gear to look low-key but function at a high level. And it’s also available in a women’s specific cut.

But there’s not much between this and last year’s Bonneville other than looks. If you see the older one on sale and you’re not fussy, grab that. 

What We Like…

The updated looks are a little more contemporary but it’s the same great jacket underneath.

Richa Donnington Classic Leather Jacket

The Donnington jacket from Richa is what many people picture when they hear the words “motorcycle jacket”.

It’s a classic, flight jacket-inspired design that loses the many collars, buttons, and zips of Irving Schott’s early motorcycle jackets for a more streamlined design.

And it fits an effective thermal liner and armour inserts in the elbow and shoulder into its slim outline. 

A connector zip for attaching to Richa jeans is included. 

We lie the little touches like the angled chest pocket and Bentley style stitching on the shoulder panels. 

What We Like…

This is about as classic as motorcycle jackets get – and we like it. 

Richa Scrambler 2 Textile Jacket

Like the Donnington, the Scrambler 2 is a retro-inspired jacket.

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Millerain waxed cotton, brass studs, and Bentley stitched shoulders all help to give this a vintage look. 

But under that retro exterior is a full-featured, modern, technical riding jacket. 

The waxed cotton does a decent job of repelling water on its own. But underneath, a fixed waterproof, breathable membrane stops any water ingress completely. 

A removable thermal layer means this is a year-round option for hardy riders. 

CE certified armour is included in the elbows and shoulders with a pocket for an optional back insert (not included). 

What We Like…

This is another really retro-looking jacket that functions just like the best of the modern age.

Richa Broadway Textile Jacket

This is a comfort-focused jacket with a relaxed fit, surprisingly large storage, and excellent D30 Evo X shoulder and elbow armour. 

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Its softshell construction feels immediately comfortable and the fit is improved by an adjustable, elastic waist. 

This helps the jacket be both comfortable and form-fitting.

A waterproof, Aquashell LTZ membrane keeps the rain out entirely and a neoprene collar locks in the warmth. 

This isn’t a 4 season solution. But it is a great urban style jacket for warmer weather. 

What We Like…

Lightweight, waterproof jackets like this are rarely styled so subtly. 

Richa Cyclone Gore-Tex Jacket

The Cyclone from Richa is very much a single jacket for all seasons solution. 

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Its ultra-breathable, Gore-Tex lining will keep you dry while the abrasion-resistant outer layer and D30 armour will keep you out of contact with the road. 

Unlike many jackets on our list, the Cyclone includes armour in the back as standard. 

One of the main features here is the level of customization. 

Adjustable tabs at the waist and hem ensure a good fit when riding and when off your bike. The sleeves also cinch down to reduce drag and find a perfect fit. 

As a one purchase solution, this works well. 

In summer, the breathable material will keep you comfortable and in winter the removable thermal liner will keep you toasty. Recommended. 

What We Like…

We like that this one has premium materials for waterproofing and protection but is relatively budget-friendly.

Richa Madison Gore-Tex Jacket

Richa Madison Gore-Tex Jacket

Editors Note: This jacket is discontinued.

The Madison is a pretty classic, utilitarian Gore-Tex, textile motorcycle jacket. 

Designed with commuters in mind, it has plenty of pockets, a removable thermal liner, and comes with D30 armour installed in the elbows, shoulders, and back. 

The understated black look contains 3M reflective details for safety

The YKK zips are used throughout and a 360-degree connection zip to Richa jeans feels sturdy. 

A belt allows you to cinch in the waist for better aero.

What We Like…

We like the mix of classic and contemporary styling with this one.

Richa Touareg 2 Textile Jacket

The Toureg is a textile adventure jacket for all seasons. 

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A high-denier polyester shell offers great abrasion resistance and the jacket features both removable thermal and waterproof liner.

This allows the jacket to quickly adapt to changeable conditions – useful for adventure gear.

CE approved armour ships installed in the shoulder, elbow, and back, as standard – also a useful feature for adventure riding wear. 

This could also make a good jacket for commuting. Plenty of vents, reflective details, and lots of easy-to-reach pockets make it useful for riding all around. 

And it looks pretty cool too. 

What We Like…

This is a full-featured adventure jacket with excellent armour.