Best Motorcycle Goggles for UK Riders (Retro, Vintage and MX Options)



Goggles are an important part of safe riding with an open face helmet.

They aren’t particularly common in the UK on account of the weather, but remain an essential item for motocross riders.

A recent boom in retro-styled helmets has also increased demand, these helmets often ship without a visor installed, and many riders choose to use goggles instead.

Our Top Pick
Bobster Over The Glasses Phoenix Bobster Over The Glasses Phoenix

Practical Design, Great Value

These Phoenix goggles from Bobster OTG come with three interchangeable sets of lenses, a built in groove for prescription glasses.

They are built of flexible polyurethane edged with neoprene – a great deal at the price.

Best Motorcycle Googles Reviewed

Lets jump into our top picks

Bobster OTG Phoenix

The big selling point of Bobster’s Phoenix is the built-in groove allowing the rider to wear their prescription glasses.

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This is certainly a nice touch and probably seals the deal for lots of people.

But there’s plenty here for those with 20-20 vision too.

Three interchangeable lenses allow you to adapt to the lighting conditions.

A flexible polyurethane frame edged with soft, absorbent neoprene meant we found these to be some of the most comfortable goggles on our list.

This could be a head shape issue – your mileage will vary.


  • plus iconRider can wear prescription glasses
  • plus iconThree interchangeable lenses


  • minus icon Slight fogging

Shot Assault MX Goggle

These budget-friendly goggles from Shot are aimed squarely at motocross riders.

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Front ventilation, an anti-scratch lens and compatibility with tear offs (transparent, removable coverings) make these a surprisingly good option at the price.

Padding is adequate and the frame has enough flexibility to maintain comfort on long rides.

These goggles use an adjustable silicone woven strap for comfort, and it does make a difference over standard elastic

8 colourways are available to help you coordinate your gear.

Easy to recommend at the price, but make sure they’ll fit with your current helmet before buying – motocross helmets only.


  • plus iconFront vents
  • plus iconAnti scratch
  • plus iconCompatible with tear offs


  • minus icon Viewing angle not as wide as other options

Oakley O Frame Goggles

Oakley have a reputation for making high quality, premium-priced sunglasses. So I was expecting these goggles to feature bleeding edge tech and come in at a fairly high price point.

In fact, these are inexpensive, tried and true classics – popular for their wide viewing angle, excellent moisture wicking properties and high level of impact resistance.

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Not what we were expecting, but an excellent pair of motocross goggles nonetheless.

Comfort is taken care of by a flexible frame and triple layer foam padding.

They feel great, don’t restrict movement and don’t fog up.


  • plus iconTried and tested, classic design
  • plus iconGood moisture wicking properties


  • minus icon No vents

Oxford Assault Pro Goggles

These motocross goggles from Oxford feel similarly built and designed to the Oakley model on our list. And that’s not a complaint!

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They use a similar, flexible frame and ergonomically shaped foam to stay comfortable on long rides.

UV protection is a feature present here that’s not found in many goggles at a similar price.

We also like the strap – easy to adjust and comfortable.

We didn’t put it to the scratch test, but the anti-fog works a treat.


  • plus iconComfortable and durable;
  • plus iconAnti-fog anti-scratch


  • minus icon Oakley’s (arguably superior) goggles are only slightly more expensive

Halcyon MK49

These won’t be for everyone, but the retro aesthetic works on me.

They look like something from a totally different era of motorcycle riding – my grandad would approve.

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Underneath this classic styling though, there are some welcome concessions to modern comfort, performance and convenience.

Real leather hand stitched over foam make this a comfortable, well-sealed pair of goggles.

The strap has bands of silicone to help everything stay in place.

Lenses are made of a UV treated, shatterproof, scratch resistant polycarbonate.

We didn’t have any fogging issues with these at all – maybe because of the organic material used.

Despite looking like something from WWII, these perform comparably to lots of modern goggles.


  • plus iconBeautifully made heritage design
  • plus iconSurprisingly comfortable and effective


  • minus icon Aesthetics not for everyone

Considerations, Care and Costs

What do we need to consider when buying motorcycle goggles?

Before the invention of the visor, goggles were a part of every rider’s kit.

Nowadays they cater to open face and motocross style helmets as these often ship without any face protection installed.

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When road riding, it’s mostly rain and wind we need protection from.

Motocross riding involves a lot more mud, pebbles and falling over than standard commuting, so additional features are required.


Anti-scratch properties are essential to have in a set of motocross goggles.

Even when you’re doing it right, branches, stones and other debris will hit your lenses.

Without some resistance to scratching, a set of goggles used for motocross would quickly become damaged to the point of being useless.

Anti-fog is vitally important because motocross is a much more physically demanding activity than normal riding. All this activity generates body heat which can fog up your lenses.

Tinted/Interchangeable Lenses

Tinted lenses will limit your use to daytime only, but the option to swap lenses out to suit the conditions is very welcome. Only Bobber’s Phoenix model takes advantage of this system.


The two types of goggles featured in our list cater to motocross riders and to retro enthusiasts. It’s pretty clear to look at them which is which.

The retro styled ones are primarily designed to work with open face helmets with the strap on the outside of the helmet.

That said, we’ve seen people wearing Davida’s Retro Pilot goggles with full face retro helmets and it looks great.


Goggles are an essential for motocross – and they don’t have to cost the earth.

If you’re after a pair for reasons of style, we think we’ve given you something to think about too.

It’s not for everyone, but the WWII pilot look is in this year…