Givi ST602 Sport Tank Bag Review



Today we are reviewing the Givi ST602 Sport Tank Bag . Hopefully you will find our reviews useful and they will save you time in getting the best product for your needs.  


plus iconGivi mounting system is very reliable

plus iconGPS holder

plus iconNice pockets and compartments inside

plus iconHas handle plus removable carrying straps

plus iconQuick release removal

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Givi ST602 Sport Tank Bag Review

The Givi ST602 is listed as a semi-rigid tank bag. It actually performs more like a rigid. The difference is that it has a slight give when you push on it (hence why it is “semi” rigid). This helps prevent cracking.

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Givi ST602 bike view

Givi ST602 with strap

The 4 litre size seems to be just right to get in all of your essentials plus a few impulse buys.

But remember you’ll need to buy the mounting plate separately.


plus iconTanklock mounting system is tried and tested

plus iconSpace for motorcycle sat nav

plus iconGood selection of interior pockets for easy organisation

plus iconEasy to carry with shoulder strap

plus iconQuick release removal


minus iconNo anti-theft system

minus iconNot very waterproof (comes with a cover though)

minus iconHave to buy mounting plate separately

minus iconNot expandable

minus iconA bit pricy

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Last Word

The size is right for everyday use and it is designed really well so it doesn’t interfere with riding. Recommended.

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