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A & M Rider Training
Airy Hill Community Primary School
Waterstead Lane
North Yorkshire
YO21 1PZ
  • CBT & DAS & 125 instruction. All our instructors are Cardington qualified
  • DVSA registered for RPMT training. For those who have already passed their test. Get a discount on your insurance!
  • All riding equipment can be supplied free of charge if required
  • We are the only training body actually based in Whitby
  • Our aim is to help you become a safe and confident rider to test standard and beyond

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A&M Rider

Training Centre
Airy Hill Community Primary School
Waterstead Lane
North Yorkshire
YO21 1PZ

Contact address
2 Waterstead Crescent
North Yorkshire
YO21 1PY

About Us

A & M Rider Training is a DVSA registered training body operating from Whitby in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors offering professional training for all riders, from novice, to those having passed their test or riders returning to motorcycling.

All our instructors are DVSA Cardington qualified and registered and we offer instruction recognised and endorsed by the DVSA for post test motorcycle training (RPMT).

Our Courses

  • CBT. We offer CBT courses in Whitby catering for those with no previous experience and those who have ridden before
  • DVSA Test. Only the DVSA can carry out the practical riding test but we offer lessons not only to help you pass you test but to make you a safe and confident riderA&M motorcycle instruction
  • 125 lessons can be offered to 17 - 19 year olds -or- those wishing to pass their test on a smaller capacity machine at A1 category
  • A2 lessons are offered for 19 - 21 year olds -or- those wishing to pass their test on an A2 category motorcycle
  • Direct access and accelerated access lessons are offered to those with two years' experience at A2 -or- those over 24 years of age who wish to obtain a full licence enabling them to ride any capacity machine after successfully passing their motorcycle test
  • We are Registered Post-Test Motorcycle Trainers (RPMT) and can offer lessons to students who have recently passed their tests -or- those returning to motorcycling. Our approved course when completed enables you to obtain discount with certain insurance companies
  • Please contact us for prices and for any queries you may have in relation to courses offered and availability

Our Fleet

  • For those wishing to take their CBT on a 125cc motorcycle we have Yamaha YBR125s. If you’re not eligible for A2 and Direct Access -or- wish to take your motorcycle test on a 125cc bike these are the bikes you will use to get your A1 class full licenceA & M Rider Training school
  • Those wishing to take A2 route will use one of our superb restricted KTM690 Duke. These are ideal for students new to bigger bikes due to their low weight. Passing your test on one of these machines would qualify you for an A2 full motorcycle licence
  • Those taking direct access lessons will use one of our new Kawasaki Z650 motorcycles. These are ideal for new riders due to their low weight and low seat height.
  • 16 year old riders and those wishing only to ride a moped will use one of our easy to ride Peugeot Streetzone 50 twist and go scooters

Of course you may wish to do your CBT on your own motorcycle or scooter. Providing you have all the necessary documentation this can be arranged.

You could arrange for your bike to be delivered to us or we could collect it for you.

The enjoyment gained from riding a motorcycle skillfully and safely is second to none. However, it takes confidence, excellent riding skills, physical co-ordination and balance. Keeping your skills up to date and checking that you have not become overconfident, complacent, or picked up some bad or dangerous habits is something that few of us do.

Please contact us for further details:

Tel: 01947 600783
Mob: 07847 626019 & 07847 626010