Sinnis Motorcycles Review: Range, Reliability and Cost



Sinnis are another manufacturer of western-designed, Chinese-manufactured, smaller displacement bikes.

Other brands like Mash, Bullit, and WK operate in a similar niche. We’ve covered them all in previous articles:

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Sinnis Background – Who Are They?

In the case of Sinnis, their headquarters are in Brighton, but manufacturing is carried out at partner factories in China.

Like always – don’t let this put you off.

The days of sketchy, untraceable, hard-to-source-parts-for Chinese bikes are over. The factories Sinnis use also manufacture parts for more recognizable names like Suzuki, Yamaha, and Piaggio, to name a few. 

Are They Reliable?

These are fairly low-tuned machines, built with commuting and minimal maintenance in mind. While we can’t give you the ten-year report on these new machines, we are confident that they are built with longevity in mind.

SInnis bikes are also hand-finished in the UK, according to the manufacturer’s copy.

While we can’t say exactly what this means, it’s clear these machines have had a thorough pre-delivery inspection by someone who knows what they’re about.

Sometimes, import bikes can have loose nuts or poorly calibrated components right from the start. Not the case here. 

The Sinnis Range


Outlaw 125cc

Max Power: 7.8Kw @ 8500rpm
Max Torque: 9NM @ 6500rpm
Engine Type: Single Cylinder
Engine Stroke: 4 stroke

The Outlaw is a pure street cruiser with a lean, low-to-the-ground, lightweight frame. Its 125cc engine feels lively, pushing the bike’s 141kg on its chunky rear wheel. 

Handling is a highlight here. The classic, telescopic front fork and twin-shock rear feel tight and responsive – perfect for city riding and commuting. 

A relaxed riding position, wide, low bars, and forward footpegs also contribute to the smooth, satisfying ride. 

We like the instruments. They look like classic dials but use an LCD panel to give you more information than a traditional speedometer. 

This is a fun option for a 125cc. There aren’t many factory stock, cruiser-style 125cc bikes that can deliver a street bike feeling with such a small displacement. 

This one feels good. 

T125 – TERRAIN 2021


Max Power: 9.5Kw / 12.7bhp @ 9500rpm
Max Torque: 10.5NM @ 7500rpm
Engine Type: Single Cylinder
Engine Stroke: 4 stroke

Adventure bikes are also frequently underrepresented in the smaller displacement categories. 

But the T125 feels like a full-on adventure bike.

With some influence from classic BMW designs, it boasts side luggage and full chassis protection without feeling overly bulky or unwieldy.

With 66.5 litres of luggage and a 14-litre tank, this is a very capable touring machine. 

125 cc might seem like a very small bike for tours. But this is lively enough with decent power delivery, and it feels smooth and capable – even at higher speeds. 

A built-in USB port allows you to charge a phone or hook up a navigation unit for serious adventure riding.

The side luggage that comes as standard with the bike is a nice touch. 

The boxes are sturdy, waterproof, and look smart installed. 


Terrain 380

Max Power: 36.5bhp
Engine: Parallel Twin with SOHC eight-valve
Engine Stroke: 4-stroke
Engine Cooling: Liquid-Cooled
Displacement: 380cc

Using the same lines and geometry as the T125, the Terrain 389cc is a more powerful, adventure-capable machine than its smaller cousin. 

And with a power output of 36.4bhp, it’s also A2 compliant

This is a very capable adventure machine. Its liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine will pull you up the harshest, muddiest tracks you can throw at it but also feels good on the road. 

The chassis protection offered by the crash bars here is also exceptional for a factory-stock configuration. 

The sump, engine, and fairings are all protected from drops by sturdy guard rails. 

The optional luggage set (105 litres of storage!) is wrapped by reinforced rails to protect your valuables in a crash or drop. 

Note: this luggage set is purchased as an optional extra.

HOODLUM 125CC 2021

Hoodlum 125cc

Max Power: 7.0Kw / 9.4bhp @ 8500rpm
Max Torque: 9NM @ 7500rpm
Engine Stroke: 4 stroke
Engine Type: Single Cylinder
Displacement: 125cc (124.6cm3)

The 2021 Hoodlum has been upgraded to Euro 5 emissions standard and is a surprisingly comfortable urban commuter. 

A classic, clean aesthetic with a low seat and relaxed riding position make this a lot of fun on open, country roads and city streets.

The power delivery from its 125cc engine feels smooth with some bottom-end torque.

An inexpensive, synthetic leather pannier set is available as an optional extra, and it certainly suits the bike’s look. 

The performance exhaust from Toro will get you some extra grunt and a mighty, thunderous sound if bought as an optional add-on. 

But none of that stuff is required. 

The stock version of this bike is a fun, nimble commuter with a little pinch of chopper/cruiser DNA.


Encanto 50cc

Max Power: 2.1Kw @ 7500rpm
Engine Cooling: Air-Cooled
Gear Type: Automatic
Displacement: 49.6cc

When scooter manufacturers are short on design ideas, they always fall back on the classics. 

We’ve seen the Piaggio-inspired outline of the Encanto hundreds of times. 

And it still looks good. Why mess with the classics, right? 

This is an economical, super lightweight urban commuter, built with city streets, traffic, and lots of starting and stopping in mind. 

With decent storage and 120mpg, it delivers a lot for a 50cc scooter

Its compact body, 10” wheels, and upright riding position make for responsive, easy to master handling. 

This machine will cut through traffic at intersections and lights with ease. 

Lightweight, economical, and with a simple classic look – what’s not to like? 


Twist 50cc

Max Power: 2.1Kw @ 7500rpm
Engine Cooling: Air-Cooled
Gear Type: Automatic
Displacement: 49.6cc

A sportier machine than the Encanto, the Twist features more aerodynamic fairing and a more aggressive look. This addition also helps to keep the wind and rain off you as you ride.

The matte, graphite paint, bright LEDs, and neon racing strip give this a distinct Bladerunner feel that will immediately attract some riders. 

The chassis is compact and agile but doesn’t have a huge amount of storage space. 

It’s not shockingly small or anything. You’ll fit a few essentials and can also use the footwell to carry stuff. 

And with about 100mpg, this is an economical option for a student or young person on a budget. 


Shuttle 125cc

Max Power: 6.0Kw / 8.0bhp
Engine Cooling: Air-Cooled
Engine Type: Single Cylinder
Engine Stroke: 4 stroke

The Shuttle is a larger, more powerful, full-fat commuting scooter. 

Its sporty looks are at home in the city, but there’s decent storage and comfortable riding here too. 

A front glove box, under-seat storage, and dedicated phone holder go a long way to help you carry your stuff. 

The integrated USB port and dedicated phone charging station are both nice touches.


Connect 125cc

Max Power: 7.2kW @ 8000rpm
Gear Type:
Engine Capacity:
Engine Cooling:

The Connect goes for a fairly neutral look and feel.

It’s aimed at riders who want a practical, reliable urban commuter without the spaceship aesthetic. 

We think it pulls it off well.  

The Connect looks and feels like a functional, well-tested design using lines and curves from east-Asian classics like the Honda Wave. 

The riding position and handling are immediately comfortable and will feel familiar to anyone who’s ridden a scooter in the last twenty years. 

There’s more storage here than the other models, and the LCD panel is a nice, premium touch.  

This is a solid scooter with an understated look. 


Hero X 125cc

The Hero-X is a rugged-looking machine, partially inspired by Yamaha’s incredibly popular (in Asia) BWS series. 

And like that series of scooters, these have been made for easy customisation with lots of aftermarket parts in many colours available.

If that’s not enough to convince you that this is aimed at the youth market, the product copy tells us the storage can fit a laptop and full-size helmet – student essentials. 

In reality, this is a solid commuter for anyone. 

It’ll do over 55mph and gets there smoothly and without any shakes or wobbles.

The riding position is comfortable, with well thought out handlebars and instrument clusters.

More Information

Check out all models on Sinnis Motorcycles.

All images via Sinnis motorcycles.