The Instrument Panel

Last Updated: 25th August 2020

CBT Element B Motorcycle Instrument Panel

Not every bike is the same. Some motorcycles may not have all the controls in the illustration, and some may have other controls such as a fuel gauge, ignition switch or temperature gauge.

1. Speedometer

This shows the speed the vehicle is travelling in miles per hour and kilometres per hour.

2. Mileometer (Odometer)

This is usually situated within the speedometer. It records the total distance the bike has been ridden since manufacture.

3. Trip meter

Also usually housed within the speedometer. It may be set to zero to record the distance on each trip.

4. Ignition lamp

This light comes on when you switch on the ignition. It should go out when the engine is running. If it doesn’t this shows a problem with the battery charging system.

5. Neutral lamp

This light glows to tell you that the gear selector is in the neutral position.

6. Rev counter (Tachometer)

This shows the engine speed in revolutions per minute (r.p.m.)

7. Indicator repeater

This tells you that your indicators are in use. Use it to check if you’ve cancelled a signal.

8. High beam lamp

This indicates when your headlamp is on high beam.

9. Oil pressure lamp

This light warns you of low oil pressure. If it comes on when the engine is running you may have a serious problem. Stop the engine immediately and investigate the cause.

10.Ignition switch

This switch is operated by the ignition key. There are three main positions – off, on and lock. In the ‘lock’ position the steering is locked to help prevent theft.

11.Temperature gauge

This is fitted to motorcycles with liquid-cooled engines. It shows the coolant temperature and warns if the engine is overheating.

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