Best Leather Motorcycle Trousers For UK Riders



If you are anything like me, then you think that wearing leather is the best way to ride.

There is nothing quite like getting suited up and heading out.

With all the technical fabrics today, it could be argued that leather is rivalled in terms of protection, but there is something psychologically about slipping my leathers on for a ride that makes me feel that more prepared.

So, I have pulled together some of the best leather motorcycle trousers available for all riders, from sports riding to weekend cruisers.

Let’s delve in.

Here are our top leather motorcycle trousers.

Best Leather Motorcycle Trousers – Quick Picks

RST GT CE Leather Jeans: Best Overall
Texpeed Mens Leather Trousers: Best Value
Alpinestars Missile V2 Leather Jeans: Best Premium
Furygan New Highway Leather Jeans: Best for Water-Resistance
RST Tractech EVO 4 CE Leather Jeans: Best Sports

Leather Motorcycle Trouser Reviews

Best Overall
RST GT CE Leather Jeans RST GT CE Leather Jeans

These RST GT CE leather jeans are a great set of leather trousers with a matching jacket available, which also made the top pick in our best leather jacket selection.

Put simply, the GT CE jeans are excellent value, certified with the highest grade CE rating, with equally good CE Level 2 protective armour at the knees and hips. 

The jeans come with perforations for increased ventilation and a 3D bubble mesh lining which increases airflow and provides comfort. 

They also come equipped with velcro backed knee sliders and a full zip that will connect you up to the GT CE leather jacket

One issue that does come up is the sizing being somewhat inconsistent and inaccurate. 

Definitely go up a size and maybe order two pairs to try, then return the pair that isn’t right. 

The jeans are referred to as sports touring and have a sporty edge, but with the knee sliders removed, the look is a classic trouser design; you won’t feel out of place on any style of bike

They are great for everyday riders who enjoy a blast on the back roads then perhaps need to commute to work once in a while.

  • CE AAA Approved
  • CE Level 2 Knee and Hip Armour
  • Knee Sliders Included
  • Good Value for Money
  • Inconsistent Sizing
Value Pick
Texpeed Mens Leather Trousers Texpeed Mens Leather Trousers

A Texpeed leather jacket made our best value pick, and they have nailed it again with their leather trousers. 

These cruiser style motorcycle trousers are a timeless classic design constructed to go over your boots instead of being tucked in like most sports leathers. 

They are comfortable and fit true to size, which is rare for motorcycle clothing. 

You may find the supplied CE approved knee and hip armour a little stiff and bulky; however, it is removable and easily replaced with something more comfortable. 

(See our guides to hip armour and knee armour.)

It should be no big deal to buy alternative armour as a replacement because, frankly, these leather trousers are a bargain. 

You get two front pockets on the trousers and a zip on the back to attach to Texpeed jackets, although you do have the option to take the additional zip and stitch it into your current jacket. 

Premium Pick
Alpinestars Missile V2 Jeans Alpinestars Missile V2 Jeans

From Alpinestars come the Missile V2 leather jeans, which are some of the comfiest leather trousers on the market.

Alpinestars with their finger in the racing pie, are pretty good at producing quality leathers, and the Missile V2 jeans are a great reflection of that. 

The trousers are pre-curved into a riding position for added comfort and eliminate the need to break in stiff trousers, which can be hard work and uncomfortable. 

The lining is mesh for great ventilation, and stretch panels internally and externally allow for a great range of movement. 

The calf and seat stretch panels are particularly great additions for ensuring comfort. 

A connecting waist zip is fitted to zip up to your Alpinestars jacket, and the rear panel is also extended so that your jacket will overlap and keep the wind out. 

You will also find vents on the thighs operated by zips, and you can adjust the ankles to suit with a Hook and Loop fastener. 

Protection wise, you get Level 1 knee armour and knee sliders included. 

There is a pocket for hip armour, but that is to be purchased separately, which lets these jeans down a little; it wouldn’t kill Alpinestars to throw in the hip armour. 

If you plan on hitting some speeds, then upgrading to Level 2 knee armour would be a good idea.  

  • Quality Construction
  • Pre-Curved for Maximum Comfort
  • Knee Sliders and Knee Armour Included
  • Pocket for Additional Hip Armour
  • Pricey
Best for Water-Resistance
Furygan New Highway Leather Jeans Furygan New Highway Leather Jeans

Furygan brings to the table a pair of leather jeans that are stated to be water-resistant. 

It is not a claim made by many manufacturers when it comes to their leather clothing. Having a level of water resistance will mean getting caught out on a ride with a bit of rain isn’t that much of an issue. 

You will find a breathable inner liner and fixed skin protect liner on the inside of the trousers, which will help keep you cool and comfortable on your rides.

An elasticated waist and stretch panels ensure comfort and freedom of movement, while a connection zip means you can connect your Furygan jacket and keep the wind off your back.

Furygan has also reinforced stitching in impact areas to increase the trousers abrasion resistance; this reduces the potential for tearing. 

D30 knee armour is included, which is lightweight, comfortable and offers great protection. 

However, there are only pockets for the D30 hip armour instead of the armour itself, so you will have to purchase hip protection separately, which is a little annoying. 

The jeans fit very well with the size guide providing accuracy, and they make for a great pair of everyday use/touring leather trousers. 

  • Water Resistant
  • D30 Knee Armour Included
  • Comfortable
  • No Hip Armour Included
Best Sports Pick
RST Tractech Evo 4 CE Leather Jeans RST Tractech Evo 4 CE Leather Jeans

The Tractech EVO 4 jeans are the second addition from RST to our list — we simply couldn’t leave them out. 

They are AAA CE rated for the highest possible protection, come with Level 2 armour, and have detachable knee sliders for when you really want to push your limits. 

The trousers are constructed with triple-stitched seams that are Coates bonded for added durability. Strong Max zips won’t budge and the cowhide leather is reinforced in impact areas for increased abrasion resistance. 

RST have used Samtex and leather stretch inserts for superior comfort and a fixed 3D-mesh lining further aids rider comfort. 

The leather is perforated to allow airflow, which is a great touch — as we all know, leather can get very hot in the summer. 

You get a full connection zip that you can pair with any RST jacket, but if you want a great two-piece suit, then the matching Tractech EVO 4 Jacket is an excellent choice. You will struggle to find a better value two-piece set with a AAA CE rating.

Buyers Guide

When it comes to leather motorcycle trousers, there are some factors you should consider before making a purchase. 

Thinking about these things will ensure you are equipped to make the right decision regarding what leather trousers to buy. 

Here are my top tips for buying leather motorcycle trousers:


There are two things to acknowledge when it comes to levels of protection with motorcycle clothing. 

Firstly, what level have the trousers been certified as protective, and the second is how much armour is provided and what is the quality?

The key thing to look out for is the CE-approved certification label legally required to be stitched into the trousers. 

CE Approval

There are three grades of CE approval: A, AA, AAA.

A Grade

A grade trousers will be best suited for Urban riding, relatively slower speeds; you will likely find them lighter weight.

AA Grade

AA grade trousers will have been tested more thoroughly in conditions that all sorts of riders are likely to encounter.

AAA Grade

AAA grade is the highest certification and is mostly found on sports riding clothing, where impacts are more likely at higher speeds.

For each grade from A-AAA, trousers will undergo a more vigorous abrasion resistance test at higher speeds and for longer. 


When it comes to armour, the two areas that you want to be protected the most are the hips and knees. 

You will want to ensure that this armour is CE approved and not just memory foam, which is good for nothing. 

Some leather trousers will come with external knee sliders; these are mostly found on sports trousers for riders who plan on getting their knee down on the track.

You may also see some trousers with shin armour. 

Cheap foam style armour may be certified, but it is quite useless. 

Quality armour such as D30 is lighter weight, less stiff and bulky, but provides increased protection and is well worth the upgrade. 

Riding Style

Are you planning on getting your knee down? Or are you planning on a long mileage tour? 

Thinking about what you plan to do on your bike wearing your new trousers will help you decide what you need from them.

If you are out on your Bonneville heading to a National Trust Garden on a weekend in no hurry, then perhaps knee sliders aren’t quite necessary. 

Whereas if you plan on doing an amateur track day, it will be imperative that your trousers are part of a 2 piece race suit that fully zips together. 


Pockets, thermal liners and connection zippers for jackets tend to be the main features on leather trousers.

Some will offer ventilation options with vents or perforations in the leather. 

Keep an eye out for these things if they are important to you, particularly the connecting zip, as that is a cool feature that allows you to zip to matching jackets. 


Leather trousers can be bulky and uncomfortable, leading riders to switch to alternatives. Our picks are some of the best options available prioritising comfort and protection. 

The RST GT CE jeans are simply brilliant, affordable and protective to the highest standards. 

Although the Texpeed leather trousers offer great value for those on a tighter budget and will have you cruising in style.