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Chest protection can often be a shunned cousin of the biker armoury, often seen as a fancy add on for track or motocross riding.

However, as many unfortunate bikers will attest, a forward dive during low speed impacts can necessitate protection.

Here’s a quick guide to chest protection.

Best Motorcycle Chest Protector Reviews

Lets take a look at our preferred picks.

Forcefield Elite Chest Protector

Best Overall

This strap-on unit contains Forcefield’s malleable Nitrex Evo material (a lightweight viscoelastic). It comes in two sizes, S-M or L-XL and also has height and width adjustments to tailor it to your needs.

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Forcefield Elite chest armour

It also boasts ‘Repeat Performance’ technology, which they claim allows the material to recover during an accident to protect from multiple hits (some websites seem to think this technology means you can reuse the product after an accident).

It’s honeycomb construction aids ventilation and it’s lower coverage also means it protects parts of the sternum. It’s Certified to prEN1621-3:2011 Level 1.


plus iconFlexible and moulded

plus iconGood coverage of upper and lower chest

plus iconWell vented


minus icon Only Level 1 certified

minus icon Straps and adjusters can be fiddly

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Forcefield EX-K Harness Flite Chest and Back Protector 

Premium Pick

The EX-K Harness, offers total upper body protection with chest and back protection all in one unit. Furthermore it allows you to add Nitrex shoulder and elbow protection and neck brace compatibility.

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Forcefield EX-K chest and back protector

As with the Elite Chest protector, the unit boasts Nitrex Evo material and repeat performance technology, whilst the harness system is made with an aramid thread to provide good abrasion resistance. It’s available in three sizes.

It contains a central zip opening and velcro straps, making removal a fairly easy task. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable velcro belt which offers further kidney protection.

Many users talk about how this product really inspires them to feel safe on the road and warrants a greater piece of mind when riding, making this our premium pick.


plus iconModular unit, can be upgraded with shoulder/elbow armour

plus iconCE Level 2 certified

plus iconGood zip and velcro entry system


minus icon Not cheap

minus icon Could be a bulky solution for regular riders

minus icon May appeal more to track / off-road enthusiasts

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Alpinestars Nucleon KR-Ci Chest Protector

Best Inserts

These inserts are designed to be used in a number of Alpinestars jackets, however a few people have reported that they do fit in some other jackets.

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Alpinestars chest armour

They are slimline and made from Alpinestars ‘Nucleon’ viscoelastic polymer, meaning they are lightweight and will shape and mould to your body. They’re perforated as well so will vent when warm.

Alpinestars states that the Nucleon is CE Certified to prEN 1621-3:2013.


plus iconNucleon material makes them comfortable and unobtrusive

plus iconOffers an upgrade to Alpinestars standard foam inserts

plus iconPerforated surface offers ventilation


minus icon Could have limited compatibility with non Alpinestars jackets

minus icon Can make an already tight jacket a bit tighter

minus icon Take time to mould when cold

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Knox Chest Guard

Best For Knox Systems

This add-on unit is designed specifically as an accessory for the Knox Aegis back protector and comes in two sizes, a small (400mm) or large (475mm).

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Knox chest guard

Not the most slimline chest protector, but it is CE Level 1 certified and offers a lightweight honeycomb structure.

When connected to the Aegis back protector, it limits it’s quick release belt system as the chest protector doesn’t have an opening mechanism resulting in you having to lift the unit over your head.

When twinned with the Aegis it offers a high level of all round armour option at a reasonable price, and I like it’s looks.


plus iconCE Level 1 Certified

plus iconReasonably Priced

plus iconLightweight and flexible


minus icon Only fits the Aegis back protector

minus icon Cumbersome to put on / take off

minus icon Can be bulky under leathers

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Alpinestars Nucleon KR-C Chest Protector 

Best For Alpinestars Systems

Made as an add-on to the KR-1, 2 and 3 back protectors, the KR-C chest protector is CE Level 1 certified.

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Alpinestars Nucleon KR-C

As with the KR-Ci inserts, this protector contains Nucleon material making it lightweight and flexible. User feedback suggests that it moulds really well to the body, remains in place, and is well vented.

Perhaps it’s best feature is a central zip, which provides access, preventing the need to pass the whole unit over your bonce (tricky with a lid on).


plus iconCentral access zip

plus iconMoulds and holds

plus iconWell vented


minus icon Only compatible with Alpinestars KR back protectors

minus icon Only CE 1 certified

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Buyers Guide

So how is your armour certified?

It is a complex area when you get into the detail, but there are essentially two main standards that manufacturers can apply to their products:

CE Level 1: The armour has been tested and will provide decent protection for general use.

CE Level 2: Offers almost double the protection of CE1 and with recent advances in materials technology can remain light and flexible. Always go for level 2 if you can afford it.

Read more about motorcycle armour.

Inserts or strap-on?

As with all armour, chest protection is available in insert of stand-alone strap-on options.


These are best to upgrade existing armour, however, they are not always compatible with every type of jacket (check with the supplier or take your jacket into a store).

Strap-on Armour

It’s less convenient but it’s superior in its ability to hold armour closer to the area it’s protecting.

Other Considerations

Your clothing fit needs to be considered. If your current jacket or race suit is a ‘slim fit’ you may struggle to incorporate a strap-on protector. 

If your jacket is loose and you opt for inserts then they will be ineffective and not hold the armour close to your body.


Many riders who buy chest armour have learnt from bitter experience how painful a fall can be when landing on your chest. So if your budget allows, chest armour should be on your list.

Inserts are clearly more convenient, allowing you to simply armour up without having to think about it. Whereas separates can be bulky they offer that extra level of protection that many people crave for longer or more adventurous riding trips.

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