Sena 10S Bluetooth Headset Review: An Impressive Package

Last Updated: 29th July 2021

Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets have been around a while and are an essential part of the touring/adventure experience.

With the rise of the smartphone, lots of riders have also started pairing a headset to their device for music, navigation and hands-free calls.

Bottom Line Up Front

sena sm10 motorcycle intercom

Sena 10S Intercom

Quality Entry Level Headset

The Sena 10S is a quality piece of kit and a perfect jumping-off point for a first-time Bluetooth headset buyer.

Its simple Bluetooth pairing mode makes it a solid choice for smartphone connectivity too. Check AmazonCheck SportsBikeShop

What’s In The Box?

Sena 10s diagram

The 10S ships with the comms unit (with integrated clamp), two wired, detachable speakers, a wired mic, a wired boom mic and a range of 3M adhesive pads to fix things in position.

Installation and Mounting

Size and weight

Sena 10s side view
Slim profile aids aerodynamics.

The 10S has a slim enough profile that you shouldn’t notice any buffeting or noise from the wind.

That said – if you’re looking for the lowest profile unit possible look at Sena’s ‘U’ series or one of their fully internal, cheek-mounted units.

At 58g, it doesn’t add any appreciable weight to the helmet

Look and feel

The 10S unit doesn’t interfere too much with the overall look of your helmet by mounting neatly on the bottom edge on the left side.

It’s operated with a central button and a wheel setup.

Turning the wheel skips music forward/backward and the button serves as pause/play in addition to answering calls.

The control wheel and button were redesigned in 2015 in favour of the current chunkier design.

This suits UK riders as it’s easy to operate with gloved hands.

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Helmet compatibility

From what we can tell this will fit the overwhelming majority of helmets from all major manufacturers.

Just check that your helmet has speaker cut-outs.

The 10S’ speakers are low profile and fit any newer helmet design.

A wired mic for the inside of full-face helmets and a wired boom mic for the outside of open-face helmets are included.

What mounts are supplied?

Don’t be overwhelmed when you open the box – all of the various 3M adhesive stickers and other bits are there so you have loads of options.

The main unit has a built-in clamp that tightens down onto the shell of your helmet.

The speakers are connected from there, and most people will run the cable behind the cheek pads and hold them in place with small adhesive pads provided.

Two types of mic are included along with a range of adhesive pads that allow you to position your mic in a variety of places.

The video below gives a good overview of the mounting hardware supplied with the headset.

Headset Controls 

Sena controls view

This is one feature that Sena reviewed a few years ago after rider feedback and really got right.

The button and wheel have a crisp, tactile feel and work great with or without gloves.

Sena App

Sena app

So this is a win.

The app is intuitive, laying out all the functions and basic settings in a clear, easy-to-use format.

In most cases, functions are simply set to on or off through the main menu.

Navigating the advanced functions in the app is also pretty straightforward.

It might not win any designs for its presentation, but it’s decent and easy to get started.

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Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing is the same as any other type of domestic Bluetooth device you’ve used.

Hold down the phone button until you hear the ‘Phone Pairing’ voice prompt then select the headset in the Bluetooth settings on your phone.

After you’ve done this once, your phone will connect to the headset every time you turn it on.

A simple button press on the unit answers and ends phone calls.


If you’d rather connect to a GPS unit for navigation and your phone for audio – the 10S has you covered.

This time, hold down the button until you hear the prompt ‘Intercom Pairing’ then double-tap the button.

Your device should be available to your GPS now in its Bluetooth settings. (See our guide to the best motorcycle GPS.)

Sound Quality

The voice quality is really good at this price, and the surprisingly decent noise-canceling means conversation is actually possible.

Connecting to other Sena devices will get you the highest quality, lowest latency speaking experience.

But Universal Bluetooth is supported, so you can connect to other brands with some limitations on functionality.


Sena 10s - contents of box

The 10S supports wireless connection up to one mile.

It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and makes communicating with fellow riders simple.

We assume this is tested in pretty flat conditions, as changes in elevation could really affect this distance.

Either way, a mile is pretty good, and this device has been thoroughly field-tested by touring bikers worldwide.

The Sena 10s allows up to four riders to connect over Bluetooth.

Battery time and Charging

The 10S will give you twelve hours of talk-time per three-hour charge.

Standby time is about 10 days


The unit is listed as weather resistant – which means anything other than total immersion in water should be OK.

If it weren’t OK to use in the rain, the company wouldn’t have a presence in the UK.

Additional Features


An FM radio is included for any who might want it.

The wheel doubles up as a tuner in this case.

Listen to music

The noise-canceling speakers are quite nice, but as we mentioned at the top, the auxiliary port means you can plug in any earbuds or speakers you want.

This could be a good option for someone who really likes music on their commute.


I think this hits a pretty nice sweet spot between budget and quality.

All the features are there, the app is simple to use – and the unit is solid and easy to install.

Check Prices

sena sm10 motorcycle intercom

Sena 10S Intercom

Quality Entry Level Headset

The Sena 10S is a quality piece of kit and a perfect jumping-off point for a first-time Bluetooth headset buyer.

Its simple Bluetooth pairing mode makes it a solid choice for smartphone connectivity too. Check AmazonCheck SportsBikeShop

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