These comments from advertising customers are absolutely genuine and unsolicited.

Phoenix Training Services
please leave everything as it is, we know they work for us.

Bowlee Motorcycle Training, Middleton

Advanced Riding Techniques Ltd, Crawley, West Sussex
Thank you for your email, yes please we would like to go ahead & book another year. We do get traffic through Begin-Motorcycling, our analytics show this, but as usual when we ask people they just say we found you on the internet! But none the less Begin always ranks higher than other “search engines” especially the “free ride” sites….

A Class Motorcycle Training, Gwynedd
Your help and advertisement over the last eight years has been second to none.

Motorcycle Training School, Lisburn
As I am retiring from the training industry end of this July, unfortunately there will not be a requirement to renew again. Many thanks for all the past years and the many customers who have clicked on my web site through begin motorcycling.

Alan John Training, Chichester
I have had a great response from advertising in your web site.

Eastside Riders and Westside Riders, London and Gloucester
We would like to carry on as before please. Very happy with the service.

Advanced Riding Techniques Ltd, Crawley
Having checked our Google Analytics today you will be pleased to hear your page ranks as place seven, well above any other form of paid internet advertising.
and Begin motorcycling is by far the most cost effective paid for web advertising that we use, the number of serious customers that contact us by far out strips even get on which has had over 4 million pounds “wasted” on it in the last 3 years!!

Sutton Motorcycle Training, Surrey
We have noticed a good amount of traffic from your website and would like to continue with your service

MC Training, Emsworth
Its working well the callers mention your website.

South West Rider Training, Penzance
Its a massive YES!, Iv had a good few enquiries comming from your site.
and a year later
Please could you invoice me for the £**. I have had a good few responses from your site.

AJH Motorcycle Training, Redhill, Surrey
That`s a big yes to another year- can`t thank you enough as i have had many responses to my ad on your site ,which has been a huge help in my first year out on my own.

Shireoak Motorcycle Training, Walsall
Very pleased with the advert and have loads of recommendations from yourself.

National Rider Training, Lichfield
Love your site and get loads of work from and your right , the cost is well worth it.

Just Ride Away, Cardiff
Due to having to take a year out i will not be advertising this year. Please contact me next year and as i might be able to advertise then. Thank you very much for a good advertising site, it has been well worth it and if you need any recomendation i will gladly do it for you.

National Rider Training, Fareham
Your site has proved invaluable so £** is a small price to pay so its a big YES from me. I don’t have exact figures to the number of calls i’ve had via your site but we always ask ‘where did you get our number’ and a high percentage was from your web site

Art Rider Training, Basildon, Essex
We have indeed had noticeable results from your website and am very happy to go ahead for next year – may I just add that you provide a very efficient and highly valuable service that I would recommend for anyone in this industry. Your website is simple yet highly effective to use

Exceptional Rider Training, Luton, Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead and Watford
We have been more than delighted with the ad’s on begin motorcycling. We always ask where they founds us and at least 3 – 5 a day will say Begin Motorcycling.

PRT Motorcycle Training, Letchworth
Yes we are extremely pleased with the advert and the response and would like to continue advertising with you for the following year

Mayhem Motorcycle Training, Bridlington and Scarborough
We are very happy with your service and would like to continue for another year.

Academy of Safe Motorcycling, Bournemouth, Poole and New Milton
I will gladly pay for all of my current advertising to be renewed. I have had an excellent response from your site and I know that the customers are coming from you as I always ask them where they found my training school. Please feel free to send me the invoice and I look forward to writing you a well deserved cheque!
and a year later
Happy to go again with you, very good value for money and you don’t pester me like the other directory sites, great stuff

TMC Rider Training, Wirral, Cheshire
Many thanks for the advert, it’s been a great help to our business.

Oldham Motorcycle School, Greater Manchester
Yes, please run our ad another 12 months. We have noticed, and had a good response from the begin-motorcycling web site and the majority of people using us find their way to us using your site.

Open Road Motorcycle Training, Redditch, Birmingham and Bromsgrove
I am extremely pleased with the service you provide

Focus Rider Training, Bolton
We have had a good response from your website and would therefore like to pay for the year.

Volomoto, Ormskirk, Lancs
Judging from my Google Analytics and the results from your referrals I would most certainly like to go ahead and place the advert for the whole year. Yours has worked out as the most cost effective advertising I have (or will be) spent on.
and a year later
I would like to continue the advert, it’s been quite productive for me — much better than any other advertising I have done in the past.

Superbikes Manchester
Yes I’m in, your one of the few companies that I bother with now.

Electric Start Motorcycle Training, Warwickshire
In the last 2 years I have had tremendous success by using your site. I conduct a survey of all my clients and I would estimate that around 30% are using me because of you

1st Class Rider Training, Cardiff
Yes please. I’ve had quite a few who have said they found me on your site.

Future Bikes Motorcycle Training, Birmingham
This is a great site for advertising, we have had a lot of referrals since commencing our advertising with you.

Open Road Rider Training, Shropshire
Yes, definately carry on with the advert. The response has been pretty impressive. I have links via the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency website, my own site and one other link but none give such a good return as yours. I would say that 8 out 10 replies come via your site.

Craft Motorcycle Training, Norwich
Yes please,send the invoice as we have had several enquiries from the ad.

Exceptional Rider Training, Hemel Hempstead, Aylesbury, Luton and Watford
I placed an advert with you on your web site and had a great response. 3 DAS courses worth £700.00 in the first week…..thank you.

Alpha Rider Training, Grantham
HI roger YES PLEASE ! i think your advert is the best one on the web

Pro-Scot Ltd, Kirkcaldy, Fife
We would be extremely happy to pay for our advert on your site, as it is a great way of bring business to us. We have Google stats package with our website and we can clearly see the amount of business that has come from you.

Fresh Start Motorcycle Training, Leigh, Greater Manchester
ps i like you also to know your web site works ppl do tell me that they are from your web site

Dynamec, Worcester
I am more than happy to go with you for a year, as its all win win in my book. So YES it is.

North West Motorcycles & Scooters, Burnley, Lancs
The hits through to our website from yours are fantastic.

TMC Rider Training, Wirral, Merseyside
we would like the advert to remain on your site as it has brought in some revenue for us

2 Wheel Motorcycle Training School, Mansfield, Notts
Yes Please. Worth Every Penny. JUST SEND ME THE BILL!

Bike Smart, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
I am very happy with the results of the Begin Motorcycling site, please renew my advert.

Bike2Bike Motorcycle Training, Newbury, Berkshire
Another succesful year with advertising through your site. Will be please to re advertise with you again.

First Gear Motorcycle Training, Wolverhampton
The answer is most certainly yes, we would like to continue with our advertising on your excellent site. We have noticed that the vast majority of our internet customers do mention yourself in their enquiries, and suspect that quite a lot of other customers have found us via your site. We believe that our advertising with you is the best value we get for the amount we pay.

Open Road Motorcycle Training, Redditch and Birmingham
Thankyou for your time and effort and superb advertising as your website has supplied us with pleny of business

Ride Safe, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset
I am pleased to be able to confirm several enquiries received through your website

Academy of Safe Motorcycling, Bournemouth, Dorset
I would like to thank you for the opportunity of using your site to advertise my training services. My turnover has almost doubled due to my presence on your site and I have had lots of interest besides that which I have converted to business which shows that it is a highly effective form of advertising. I will gladly stay with you next year also. For comparison purposes I have only had five contacts through Yellow Pages which has cost me ten times the amount of money I have been asked for by yourself.

The Internet Bike Shop
The answer is yes, we strongly believe in sites such as yours as having influence with real bikers.

Charlie’s Motorcycles, West Yorkshire
Thanks the advert works very well

Ridesafe Professional Rider Training, Carrickfergus
hi,i recently placed an ad on your site!we are still on two month trial,however i would just like to take this opportunity to express how pleased we are with the results we are getting from the ad……..honestly new pupils are comming at us sometimes 3 per day!!!unbelievable……..we are absolutely delighted!!!!!!! we look forward to placing our ad for the year………please do not hesitate to contact us when payment is due…………we have an ad on yell.com the results from this are useless…….approximately one new pupil every 2-3months…..and very expensive to maintain!!!
very many thanks roger,thanks mainly to your site,we are completely snowed under with work at this time……..i have nothing negative to say regarding our ad with you…….many thanks again

Somerset Direct Motorcycle Training
Yes I would like to keep the advert in for both the areas, I agree I get a lot of my business from your site.

2112 Bike Training, Aberdeen
I will be renewing my advert for another year, The custom I receive from the website far outways the subscription fee.

Complete Rider Training, Watford
Begin-Motorcycling has been an absolute triumph having us listed on your website. Our business has increased by at least a third. We have also noticed how much of a pleasure it is to actually contact you. Unlike other companies you were quick to alter our details and it is greatly appreciated.

Faversham Motorcycle Training, Kent
I have to say that the begin motorcycling web site is an integral part of my business so yes I would love to renew my add

GETaGRIP Ltd, East Yorkshire
That’s a definite “YES” please………Great work and a great site, keep it up!

Hamilton Motorcycle Services, Lanarkshire
Hi Roger. Yes 100% want to join you for another year. Send me the bill. I still think what you are charging is fantastic for what we are getting. You should charge more!!! Dont tell anyone i said that.HA HA. Thank you for a great service.

Cameron Bike Training, Stirling
Yes please would like to renew my advert with you. the response I have had has been great and I’m more than pleased.

RoadRider School of Motorcycling, Ashton under Lyne
YES! Weve had a brilliant response from your web-site. It’s been a great help to our new business.

TT Bike Training, Powys
Yes, please invoice us for the next year. We’ve had several responses, some of which have turned into customers.

M & D Training
Have had good response through your site so very happy!

Mid Kent Motorcycle Training
Yes, definitely Yes!

Somerset Direct Motorcycle Training
Yes I would like to stay on Begin Motorcycling for a another year. I have had response from your Site and I’m very pleased with the results.

Ride-Right, Cramlington, Northumberland
A big thank-you from myself at Right-Right.co.uk up here in Newcastle, since ive started advertising will yourself my bookings have shot up, this is all down to you, just send me the bill will it is due mate, (MONEY WELL SPENT)

Dear Roger wow!!!! yes please, we do monitor the enquiries and have been very pleased with your site.

BikeRite, Glasgow
Please keep advert going. Have had an excellent response from your site with an extremely high conversion ratio from leads! Makes advert easily best return for marketing investment around.

Up A Level Rider Training, Grantham, Lincs
My answer is yes to a further year of advertising. I have certainly received some customers from your website so it must be good value for money.

Assured Rider Training, Southampton
I’ve had consistent response from your site. Happy to continue.

A2Z Rider Training, Islington, London
I would like to mention of the great response of callers from our advert placed on your site, we are very pleased.

Greenlight Rider Training, Croston, Lancs
Many thanks for getting me into the rankings for motorcycle training as you can see my web pages have hit quite a lot of number one slots in all the major search engines thanks to you giving it a healthy kickstart.

Choice Driver and Rider and Training, Co Down
your web site appears to be generating a lot of hits and i have confirmed that 4 pupils so far have came via your site

Dexterity Motorcycle Training, Kent
We are very pleased with the response we’ve had. Begin-Motorcycling is currently our top URL Referrer.

Gekerella Imports, Cheshire
I am interested in keeping the advert on. I have had a few enquiries through the advert and it is good value for money.

Kickstart Motorcycle Training, Bristol
yes, please send us an invoice, very happy with the service

Ultimate Rider Training, Ashford, Surrey
Yes please Roger …. I have had a good response from your site and i thankyou for that… I await your invoice with a smile…..
and a year later
A definate YES from me …… Thanks again your website has proved invaluable.

1st Bike, West Lothian
Yes we would like to continue with our advert with you. We have had loads of enquiries generated from your site thank you.

Tarmac Training, Mansfield, Notts
Extremely happy with Begin Motorcycling site it’s brought me in a lot of work.

2112 Motorcycle Training, Aberdeen
Yes i would like to keep the Aberdeen advertisement going, as usual send me an invoice for the £** well worth it in my book.

Ipswich Rider Training
Yes please Roger, please continue, we have had plenty of bookings from your website!!

Evolution Motorcycle Training, Essex
Our response from your site has been fantastic;its given us the most important lift a new business needs and we cannot sing the site’s praises enough.

YES PLEASE very pleased with the responses I had.Would like to continue with the ad

Two Wheel training Mansfield Notts
yes yes yes to your site. please do include me for the comng year. lots of enquiries and customers from your website. many thanks for your excellent work.

Bristol Motorcycle Training Centre
Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the begin motorcycling web site and the ad which we placed with you recently. My girls in the office are well impressed. This time last year I had a job to get them near the office computer but now there is no holding them. Every enquiry Bristol Motorcycle Training Centre receives is recorded with “how did you hear about us” detailed and the girls probe to ascertain web sources. We went to the centre yesterday and “begin motorcycling” is popping up more and more. We are in the quietest time at present so I will keep you posted on results from time to time which I am very optimistic about. Thank you Roger for an easy to negotiate, well presented and informative web site.

Access2Bikes Motorcycle Training, Berkshire
I’m very pleased with the activity coming through from begin-motorcycling and would like to take up the option of staying on your site

Bike2Bike Motorcycle Training, Berkshire and Hampshire
We’ve had some good feedback from our add so yes we will be going ahead for the future.

Pure Bikes SP, Wembley
Yes being in your listing is a great medium and we’ve had quite a response.

Ace Moto Training, Spalding, Lincs
I have been more than impressed with the response from your website, my own website stats back up the figures and believe me, its a lot more impressive than YELL.COM, and Im paying a lot more than your price a year I can assure you.

Enth Degree, Deeside
I have noticed a good stream of people linking over so consider this a Yes. I do ask as many customers as I can where they heard of the site and you have come up a few times, so hopefully it will pay for it’s self in no time.

Euro Rider, Cambridge
Thanks for the alteration to my advert. Much appreciated. Will pay invoice immediately, value for money and well worth it.

1 To 1 Motorcycle Training, Gloucester and Worcester
Yes I am very impressed
and a year later
I am really pleased with responses I get through you and want to renew.

Invicta Motorcycle Training, Kent
Hi Roger. Yes i would like to stay on your web site for the next year. I have had some students contact me through your web site & i am pleased with the response so far.

Seear Motorcycle Training, County Durham
Thank you very much for our advert. We receive a lot of work from it.

Let’s Ride!, Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset
I’ve had a terrific response from your web-site over the last year and am more than happy to renew the advert. You’re right, £** is a small price to pay……Thanks again. Our first year of trading has certainly been helped by Begin-Motorcycling.co.uk!

ND Motorcycles Sudbury Suffolk
The shop has already had a couple of customers thanks to your web site.
and a few weeks later
You will be pleased to know the shop is getting plenty of interest thanks to your web site so keep up the good work.

1st Bike, Bathgate
Yes we would like to continue the advert. It has indeed been successful and we have had a few enquiries. Thank you.
and a few weeks later
We have had lots of enquiries from your website.

Link Motorcycle Training, Chelmsford
We do get a good response from the web-site and I would like to say thank you for putting business our way at a realistic price, many thanks

Fast Track Motorcycle Training, Essex
We are greatful for your service and have had enquiries that have become customers. So carry on the good work.

Eastside Riders, Leyton, London
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for continuing your good work! We are getting quite a few enquiries through your site and we are really chuffed.

Leeds School of Motorcycling
We have noticed a marked increase in email enquiries via your website, which has been a real boost as a number of those enquiries have resulted in bookings.

Newcastle Rider Training
The money I spent with you is unquestionably the best value advertising I’ve ever had. Just don’t tell my competitors. Put me down for another year.

Riding In Action, Oxford, Somerset and Wilts
We have been very happy with our advertising with you this year so would be very happy to continue running the advert

Tarmac Training, Mansfield
Thank you, the site has proved to be very successful in generating new customers.
and a year later
Hi Roger, web site has been fantastic and brought in loads of work. I would like to stay on it for another year so can you invoice me for the payment please.

OYB Motorcycle Training, Cornwall
I agree with you that your site is well worth the money so yes is my answer

Faversham Motorcycle Training, Kent
Our current advert with you is by far producing more response than any others! Thanks.

Kevs Bikes (mail order parts and accessories)
Yes please to the offer, would be appreciated if you could continue to keep me on your site as I do get a lot of enquiries from it.

Think Bike! Surrey
We are getting plenty of hits generated from begin- motorcycling, and are pleased with the response. good for this time of year.

ADS Motorcycle Training
Yes we would like to readvertise with you. We get quite alot of enquiries from the website that leads to bookings.

Elite Motorcycle Training, Wembley and Wimbledon
We would be happy to continue advertising with you. We do get quite a few enquiries from your website.

South East Motorcycle Training, Kent
Thanks for your e-mail, I would indeed like to carry on with the advert. 3 of our first 10 test trainers said they read about us on begin-motorcycling!

Link Motorcycle Training, Chelmsford, Essex
I am very pleased with the response from this advert and how easy it is for our customers to find the site, I would now like to put our clothing shop on your site.

Ridesure, Cranleigh, Surrey
Just to let you know I am delighted with the amount of traffic I get through your site.

Smart Motorcycle Training, Beds
Definitely YES! (to another year). We are very pleased with the response from your website and agree that the service is much better, as well as much cheaper, than yell.com. You also provide data on activity, that for some reason yell are unable or unwilling to give. Keep up the good work.

Lightning Motorcycle Training, Oxford
We would like to confirm that we wish to continue with the advert. It has proved to be very successful.

Style Rider, Reading, Berkshire
Yes certainly put us in again for advertising with you, we get quite a few who come through and mention begin-motorcycling. I am sure we get many more, who do not say they came via you. For a small family run business your very reasonable priced advertising is a blessing in this world of big businesses and expensive advertising. Carry on the good work.

East Side Riders, London
The inclusion of our advert on your site is already bearing fruit so many thanks for that.

RoadCraft Europe, London
I am pleased with the results due to our listing on your website. Please send me the invoice for another year of advertising.

Abbacorn School of Motorcycling, Nottingham
Thanks for the email and yes, I would like my advert to stay for another year. I haven’t been counting but quite a few queries/customers have mentioned begin-motorcycling.

Kickstart Rider Training, St Helens, Merseyside
We’re getting loads of enquiries from Begin. I’m more than happy.

Academy Motorcycle Training, Romford
Hi, Roger We are very happy with the results and wish to continue for the next year. Please send us your invoice, which we will pay by return. Regards Ray

BC Motorcycle Training, Northwich, Cheshire
Hi roger, yes i wil carry on with the ad, and quite a few enquirers have mentioned your link

Let’s Ride Bournemouth Dorset
Yes, I’ve had a good response from your site so I’m more than happy to pay the price.

Helen of Surepass Rider Training in Plymouth
Thank you for reminding me about the advert on your website. I must admit I was impressed with the number of enquiries I had from people who had visited your website.
and a year later
No question about whether we’ll continue to advertise with you – we do have our own statistics and we are getting huge numbers of hits to our website www.a- surepass.co.uk from you. Congratulations on the success of your website and all your hard work.

Denis Regan of Capital Motorcycle Training in Milton Keynes
Hi Roger, Yes I would like to keep both adverts running. The response has been good, much better than the YELL.com advert that has been out for the past year.
I enclose a cheque for £**. Thank you for your help in setting up this account, it is already proving to be a worthwhile investment.

Nigel Norton of Norton Motorcycle Training
Yes. The best £** I spent, many thanks for your excellent service. Regards Nigel
and the following year
Yes please – most if not all of my customers who find me on the web do so from your site.

2B’s Motorcycles Tottenham
I’ve been asking people lately how they got my number and there have been a good few who found us through your site, nothing mega that I know of but it’s definitely working. I use it as a directory all the time and regularly recommend it, keep up the good work and thankyou. Toby

GMTS Rider Training in Perth and Dundee
Just out of interest we had 3 enquiries today all from this site (begin-motorcycling.co.uk). Can’t be bad !

Tony Smykowski of Phoenix Training Wilts and Hants
Many thanks for a great web site and the work this has brought in. We have had quite a few people contact us via your web site and you are keeping us top of the search engines. Thanks for your help, keep up the good work. Regards Tony

Lindsey Williams of New Style Tours and Training
The answer is a definite ‘YES’. I have already picked up at least 2 trainees that I know of through Begin Motorcycling. I also refer quite a number of people to the site for its useful content. Your fee will be well spent and as you quite rightly say, we are well up on the search engine pages. Just returned from 4 hours refresher training this afternoon picked up off the ‘Begin Motorcycling’ site. Another has already passed his test. Cheers and thanks again. Lindsey.
and a year later
Roger, Many thanks. It’s a definite YES as we seem to be getting plenty of business through the site and having checked the testimonials I see that I feature and my comments are still the same. I still refer my traineees to your site as I find it is very informative for them as well. The best £** that I spend in a years advertising. Regards. Lindsey

2wheelskool in Bradford
Hi Roger, Nice sales patter, but not required i was already planning to re advertise with you I have had a number of customers from your link. Thanks for the advice as well you did give me a couple of hints and tips to improve my site (anymore?). Your price is fine send the invoice hope it is as succesful as last year.

Tim Smithson of Bikeseen
The response using your website has indeed been very useful for me. Your referring site remains high on the list each month.

Go Bike Training, Chelmsford, Essex
Thanks for the mail, I will be delighted to pay the money for the rest of the year. my little business has only been going for 2 months and thanks to your website a fifth of my bookings have come directly from Begin Motorcyling.
Advertising is for me is unknown territory so stupidly i thought the local paper (Essex Chronicle) might be a good bet, having paid nearly £100 per month for the last three months for a small advert that appears at the end of the calender month I did expect some response, not even a nibble, disappointing and very expensive.
Thanks Roger for setting up my details so quickly and getting the advert spot on.

RJH Motorcycle Training in Cheshire
Hello Roger, I’m pleased with the response to my ad, many thanks. Your site brought me by far the most business than any other media.

Fast-Trak Rider Training in Bedford
Hi Roger, Well it’s a YES, I even had an enquiry today that came from your web-site so it does appear to work for me. So please forward an invoice through so we can continue for the next 12 months.

Graham of The Right Approach
I agree with you your price for the year is good value and the site has generated some leads for me.

Paul Woods Beacon Rider Training in Nottingham
Hi Roger, Most definitely YES. I have found your site a superb medium for attracting potential customers. I would (and have) recommend you to anyone in Motorcycle Instruction (except in the Nottm & Derby area of course) Many thanks, Paul.

Frank Humphrey Crawley Motorcycle Training
YES. Please send me an invoice, I have had a few calls and emails via the site, and have converted a few to courses!! Seems to work well and am more than happy to pay your fee for the coming 12 months.

Richard McPherson Chief Instructor Dorset & Wessex Motorcycle Training
Hi Roger If it helps, we’re getting around 11 hits a week from your site. Although it doesn’t sound much it’s generated about £1000 of business since you included us a few weeks ago. Your site is VERY cost effective! By all means quote this to other training companies who are mmm-ing and ahh-ing!

D & G Rider Training Orpington Kent
hi roger
yes i would like to continue with the add
i have some calls from it and am more than happy

Alpha Rider Training in Grantham
Hello Roger, Thanks for your e-mail. The feedback from your site has been excellent, im not sure how many customers have been generated via your web-site, but they usually mention your sites name, unfortunatley it ‘s usually called beginners motorcycling!!!! I would like to advertise on your web-site for another 12 months please invoice me Regards Maria

Euro-Rider Cambridge
Dear Roger, Thanks for the email- I can reply with a resounding YES as the response has been excellent. A healthy number of enquiries have clearly identified your website as a primary source of contact and I too have tried the google search with excellent results. Thanks for all your help. Look forward to receiving your invoice. Best regards Andrew

Biker Gifts Mail Order
Yes, that’s money well spent

Surepass Rider Training in Devon
Dear Roger, I have had a number of enquiries from people due to the advert on your website. I would like to remain on your site, therefore please forward the invoice to me for the first years’ subscription.

Enterprise Motorcycle Training in the West Midlands
Hi Roger, The answer is Yes to your advert at £** per year. We have noticed the responce to your ad and are grateful. Thanks Nigel and Margaret

Abbots Motorcycle Training in Devon
Hello Roger YES Abbots would like to continue on your site for a further year. Just like to say its a very good informative and up to date site and we’re pleased to be mentioned on it. Cheers. Mary.

Abbey Rider Training in Devon
Of course I want to stay on your site, I’ve got more business from yours than from my own site!!

Freedom Rider Training in Essex
Dear Roger, Thank you for the free trial ad on your superb website. We have indeed had an excellent response from our advert and would be delighted to recieve an invoice for £** to continue our advert with you. Thank you very much for your time and efforts in producing a superb website. Steve & Jill Smithers
and a year later
Our answer is an emphatic YES PLEASE – I await your invoice. Thank you once again for providing such a superb service.

Smart Motorcycle Training in Bedforshire
Dear Roger I am delighted with the results from your site. Please send me your invoice for the coming year. Regards, David Jordan

Roadcraft Midlands in Nottinghamshire
Hi Roger, ive had a lot of feedback from the site so can you go ahead with the ad and invoice me on the address on the site. Thanks for your help Russ Stevenson

Barry Kirkham of Advanced School of Motorcycling Ltd, London (who just had name, address and phone number)
Please, please, please delete this listing. I’m getting a dozen calls a week for CBT/DAS which I don’t do & never have! If you ever need an endorsement of how well your site works then you can refer potential advertisers to me!

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