10 Road Legal Quad Bikes To Consider



Quad bikes are some of the rarest vehicles on UK roads, as they are viewed mainly as pure off-roaders. However, providing a quad meets all safety standards, has road use approval and the rider the correct licence, they are perfectly legal for road use. 

Dealers can make any quad bike road legal relatively easily, and most offer this service as part of the sales package. Remember, you need a full driving licence to be able to ride a quad on the road, not a motorcycle endorsement. 

Lastly, there is no legal requirement to wear safety gear of any sort, including a helmet on a quad. However, it is highly recommended that you do as the risks are not worth taking. 

Another quick note is that just because pretty much any quad can be made road legal doesn’t mean they are necessarily optimised for the road and have valuable road-going properties. 

Therefore, we have picked some of the best road legal quads up to the job to help make your decision easier. 

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Our Favourite Road Legal Quads

Yamaha YFM700R SE


Yamaha aimed to make the YFM700R SE the best in sports performance ATVs; the intention was to make it the be all and end all with no competition coming close. 

Admittedly it is a pretty nifty bit of kit. The latest model has had the engine overhauled to produce even more torque from the 686cc fuel-injected motor while having greater fuel economy and lower emissions. 

This quad is built for racing, so performance parts are scattered all over the model with a high-compression head, special cam and race fuel mapping just for starters. 

These features make the quad a fantastic racer, but it is important to remember that these things don’t necessarily make the bike the most road-friendly. Think of it as akin to a Ducati Superleggera – perfect for the racetrack but somewhat unnecessary and impractical for the road. 

Easy on the throttle is the way to go. 

You get fully adjustable suspension which makes the bike great for tailoring to the road surface you are riding on, and a reverse gear is also pretty useful for road use. 

Finally, it looks the business; this bike is an aggressive head-turner.

Check it out on Yamaha

Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS

Grizzly 700 EPS

Where the YFM700R is Yamaha’s ultimate sports model, the Grizzly 700 is the ultimate utility version. If you are looking for a quad that can haul some stuff off and on road, then the Grizzly is for you. 

Yamaha hasn’t just mapped the Grizzly to be tamer than the sports model, far from it. This bike is loaded with valuable features that make being practical, easy and fun. The Grizzly isn’t just a workhorse; it is also ready for some leisure riding.

The industry-leading Ultramatic transmission automatically chooses the best gearing for all types of riding terrain, and the all-wheel engine braking makes downhill descents a breeze. You can also switch between 2WD, 4WD and Diff Lock by pushing a button on the On-Command control system. 

The suspension is completely adjustable; you also get electric power steering for easier riding, extra comfort and better control and four disc brakes. 

Check it out on Yamaha

Honda TRX520 Foreman

TRX520 Foreman

Honda markets the Foreman as their ‘Heavy Hitter’, a chunky workhorse that will have you seamlessly haul a trailer across fields and then hit the road with no issues. 

It isn’t the most attractive quad on the list, it looks like a serious hard worker, and that is exactly what it is. A competent hauler with enough grunt to take on any terrain you want to traverse. 

The 518cc engine is mounted longitudinally, with Honda saying the reason is to directly transfer the power to the wheels with no unnecessary angles or routes from the powertrain using energy. 

Swingarm suspension keeps you comfortable no matter what you’re hauling or where you are riding. 

The Foreman comes with electric power steering. There are several options for the transmission, whether you want a manual button transmission or an automatic dual-clutch transmission. 

Check it out on Honda

Quadzilla QZ300


The QZ300 is one of the most affordable 4WD quads on the market. It is a lightweight, 275cc quad with 2WD and 4WD as well as a reverse gear. 

This budget bike has premium features, including LED daytime lights, a 12V socket, trailer hook-up, tow hitch and a backrest. 

Quadzilla has recently handed over production of their quads to various other manufacturers such as CFMOTO; however, they are still producing parts for these bikes. 

The QZ300 is the last of their lineup and is an affordable, quality-loaded bike that is up to most light-duty tasks. The 275cc engine has enough power to get you wherever your going and will have you keeping up with traffic speeds on the road. 

Check it out on Quadzilla

Can-Am Renegade

Can-Am Renegade

The Can-Am Renegade comes in a few different versions and engine capacities. The Renegade X XC is perhaps the best of the bunch in terms of performance. 

With 91 horsepower, the 1000cc R models are the most powerful ATV on the market according to Can-Am, and the 62 horsepower 650’s are class-leading in their segment.

Fox preload-adjustable shocks are fitted for ultimate control regardless of terrain and a Tri-mode Intelligent Throttle Control, so you are constantly hit with smooth power delivery. 

Electronic fuel injection, power steering and switchable 4WD are some of the premium features of the quad. Rightly so, too, as this is one of the most expensive options on the list, so you would expect only the best tech and features at this price point. 

Check it out on Can-Am

Can-Am Outlander Max Limited

Can-Am Outlander Max Limited

The ultimate Can-Am ATV is, without a doubt, the Outlander Max Limited. 

It utilises the same 1000 R found in the Renegade line, but the Outlander is focused solely on long-distance rides that incorporate the need for comfort and functionality.

Riding 2-up is a breeze, and the passenger can adjust their hand grips to suit, and the seat with backrest is a lovely touch of outdoor luxury. 

Steel racks make it easy to fit the quick attach LinQ system for luggage accessories.

Big front and rear bumpers come as standard, along with a winch, DC outlet, LED headlights and security system. 

This is the ATV you want if you are serious about covering lots of miles and hauling lots of gear. 

Setting the Outlander up as a long-distance touring vehicle is super easy and would make a unique riding experience on the road; when you come to off-road terrain, it will eat this up, too, making the hard-to-access spots a breeze. 

Check it out on Can-Am

CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 Overland

CFORCE 1000 Overland

CFORCE 1000 Overland is another competing heavy-duty touring capable ATV, ready to be loaded up for those bigger trips. 

The 963cc engine packs in 79Nm of torque, covering all terrain and any hilly gradients you might encounter. 

It is slightly stealthier than the Can-Am, a little more subdued, but it has a rugged appeal, and from a style point of view, you know it means business. 

It is 2WD/4WD and 4WD adjustable, so you can pick the correct mode to suit the terrain you are riding on. Electric power steering makes turning easy, lightweight and precise, so you are in control in all circumstances. 

Speed bumps are absorbed by the quality suspension and partnered with the power steering; the Overland makes for a great handling road bike. 

Passenger comfort is considered with a backrest built into the huge rear cargo boxes, which are 105L and 41L in capacity. With this luggage carrying system, you will have no problems hauling everything, including the kitchen sink.

A 12-volt socket and 2 USB ports mean you can keep your devices charged even if you are in the middle of nowhere. 

Check it out on CFMOTO

Polaris Sportsman Touring XP 1000


The Sportsman Touring XP from Polaris is the third and final ATV to compete in the touring segment. 

It isn’t quite as kitted out with a load of storage as standard as the CFMOTO but takes a more bare-bones essentials skeleton like the Can-Am, which you can add to and tailor to your needs. 

However, it boasts an 88 horsepower, 952cc engine, electronic fuel injection, AWD and 2WD modes, Engine Braking System, and Active Descent Control. 

The Sportsman is also a great-looking quad, merging functionality with style. 

It has a rider backrest built into the passenger seat, and the passenger seat is raised with a full back and armrest set up. 

The Polaris is an excellent quad with plenty of power, suitable for long weekend riding, easily set up for the road while maintaining its important off-road abilities. 

Check it out on Polaris

Suzuki Kingquad 750


For me, the Kingquad 750 is the best-looking quad on the list, and the 722cc engine is enough power for the road without being too much and making control difficult if you are not 100% focused. 

Suzuki boasts the new Kingquad has been the result of 30 years of ATV development, and the latest model is the best so far, walking the line between leisure and practicality. 

It has received an all-new chassis, new storage and CVT and clutch upgrades, along with the edgy styling that gives the clean lines and shapes that I am a big fan of. 

It is the most powerful quad in Suzukis’ range and offers excellent value for money especially given the capacity. 

Check it out on Suzuki

Viper Spy F3-350

Viper Spy F3-350

The Viper Spy F3-350 is a funky addition to the list; think Japanese fast and furious, metallic colours and low rider style. 

It almost looks like an old honda hornet motorcycle with 4 wheels strapped on. The seat is very motorcycle-like, as are the handlebars. 

You get road tyres as standard and full fenders covering each of these. 

Transmission is 6-speed, including a reverse gear, and has a top speed of 98mph.

The 350cc engine is most suited to around town. It will make a great city vehicle and will turn heads as you go. 

It won’t be for everyone, but it certainly ticks a few boxes for someone who wants an edgy four-wheeler to hit the streets on. 

Check it out on Viper