MoniMoto 7 Motorcycle Tracker: Hands-on Review


The MoniMoto 7 DIY tracker is a bike thief’s worst enemy and any bike owner’s best friend; it is slim, easy to install, and pairs with an app that is easy to navigate.

The original MoniMoto was released around 2018 and received a mixed bag of reviews, self-fit trackers were relatively new to the market, and the MoniMoto hadn’t quite found its stride. 

However, this new tracker has eliminated the original teething issues and is now a viable security device that should be in any top picks list for a motorcycle tracker

Let’s take a look at this sleek little device, and you will see why I think it is a brilliant bit of kit. 

Bottom Line Upfront
Monimoto 7 Tracker Monimoto 7 Tracker

Sleek, Easy to Install and Use, Long Battery Life

A simple and compact tracker that you can set up in 10 minutes and forget about until you need it.

The long battery life, easy to navigate app and settings make this tracker a great security option. 

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Prices for the MoniMoto 7 come in at around £130. This is about average for a good quality security device, and the features of the MoniMoto 7 certainly makes it worth the money. 

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MoniMoto 7 Features


What’s in the box:

  • 1 x MoniMoto 7 Device – 94x61x19mm.
  • 1 x MoniMoto Key Fob – 41x10mm.
  • 2 x releasable zip ties.
  • 2 x Lithium AA 1.5V batteries for Monimoto 7 Device.
  • 1 x CR2450 battery for MoniMoto Key Fob.
  • 1 x integrated international E-SIM card with 2 months free subscription. After that – £36/year.

Key Features

  • When the Key Fob is further than 100ft from your motorcycle, the tracker arms and is ready to detect movement
  • LTE-M, 2G and GPS is used to track your bike, along with Bluetooth
  • App Notifications and a phone call when the bike moves
  • Tracker works through the app and can check the in-app map at 1-5 minute intervals
  • Easy installation
  • Batteries and sim card pre-installed
  • IP65 dust and water resistant
  • Average one-year long battery life
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Works internationally
  • iOS or Android compatible
  • In-app support
  • Completely wireless
  • Pair up to 3 key fobs, which is helpful if you share the motorcycle with your partner or other riders


Now I am not a tech person; I hate phones and apps and can do the bare minimum to get by on my laptop, so anytime something requires an app download or sounds technical, I give up at the first hurdle. 

Well, I even managed to set up the MoniMoto 7 in the 10 minutes that the instructions estimate it should take, I did it all by myself, and yes, I have patted myself on the back.

This is probably the most significant advantage of the MoniMoto 7: the ease of use from the installation to the ease of use when it is ready to go. 

Monimoto setup
I hid the unit under my seat, beneath my small tool kit.

Set up process:

  • Download the MoniMoto App on Android or iOS
  • Hold the key fob and tracker close to your phone so that the app picks up your new tracker
  • Name the tracker, I decided to go with Gregory after the late reggae artist Gregory Isaacs; however, maybe the name of your bike, like ‘Sportster’, would be more appropriate
  • Follow the other set-up instructions that pop up on the app (all are super easy to follow and clear, plus there aren’t that many of them)
  • During set-up, you can select how often you want updates from the tracker (such as battery life etc.). Once a day is probably enough, and this will be at the same time every day too
  • You get asked to save a phone number to your phone under the name of whatever you have called the tracker; in this case, Gregory
  • The next step is to fit your tracker in an appropriate, not easy-to-find place 
  • You get 2 x cable ties with the tracker; I opted for some 3M sticky tape on the front of the device (so the back was still accessible to change the batteries) and placed it under the seat under a little tool set I have tucked in there
  • Keep hold of the key fob, and you are all set up and good to go

It really is that simple and fuss-free. I was amazed at how straightforward everything was, how compact the unit is and how easy to navigate the MoniMoto app is.

The unit even has little recesses on either side where your cable ties can sit flush with the device to hold it securely. 

The next thing to do was to give it a test. 

Theft Test

I got my friend to help with this task. I kept hold of the key fob and phone while he took the bike for a spin down the road; I told him not to ride it like he stole it, though. 

I soon got a notification from the app alerting me to suspicious movement, followed by a phone call with an automated alert.

I could then track the bike’s movements with alerts every few minutes regarding its location. 

I am not saying I am a vigilante who would hunt down the bike thief, but I liked the idea of being able to go all Punisher-like and find my bike. However, the best thing to do is notify the police, and hopefully, with resources available, they could go and investigate for you. 

Quick tips

  1. The key fob’s job is to alert you when there is movement on your bike when there shouldn’t be. Therefore, when your bike is at home, you should place the fob somewhere reasonably distant from the motorcycle, so the tracker is armed and ready to alert you as soon as the bike moves. 
  1. Keep your fob separate from the bike and not on your keys. Should a thief steal your key fob with the bike, you can go into the app and start active tracking. However, this will be activated only when you have it set between 5 minutes and 24 hours and will take until the next ping before you get any location information. 
  1. You get 2 free months of the pre-installed sim card paid for. After which, you need to pay a yearly subscription of £36 a year. The sim card is why you can get the phone call when your bike has moved, so the subscription is essential to keep up. 


MoniMoto is a Lithuanian-based company, so there is no UK-based call centre for support. However, the in-app web chat support is excellent; they respond quickly and efficiently. 

There are also plenty of online videos and a healthy FAQ on the MoniMoto website if you have any issues with the tracker. 

Less Good Bits

Monimoto instructions
The paper instructions are sparse!
  • Unlike with other premium trackers, there is no 24/7 security team monitoring your motorcycle to directly liaise with the police should the bike be stolen. The MoniMoto is a DIY tracker that relies on you tracking your bike and taking responsibility for the trackers’ placement, working order and actions to take should your bike be stolen. 
  • Placement of the tracker under the fuel tank, in top boxes etc., can mean the signal is blocked and interfered with, so you need to test the trackers’ effectiveness before relying on it for security. 
  • Not Thatcham approved as it is a self-fit device, so it is unlikely to decrease insurance premiums.
  • The paper instructions are extremely basic and not particularly helpful; fortunately, everything is straightforward once you download the app.

Best Bits

  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Effective tracking information relayed
  • Quick response to notify if the bike has been moved
  • Long battery life
  • Compact unit
  • £36 per year subscription is a minimal price to pay for peace of mind and a phone call alarm system which is much more effective than just an app notification


Overall the MoniMoto 7 is an excellent DIY tracker and offers a really good tracking security option for your motorcycle. 

It works internationally with tracking information and utilises the best options for accurate GPS readings. 

The device is excellent value for money and can effectively track your motorcycle if it gets stolen – whether you want to run out with a frying pan to stop the crook or do the more sensible thing of calling the police and having them deal with it. 

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Monimoto 7 Tracker Monimoto 7 Tracker

Sleek, Easy to Install and Use, Long Battery Life

A simple and compact tracker that you can set up in 10 minutes and forget about until you need it.

The long battery life, easy to navigate app and settings make this tracker a great security option.