The CBT Certificate (dl196)

Last Updated: 13th October 2021

When you’ve satisfactorily completed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course you’ll be given a “Certificate of Completion of an Approved Training Course for Motor Vehicles in Categories A and AM” or DL196 for short.

  • Category A is for motorcycles, and category AM is for mopeds.
  • The DL196 validates the provisional motorcycle and/or moped entitlement on your driving licence.
  • With the DL196 and your provisional licence you’re now licensed to ride on the road with L plates (D plates in Wales) and to practice for your motorcycle or moped test.
  • When you attend a motorcycle or moped test present the DL196 to your driving examiner. If you don’t take it with you your test will be cancelled and you’ll lose your fee.
  • The certificate has a 2 year life. If you don’t pass both your theory and practical tests within that time you’ll have to take your CBT again.
  • The certificate has name, address, driver number (so is not transferable), date of issue and a hologram to help prevent fraud.
  • The other details include the instructor’s name and certificate number, and the address and reference of the training body.
CBT certificate
The certificate.