TCX Hero Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Review



Today we are reviewing the TCX Hero Motorcycle Boots. Hopefully you will find our reviews useful and they will save you time in getting the best product for your needs.  


plus iconFull grain vintage leather – they look good!

plus iconWaterproof lining

plus iconReinforced toe and heel 

plus iconClosed, waterproof lacing system

plus iconWear-resistant rubber sole with a classic look

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TCX Hero Motorcycle Boots Review

A classic and stylish-looking waterproof riding boot for both on and off the bike.

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tcx hero - front view

tcx hero - side view

This very fashionable footwear will be of particular interest to riders not wishing to carry spare walking shoes.

They are particularly well-made and incorporate all the important protective components while still retaining their looks.

Comfortable straight out the box. these boots are exceptionally well rated by users with almost 100% five star reviews on SportsbikeShop.


plus iconSoft and supple leather

plus iconWaterproof

plus iconSole offers superior grip

plus iconLace, zip and Velcro fastening system

plus iconIncorporates shift pad


minus iconExpensive due to quality materials and moulding process

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Last Word

Protection, waterproofing and style combined in the best casual boot on the market.

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