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Click Here for the Hazard Perception Test and Practical Tests (Modules 1 and 2)


Before taking your practical tests, you will have to take and pass the motorcycle theory and hazard perception tests. You can take your theory test before your CBT but most people wait until after.


The theory test will gauge your knowledge and understanding of riding theory. A sound knowledge of the theory is essential to a better understanding of practical riding skills.


All provisional driving licence-holders will have to pass the theory test before a booking for a practical test will be accepted.


Theory test sessions are available during weekdays, evenings and on Saturdays.

Only book your test via the governments official booking service – it is free, unofficial booking websites will charge you a fee – Official Booking Service

A test appointment will normally be available for you within about two weeks. Find your nearest test centre.

When you attend your theory test you’ll have to show photographic evidence of your identity as well as your driving licence. The only acceptable documents for this purpose are:

  • Photocard driving licence
  • Old-style paper driving licence and current signed passport

The test will cost £23


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Motorcycle Theory Test

The 57 minute test, taken under exam conditions, consists of multiple choice questions. Most questions ask you to identify the correct answer from a choice of four or five possible options. There will also be some multiple response questions that will ask you to select several answers from five or more options. Some questions will contain pictures of road signs or road situations.

To pass the test you will need to answer at least 43 out of 50 questions correctly. You will take the test using a computer screen. You will select your answers by simply touching the area of the screen that shows the answer of your choice.

No previous computer experience is required. You will have up to 15 minutes to get used to the system before starting your test. There will be staff available to help if required.

The screens are easy to read and only one question will appear on the screen at the time. You will be able to move forwards or backwards through the questions at any time to look at the questions again to complete or to alter your answer. The new system will inform you if you have not completed your answer fully.

At the end of the test your answers will be calculated and you will be given your test result.


If you fail on your first attempt, don’t worry – about 50% of candidates fail their first theory test. There is no limit on the number of times the theory test can be taken, however you must wait 3 days before taking a failed test again.


Additional Resources


The Complete Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception Tests 2015 Edition

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  • The latest DVSA revision questions for motorcyclists
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  • high definition mock hazard perception test
  • the official highway code



For examples of some typical questions click HERE.

For information on the procedure for the Theory Test watch the DVSA video How to Pass the Theory Test.



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