Best Places to Buy Motorcycle Gear Online for UK Riders



When making purchases online we want to make sure that the company we deal with is reputable and hassle-free.

This is especially true when it comes to buying our motorcycle gear, as let’s face it being a biker isn’t cheap.

So we have pulled together some of the best places on the web to buy motorcycle gear from, let’s get into it. 

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Motorcycle Gear – UK Options

SBS logo


SBS is one of the largest retailers of motorcycle gear online and as such, they have a really wide range of brands to choose from across all categories. 


They have a huge selection of helmet brands with a full range of sizes, the same goes for their clothing and boots selection.

It isn’t just helmets and clothing they cover, however, as there is a big range of accessories too from disc locks, luggage, intercom systems all the way to tools, grips, and paddock stands.

They also have a pretty impressive parts section holding parts for many different models. 

Product Information

I find the descriptions to be really good on SBS with plenty of key details listed and they include customer reviews on the products as part of the listing, so you can get an honest perspective from those who have purchased the item. 


You won’t struggle to get kitted out with everything you need no matter your budget for example full-face helmets start from a £44.99 MT lid and go all the way to £2,519 for a top-of-the-line Arai. 

In addition to this SBS tend to always have some good deals across the site so you may find they come up cheaper than the competition. 

Delivery and Returns

Delivery is next day free over £25 and they now offer next-day delivery, 7 days a week via DPD. 

There is a 365 returns policy in place where you can return the item within 365 days and you can exchange the item or get a full refund. 

Returns are also free if the item was over £25. 

Customer Service

Customer service is highly rated and they also have 7 physical stores across the UK.

get geared logo

Get Geared

Get Geared has been an online retailer for motorcycle clothing for over 20 years so they have plenty of experience. 


They have a good range of brands to choose from but not quite as many as SBS with key brands like HJC and Dainese missing from their selection. 

However, with the brands they do deal with they have extensive lines of products with a full range of sizes available. 

Clothing, boots, helmets, gloves, accessories are all plentiful and there seems to be a Parts section ready to go but not yet equipped so keep an eye out for that. 


You won’t struggle to find what you need regardless of budget and there are plenty of deals to be had when scrolling through the site. 

Product Information

Product descriptions are very detailed and will answer any questions you have, customer reviews are also shown for items where applicable. 

Delivery and Returns

Minimum order for free delivery (3-5 days) is £20, after that you can pay between £2.99-£9.99 to get the item sooner. 

Returns are free for items over £20 and they also have a 365 day returns policy. 

Customer Service

Get Geared has one physical store in Surrey and the customer service online and in-store is said to be excellent.

Ghostbikes logo

Ghost Bikes

Ghost Bikes were established in 2004 and has a good selection of items with the omission of some big-name brands like Dainese, Arai, and Schuberth. 


However, these are counteracted with some of their own branded clothing and accessories which also allows them to cover all budgets. 

Helmets, clothing, boots, and gloves are all covered extensively and their accessory section is well stocked with intercom systems, bike covers disc locks, etc. 

There is also a reasonably well-stocked parts section. 


In terms of catering to any budget they do a good job for example full-face helmets start from £42.99 and go up to £701.99. 

Delivery and Returns

Deliveries are free for purchases over £25 and is a 2-3 day service with the exception of some items which are sent via DPD next day. You can also pay up to £19.99 for Saturday delivery. 

The returns policy is free returns within 30 days for purchases over £25, anything under that is £3.99 for a returns label. 

Customer Service

Customer Service is claimed to be award-winning and having read through reviews I am inclined to agree that this is true. 

They also have one retail store in Preston. 


Amazon is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to motorcycle clothing and accessories. 

There is an abundance of products on the site from various big retailers and individual stores, some of it is brilliant and some of it less great. 

If you know what you are looking for then you can’t go wrong checking it out and comparing against other stores. 


For clothing, Amazon is a great resource, often offering some good quality kit at a reasonable price, checking out the customer reviews is a good way to get a true perception of the quality. 

The same is true of accessories like intercoms, bike covers etc. 

Amazon is a good choice for those on a budget, higher-end brands are sold on Amazon but usually just bits of a product range as opposed to everything. 

Quite often you will find end-of-season products for sale and this can mean that size ranges are limited, as it is just what is left over. 

There are a lot of motorcycle helmets on Amazon that are little-known brands, providing these have the relevant safety ratings you should be good to go.

Check our post on ECE 22.06 regulations which will explain what to look out for. 

Delivery and Returns

Shipping costs vary depending on the seller. 

Returns are covered by Amazon’s 30-day policy but this only covers items fulfilled by Amazon, so be sure to check the product details before purchase. 

Customer Service

Customer service, on the whole, is pretty good as Amazon acts as an intermediary, but it will vary from seller to seller. 

J&S Logo

J&S Accessories

J&S Accessories has 30 stores nationwide and their website is very well equipped with most of what you would find in store. 


J&S deal with a huge range of brands and also manufacture and sell their own brands such as Frank Thomas and BKS. 

Budget shopping is no problem at J&S with full-face helmets starting from £39.99 and jackets starting from as little as £29.99. 

They also have higher-end products from the likes of Shoei, Alpinestars Rukka, etc.

Size ranges largely depend on the brand, with their own brands likely to have full ranges and the more top-end products to be more limited. However, J&S will order products for you from their suppliers in the correct sizes. 

Delivery and Returns

Delivery on purchases over £149 is free via DPD. Under £149 there is a fee between £1 and £3 depending on the value of the items. 

Returns are accepted within 14 days but these are not free unless you take the items in store. 

Customer Service

Online customer service is good, in-store customer service varies from store to store and with both platforms returning items seems to be a bone of contention within customer reviews. 

Motorcycle Gear – Worldwide Options

Motoin logo


Motoin has been up and running since 2007 and is based in Germany where they have their store. 


They deal with a large range of brands across all their categories and have substantial offers across various items.


Something to be aware of is that while a product may be marked cheaper than elsewhere you need to factor in shipping costs and this may end up negating any savings made. 

Delivery and Returns

Shipping to the UK is currently from £12.47 but this varies with how much you spend, how many items, and how quickly you want the items. 

You can return purchases within 100 days of receiving them, you initially pay for the return and then the difference is added on to your refund if applicable. 

Customer Service

Customer service is efficient however, being based in Germany there can be some discrepancies that crop up that are avoided when purchasing from a UK-based company. 

For example, unexpectedly paying customs charges on items, however, Motoin seems quick to respond to issues like this and rectify the issues. 

FC Moto logo

FC Moto

FC Moto is another German company with retail premises in Aachen, Germany. 


The company deals with a wide range of brands and has plenty of options to choose from in categories of helmets, clothing, boots, gloves, and items to care for your gear such as leather protector, etc. 

There are options for different budgets with full-face helmets starting at £39.31 and shooting all the way to £1,160 for a top-of-the-line race-spec AGV.

Product Descriptions

One note is that the website is not as easy to navigate as some of the other sites, the menus are a bit fiddly to navigate.

FC Moto also deals with e-scooter, snowmobile, bicycle and casual gear so the motorcycle side of things is just one part of their business.

Delivery and Returns

Delivery to the UK starts from £6.61 and FC Moto deals with DHL as their shipping carrier. 

Returns are accepted but there is a charge to make the return, if the item is damaged or incorrect FC Moto will compensate the postage fee back when they make the refund payment. 

Customer Service

Customer service across the board is excellent and the company seems to be quick to respond to inquiries and any issues that pop up.  

Chromeburner logo


Chromeburner is a Netherlands-based company where they operate a huge showroom and warehouse from the same location. 


Chromeburner doesn’t deal with as many brands as some of the other companies but they still have a really good range to choose from and cater to all budgets.

They have an extensive helmet, clothing, boots, and glove range and a smaller accessories section. There is also a small parts section covering basics like seats and clutch levers. 


Pricing is good, with reductions on many sale items across the site. 

Delivery and Returns

You have to spend £139 for free delivery, they do put a disclaimer that UK residents may be liable for import fees, so bear that in mind when ordering. 

Returns are subject to a 30-day policy and the buyer pays for the return shipping fees.

Revzilla logo


Revzilla is a US-based company but they offer a $30 flat rate for shipping to the UK. 


They deal with many brands across their helmets, clothing, accessories, and parts so you have lots of choice for whatever you need.

Revzilla has plenty to cater to all budgets but one thing to note is that helmets in the US only need to be DOT certified which are not legal in the UK. 

If buying a helmet make sure that it is ECE certified too, check out our article on DOT helmets and legalities here. 

Product Descriptions

Product details are very detailed and descriptive and getting in touch with a customer service agent is nice and easy through various channels including email and live chat.

Delivery and Returns

Any returns need to be marked as a ‘Merchandise Return’ with a carrier that does not levy brokerage fees. The customer is responsible for any fees including customs charges.

When buying from the US it is always best to speak to one of the customer service team so you can ensure you are buying the right item and size to avoid the hassle of returns.

They also cannot ship tires, hazardous or oversized items which largely applies to parts including:

  • Batteries
  • Bodywork
  • Exhausts
  • Oversize Luggage
  • Stands
  • Windshields

Motorcycle Parts

Demon Tweeks logo

Demon Tweeks

Demon Tweeks are the go-to for motorcycle parts, they have a huge range covering motorcycles new and old. 


From brakes, chains, exhaust systems to air filters, oil, bodywork, and engine parts Demon Tweeks has you covered. 

They also have a reasonable helmet and clothing/accessory section. 

Delivery and Returns

Standard delivery starts from 59p and express delivery goes up to a maximum of £11.94. You also have the free option to click and collect from the Wrexham retail store. 

If you have a problem with your purchase you have 14 days to contact the customer service team and get an authorization code for the return, after which you have another 14 days to return the item.

Return postage fees are covered by the customer. 

Customer Service

Customer service is second to none and the team is great for answering questions to ensure you purchase the correct item you need.

twotyres logo

Two Tyres

Two Tyres is a London-based company that mainly deals with supplying motorcycle tyres for road and track bikes along with MX and Enduro bikes. 

They also have batteries and battery chargers in stock.


Two Tyres deal with all the leading brands for tyres and can cater for 125’s, cruisers, touring bikes and any other kind of motorcycle possible. 

They also have a London workshop where they can do tyre-fitting, chain fitting and motorcycle servicing

Customer Service

Customer service reviews are good and they have a friendly team of experts on hand for any technical questions.

Delivery and Returns

Delivery is £4.95 or free over £150.

Returns are accepted within 7 days and the customer is required to cover all the costs.