Best Armoured Motorcycle Hoodie: Casual Looks With Proper Protection



Armoured motorcycle hoodies are a great way to make sure you’re protected on shorter trips.

Putting on the full kit can seem like overkill if you’re going a short distance or the weather is particularly warm. But accidents pay attention to neither distance nor weather and having protection built into your clothing keeps you safer.

Limb protection, pockets for optional back protection, and Aramid reinforced sections in critical areas mean the casual-looking hoodies on our list can perform when the worst happens.

Best All Rounder

Oxford Super Hoodie

Oxford Super Hoodie

Comfortable and Breathable

The Oxford Super Hoodie lives up to its name.

Quality gear, reasonably priced, and available in several colours for men and women. Check SportsBikeShop

Premium Pick

Weisse Stealth Hoodie

Weisse Stealth Hoodie

High quality and versatile

The Weisse Stealth hoodie looks and feels like it’s from a near-future science fiction film. Serious gear that’s seriously versatile. Check SportsBikeShop


Best Motorcycle Hoodie Reviews

Lets dive into our top picks

Oxford Super Hoodie – Best All Rounder

This aramid-reinforced hoodie from Oxford could be mistaken for regular street clothing at a glance. CE certified shoulder and elbow armour are cleverly stitched into the hoodie and a back pocket for an optional back armour insert is included.

Small touches like thumb loops, belt attachment loops, and its comfortable, breathable mesh lining make this feel like a technical riding garment despite its soft, poly-cotton feel and look.

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Oxford Super Hoodie

The YKK zip is stitched to both the outer lining and the anti-abrasion lining This means the hoodie is less likely to split down the middle in an accident – a problem on inferior motorcycle gear.

The Super Hoodie is available in a male and female cut, in grey or black. It’s a low-key, classy but feature-complete armoured hoodie from a well-established company.


  • plus iconComfort and fit
  • plus iconFeels like premium technical apparel


  • minus icon Can’t fault this one

Weisse Stealth Hoodie – Premium Pick

If the objective of the Weisse Stealth was, as its name suggests, to hide its motorcycle-specific features so well as to be virtually indistinguishable from a regular, street hoodie – then we consider it a success.

Aramid fibre construction, removable, CE-approved elbow, shoulder, and back protection, a ton of pockets, and a warm fleece lining are hidden in what looks like a high-end street hoodie.

The hood is removable too, which opens up options for using this as a mid-layer in colder weather – nice.

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Weisse is known for its attention to detail when it comes to material and construction. From the textile top layer to the YKK zips to the breathable mesh overlay – this feels like a premium product.

Two external zippered pockets and a large internal pocket are included. This attaches via zipper to Weisse jeans using their comfortable, stretchy fastening system.

If you’re going for high-tech, low-key aesthetics but want maximum protection, this is a great option.


  • plus iconLooks simple and cool
  • plus iconFunctional and durable
  • plus iconRemovable hood


  • minus icon Premium price tag

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Alpinestars Stellar Sektor V2 – Best For Women

This women’s specific, armoured hoodie from Alpinestars uses slim, comfortable Nucleon Flex armour inserts in the shoulder and elbow, ribbed, stretchy panels, thumb loops, and mesh lining to offer unrivalled comfort in this class.

Its removable hood opens up the possibility of using this as a mid-layer under a wind/waterproof jacket and its comfortable, soft shell style doesn’t look bulky or unflattering off the bike.

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Alpinestars Stellar Sektor

Areas of abrasion are reinforced with Aramid fibres and pockets are present for optional back and chest protection inserts. The YKK zip is covered by a flap to prevent any scratching to your tank and reflective details are cleverly hidden throughout the jacket for night time use.

Outside of some logos on the chest and shoulder, this is understated looking riding gear with a few options for brighter trim colours. A male version is also available.


  • plus iconSuper comfortable fit, material and armour
  • plus iconTop-shelf look, feel, and performance


  • minus icon Expensive

Rev’it Stealth Hoodie 2 – Feature Packed

Armoured hoodies are usually thought of as spring/summer garments here in the UK. But with a waterproof membrane, removable, thermal lining, shoulder and elbow armour, and a pocket for back protection, this hoodie from Rev’it is a more complete solution than most on our list.

Its Cordura denim top layer makes it look casual but this feels like technical riding apparel. Twin front pockets are easily accessed with gloved hands and the internal pocket is also conveniently located.

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Rev’it Stealth Hoodie

A stretchy waist and cuffs make for a tight but comfortable fit with no windchill and a connector zip for Rev’it jeans is present.

A reflective strip across the back helps with visibility in low-light conditions.

The feature list on this reads more like a typical motorcycle jacket than an armoured hoodie. This is reflected in this price tag. But with its sharp looks, comfortable fit, and high-end technical performance, Rev’it’s Stealth hoodie is worth the asking price.


  • plus iconLooks casual – works great
  • plus iconBombproof construction
  • plus iconWaterproof


  • minus icon Painful on the wallet

Macna Nuclone Textile Jacket – Budget All Rounder

This polycotton textile hoodie from Macna comes in at a competitive price point, with decent construction, and a set of features similar to more expensive examples.

Betac CE elbow and shoulder armour and Armamid reinforced panels in key areas keep you safe while its mesh lining and polyester construction do a decent job at regulating temperature and keeping you comfortable.

A 12mm EVA backplate is included and a slot for an optional CE back protector is also present.

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Macna Nuclone

It doesn’t do quite as well as some of the more premium hoodies at hiding the fact that it’s armoured equipment for riding – not ugly or particularly bulky but clearly motorcycle clothing. Inexpensive, well-made, and decent-looking – there’s plenty to recommend here.


  • plus iconInexpensive
  • plus iconDecent quality


  • minus icon Not as pretty or well designed as higher-end options

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Black Lynx Motorcycle Hoodie – Cheap and Cheerful

Shipping without armour inserts installed, this hoodie from Black Lynx uses a layer of Aramid fibre to completely cover the inside of the garment.

This can help keep you safe from road rash but buying and installing the optional armour inserts will keep you a lot safer.

By opting for an oversize outline, this hoodie does perhaps the best job of any on our list of hiding the fact that it’s a piece of technical riding apparel. A mesh layer and elasticated cuffs also do a good job of making this feel like a regular hoodie too.

This same mesh layer allows the armour to sit in the correct place despite the outline shape of the garment.

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Black Lynx Motorcycle Hoodie

Even accounting for the additional cost of the armour inserts, this still represents good value.

Excellent build quality, a low-key aesthetic, and a comfortable fit make this an easy recommendation for anyone looking for an armoured hoodie or already in possession of a set of compatible armour pieces.


  • plus iconLooks great
  • plus iconUltra-tough material


  • minus icon No armour pre-installed

Check GhostBikes

Buyer’s Guide

Safety considerations

With armoured clothing, getting the correct fit is crucial. Armour pieces need to be held in place, close to the body part they’re intended to protect.


Correct Fit

Motorcycle jackets are typically designed to fit snugly around the elbows, shoulders, and back, holding the armour inserts at those points in place. Hoodies aren’t generally worn the same way with people preferring a looser fit.

Armoured hoodies often use a mesh interior to hold armour pieces in place with a polycotton/denim/Aramid layer on top for warmth, comfort, and durability.

This top layer also allows them to look more like a typical street hoodie while performing like a motorcycle jacket underneath.

Check the product listings for detailed measurements and check those against your own. Cross-reference the sizes on those listings with motorcycle jackets in your wardrobe that fit well.



Aramid fibre (the best-known brand name being Kevlar) is an ultra-strong, heat-resistant material used in aerospace applications and ballistic body armour, known for its fabric-like qualities.

Adding this material to key areas of an otherwise denim/Cordura/polycotton hoodie allows for much greater abrasion resistance and thus slide time.



CE rated inserts are included in the elbows and shoulders of most hoodies on our list with back protector pockets also present.

The more flexible the armour, the less likely you’ll notice it’s there. To this end, the more premium, Alpinestars/Weisse  – type brands usually feature slimmer, more flexible armour pieces with a slight reduction in weight without compromising safety.

Buying the optional back protector piece the same day you buy your hoodie is a good idea. Installing this piece will offer a lot more protection at minimal extra cost and no extra inconvenience.