Best Heated Motorcycle Vests and Body Warmers

Last Updated: 6th October 2020

A heated vest or body warmer can be a game changer during winter.

Seriously – I commuted to Uni for four years without one.

My salad days are over. Never again.

Read our reviews and buyers guide to get yourself kitted out with the best heated motorcycle vests and body warmers to fight off the winter chill.

Top Pick

Keis B101 bodywarmer

Keis B101 Heated Bodywarmer

Our Top Pick

A quality piece of kit, combines versatility with exceptional performance.


Best Heated Motorcycle Vests and Bodywarmers Reviewed

Here are our top five picks

Keis B101 Heated Body Warmer

Power: 12V

Current Draw: 3.3A

This is Keis’s next generation heated bodywarmer, with upgraded heating elements and a heated collar. In the coldest of conditions this can really make a difference.


Keis B101 bodywarmer

Like all the Keis’ range it can daisy chain to other heated gear.

One important thing to remember; as with most heated clothing, if you want to power this using batteries you will need to buy the battery pack separately (due to large heating elements you will need the 5200mAh version.)

The B101 can also be wired in to the bike or if you prefer and the necessary cables are included.


plus icon4 heated panels – including collar and kidneys

plus iconCan ‘daisy chain’ to gloves and insoles

plus iconComes with a selection of fuses to accommodate a variety of accessory combinations

plus iconMachine washable


minus icon Needs larger 5200mAh battery 

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Gerbing 12V Heated Vest

Power: 12V

Current Draw: 4.5A

Gerbing’s 12V Heated Vest is a premium quality product at a premium price. It comes with heated pads on the chest, back and collar and the heating elements are covered by a lifetime warranty.


gerbing 12v heated vest

This vest is ideal when you’re not sure how the weather will play out. It can be safely packed in with other kit. It’s water resistant too – making it a great all-weather choice.


plus iconHighly compressible – can be packed for unpredictable rides

plus iconWater-resistant – will keep you dry in a shower

plus iconLifetime warranty on heating elements

plus iconHeated collar (trust us – this is a big deal)


minus icon Can’t directly daisy-chain to other electronically-heated items

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Keis V501 Premium Heated Vest

Power: 12V

Current Draw: 1.5A

The Keiss V501 is a premium, breathable, lightweight heated vest – at a decent price. It’s fully washable too.


Kesi V501 Vest

The V501 has elasticated side panels for a unisex fit. Most of the feedback on this one suggests going down a size. With optional extras including variable heat control and a range of 12V battery packs, you can extend battery life and get the heat that’s just right – on or off the bike.


plus iconFully-washable – just throw it in the machine

plus iconWorks with any Keis battery


minus iconVariable heat control must be bought separately

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Keis B501W Ladies Heated Body Warmer

Power: 12V

Current Draw: 1.2A

This is the ladies version of the V501 and comes with the same specs. It’s cut for a comfortable and complimentary fit.


Keis ladies heated bodywarmer


plus iconSpecifically cut to provide a comfortable fit for women

plus iconCan connect to heated trousers, gloves and insoles

plus iconHeated collar


minus icon Variable heat control must be bought separately

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Buyer’s Guide


Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, your heated clothing comes without a dedicated controller unit.Without a controller, your heated vest/jacket will typically just have two settings – on and off.

Some riders find the default setting on too hot for most weather.

If you’re riding through a variety of conditions, or interested in squeezing the most out of a battery pack – a controller unit can be a great addition.

Check out these options:

We’ve also written more about motorcycle heated clothing controllers here.


Most people’s concern when thinking about electrically heated gear in cold, wet weather is safety.

Fair enough.

There is however, nothing to be concerned about, heated motorcycle kit is powered by low voltage DC and insulated with a waterproof membrane for safety.

It is also fused which prevents shorts if, for example the heating elements were damaged.

In reality, heated gear offers a significant boost to safety. Cold muscles result in slower reaction times.

Stay warm. Stay alert.


I know for me, hand washable or machine washable is not a deal-breaker.

A heated vest is always under my top layer and stays pretty clean.

I’ll only be using my vest for a few months of the year anyway (hopefully). Maintenance with all of the featured kit is pretty simple:

  • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Most manufacturers recommend storing their gear at half charge
  • Follow manufacturers washing instructions

Bike Or Battery Power?

For most riders in most situations, I’d recommend plugging straight into your bike’s battery.

Many of the vests and body warmers on our list draw less than your dipped headlight. Any modern bike has enough power to accommodate a heated vest, heated gloves, insoles and GPS without any issue.

However, if you’re on and off your bike in cold conditions, it’s great to have the option to switch over to battery powered heating. This is especially true when touring somewhere scenic or in the very coldest of conditions.

The (ahem) older among us might also benefit from the battery powered option. A heated vest can be just as useful on a long hike.

Controls And Connectors

Many of the featured vests have integrated plugs to connect up other pieces of heated kit. This avoids a series of overly complicated cables.

Officially, different brands don’t support inter-connection – but in practice many people connect one brand of vest to another brand’s gloves/insoles without issue.

Some of the higher-end vests featured in our list boast variable heat control via a controller. This can be useful if you’re riding in a range of different environments or want to maximise battery life.


With the weather we get here in the UK – there’s no reason not to own a heated vest or body warmer.

If you’re on the fence, take our advice and dip your toe in at the lowest price point.

If you’re sure you’re going to be riding in the same, frigid conditions long into the future then take a look at some of the more premium options.

Heated collars, variable control, ‘daisy chaining’ – they all might sound wonderful.

But, if you’re going from nothing to your first heated vest, we’re sure you’ll feel the difference.

Heated riding equipment has removed one of the longest-standing downsides to motorcycling, giving an almost car-like level of comfort.

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