RST Tractech Evo 2 Jeans Review

Knee protection on trousers

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Today we are reviewing the Tractech Evo 2 Jeans from RST. Hopefully you will find our reviews useful and they will save you time in getting the best product for your needs.  



Fantastic cut, perfect for riders of all sizes

High quality armour

High quality leather

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RST Tractech Evo 2 Jeans Review

RST are a very race-friendly brand, so if you’re likely to do more spirited riding, they could be the best brand to aim for.

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RST Trousers


These jeans, although designed as part of a two-piece set, are perfectly fine to wear by themselves, and are a blend of leather, denim and textiles for a super-secure pair of trousers.

Part leather, part denim, and have masses of knee protection – they’re the closest to full leather trousers on the list.

In terms of aesthetics the knee armour is on the outside, making these the most obviously ‘motorcycle’ trousers of the bunch.


Really great fit, perfect for riders of all sizes

‘Knee slider’ style knee armour looks the business and works perfectly

Leather quality far above average


A little tight around the thighs and knees until they give after a few wears

On the expensive side

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Last Word

High quality materials in all areas, a great fit and top class protection. These trousers will give you years of service and should pay for themselves many times over.

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