Can You Insure a Motorcycle in the UK Without a Licence?



This may seem like an odd question at first. But there are reasons to insure a bike with no license.

Whether it’s because you bought your dream bike before your documents were sorted, you’ve inherited a bike from a family member, or you’re working on a classic project – you may want to insure it.

Let’s discuss your options. 

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Can You Get Insurance Without a License?

Yes, you can get an insurance policy to protect your bike against fire, theft, and other accidents without a license. But these kinds of policies won’t insure you against damaging the bike while riding or pay for any medical expenses you incur from injury. 

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be on the roads without a license. It’s illegal, dangerous, irresponsible, and likely to land you a hefty fine.

But you may still want to insure your vehicle against theft, fire, and other accidents. This might be for an extended period of storage or for use on private property. 

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Statutory Off-Road Notification

Although a license is not technically a requirement for getting insurance, many companies will turn you away without one.

The companies that will facilitate unlicensed drivers require you to have a SORN – this stands for Statutory Off Road Notification. This document is issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. 

It’s an official confirmation that your vehicle is not in use on any public roads. This document also means your vehicle is exempt from tax, MOT, and (regular) insurance until you put it back on the road.

With this kind of status, you can’t even park your vehicle on the street. It must be kept on private property like a driveway, garage, shed, or lockup. 

Laid-Up Insurance Policies

Some companies offer what’s called ‘laid-up’ insurance for those with a SORN for their vehicle.

A laid-up policy demands that you don’t ride on the road and requires storing your bike in a safe, secure location. But riding it in the muck is at your discretion.

Laid-up insurance is inexpensive as a rule because the risk is low for insurance companies. But you’re only insured from fire, theft, flood, and whatever else is on the policy, no road use at all. 

Field Bikes and Farmers

Farmers or large property owners often use dirtbikes or quads to get around their land. Because they’re using these machines on their own, private property, a license is not necessary. However, these bike owners may want to take out a policy that protects their “field bike” from theft and fire.