Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet For UK Riders



Most helmets nowadays will take some kind of Bluetooth speaker set. But installing the right set, routing all the cables, and getting things flush and functioning can be a pain. We’ve compiled a list of guaranteed compatible helmets to make things easier. 

It includes a few options that ship with a Bluetooth set preinstalled. These make things super simple for pick-up-and-play convenience.

We’ve also included helmets made with a specific Bluetooth comms set in mind. In buying these, you can be sure there’s a speaker set that will fit hassle-free.  

Bogotto V271 BT Bluetooth Helmet

This modular helmet comes with an integrated Bluetooth comms system built in. Flip-up helmets are popular with couriers, delivery drivers, and anyone on and off their bike all day. The ability to quickly flip the lid up without removing the helmet is convenient. 

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A thermoplastic shell ensures a tough, durable helmet without too much weight. This won’t be as light as fibreglass or composite, but its 1560g is a very acceptable weight for a modular helmet – especially with the comms already installed. 

The rest of this helmet’s specs don’t disappoint, either. It features an integrated drop-down visor, a premier ventilation system, and a removable, washable lining. The retention system used features a micrometric buckle. 

The included comms system is Bluetooth 4.0. It pairs with devices seamlessly to offer calls, music, and GPS directions. Its noise reduction software effectively allows riders to reduce the volume while still hearing their partner’s voice. Expect about 12 hours of use from a single charge. 


  • Modular design is convenient
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hassle-free comms


  • Bluetooth unit unknown compared to Sena, Cardo, and Nolan 

Nolan N70-2 GT Special N-COM Open

Based on its popular predecessor, the N44, the new Nolan N70-2 GT has a unique look. The ultrawide visor is the most striking feature. The rider’s field of vision is increased across every axis, and the visor is spacious enough to be compatible with mask use. 

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Road-touring features include an integrated VPS, internal UV400, Lexan sun visor, top-tier upper ventilation, and a Microlock 2 retention system. A removable, washable inner lining makes this a comfortable option for long rides. A pinlock lens is also included. 

The N70 helmet is designed for use with the Nolan N-Com communication system.

This is a quality helmet with guaranteed functionality and a reputable comms set. You can’t go wrong – unless you don’t like the look. 


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent ventilation
  • N-Com ready


  • Looks won’t be for everyone

Sena Stryker Full Face Helmet Matt Black

This full-face, smart helmet from Sena is a cutting-edge design. It’s built to sports-touring spec. This means it aims to land between maximum performance and optimal comfort. And in this regard, the Stryker is a success. 

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At 1750g, it’s not the lightest helmet on our list. But it is packed with premium features that justify its high price tag and few extra lbs. The composite fibreglass construction decreases the overall weight, allowing Sena to add extras like a tail light, retractable sun visor, and the audio and communication system. 

This is no standard speaker set either. It uses Harmon and Kardon speakers and microphones to offer crystal clear audio. The comms system supports Mesh, Bluetooth connectivity, and voice-activated commands in eight languages. 

This is a great, breezy helmet with all the features we can think of. 


  • Has everything
  • Sounds amazing


  • The oval fit might not suit everyone
  • Expensive (for good reason)

Sena Outrush Bluetooth Integrated Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This Bluetooth-integrated, modular helmet from Sena is another solid choice for a one-purchase solution. Its simple but classic design uses a polycarbonate outer shell. This keeps the weight down while offering excellent protection. 

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The Bluetooth 5.0 system supports a 4-way Bluetooth intercom and a 2-way HD intercom. The quick pairing option for other Sena devices is effective. It will generally pick up and auto-connect to other nearby Sena devices. But also supports QR code scanning through the Sena app for instant connection. 

The three-button control on the helmet’s left side is simple and intuitive. Most of the system’s major functions are mapped to a single button press. 

Other touring-type features include a retractable sun visor and excellent ventilation. We found the Outrush to be relatively silent during testing. But of course, your mileage will vary according to your head shape. 


  • Simple but classic design
  • Quick connection to other devices
  • Comfortable and well-vented


  • No pinlock 


This full-face helmet from AGV attempted to combine the best features of the sport and touring designs. Its carbon and aramid shell is aerodynamically designed like a racing helmet. But inside are many features to keep you cool and comfortable on long rides. 

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That outer shell is available in four sizes to dial in a perfect fit. The EPS interior structure has five densities to provide maximum impact protection. It also comes in four sizes to help riders get a perfect fit. 

The interior opts for a stable, wraparound fit: the 2Dry moisture-wicking material and soft, Microsense-treated fabric made for a comfortable experience. Five large, adjustable air inlets in the front also contribute to comfort. These are balanced by an exhaust. This helps to create an even greater amount of airflow. 

The visor boasts an 85-degree vertical viewing angle and a 190-degree horizontal one. The 4mm thick visor is treated with anti-scratch and comes with an anti-fog Pinlock installed as standard. The K6 is prepared for the Ark communications system. This device is not included but is guaranteed to work seamlessly with that device. 


  • Slick-looking, very aero helmet
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Additional purchase required for Bluetooth set

Schuberth S2 Sport Full Face Helmet

Schuberth has developed a reputation for quiet, comfortable, lightweight helmets. The S2 model caters to tourers and sports tourers who want the best of both worlds. It offers sleek looks and aerodynamic performance but remains quiet and lightweight and features an integrated communications system. 

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The fibreglass shell comes in two sizes to help you get an ideal fit. A flip-down sun visor protects you from glare, and the visor comes with an anti-fog Pinlock insert. The removable, washable liner uses Coolmax fabric for temperature regulation and Oeko-Tex fabric to be allergen free and anti-bacterial. 

Integrated antennae improve the range of the included SRC communication system. For a single purchase solution, this has all the bases covered. It’s comfortable, breezy, and easy to set up. 


  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Built-in comms


  • None

Buyer’s Guide

Considerations, Care and Cost


The cost of a reputable Bluetooth system alone (without the helmet) ranges from about 100 GBP to about 1000 GBP.

Like with most markets with such a vast range, there’s a sweet spot. After the 300 GBP mark, the bang for your buck ratio decreases.

There are exceptions to this, of course. Touring riders who are part of large groups may need additional features supported by more expensive options. But you won’t need to break the bank if you just want to stay in touch with one or two buddies on a Sunday ride.


This refers to how far you can get from another intercom user and still communicate. Remember that the distance stated in marketing copy refers to the device’s range over perfectly flat ground.

The addition of hills, mountains, valleys, forests, and buildings can drastically reduce this range.

Before making a purchase, consider the conditions you expect to use the system in. Check the specs before purchasing if you want something that supports a longer range. 

Group Size

How many people you usually ride with should also be a factor in your decision. If you only ride with one other person, you can generally find a discounted deal on a dual pack.

But units that support larger groups are often more expensive.

Check that the model you want supports the universal connection. This feature will allow you to connect to Bluetooth systems that come from other brands. This is supported by most manufacturers but is always worth checking. 


For most riders, massive battery life is not worth shelling out a lot of extra cash. If you only ride on weekends for a few hours, a single charge will get you through your day.

But if you’re a touring rider who’s often on the road for days at a time, battery life might be a much more important factor in your decision. Think about how you’ll use the device when figuring out how much extra battery life is worth to you. 

Control Scheme

Some Bluetooth devices support voice activation, while others opt for discreet button controls mounted on the helmet.

Most new control schemes seem unintuitive at first. Especially if you’re transitioning from an older system that you had memorised, systems that use a handlebar remote may suit some riders more.

The fact the helmet-mounted controls can’t be seen bothers some riders—especially those wearing gloves. 

Sound Quality

This may not be a crucial factor for riders who simply want to hear others in their group relatively clearly. But this is more important for riders who want a system that they can enjoy music on.

Options like the Sena Stryker use Harmon and Kardon speakers to deliver sound good enough to satisfy the snobbiest of audiophiles. Which system you choose depends on your priorities and budget.