How Much Does the Full Motorbike Licence Cost in the UK?


Thanks to a number of elements involved in obtaining a motorbike licence in the UK, as well as the different routes you can take to get your full licence, there is no single, fixed cost you can expect to pay. 

If you omit extra training courses, you could, in theory, get your full licence for somewhere between £260–£300. 

However, if you incorporate training for the tests and additional course options, you’ll realistically be looking in the region of £500–£800, with some Direct Access courses shooting up to £1,200 or more. 

To understand more about licensing rules and laws for different rider ages and bike capacities, check out our licensing section and our post on motorcycle and moped laws.

Here’s a quick overview of the costs involved in getting a motorbike licence in the UK.

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Unavoidable Costs

There are some core costs that are simply unavoidable if you want to obtain your full bike licence. No matter which way you go about things, the test fees and licence costs must be paid. 

The fundamental costs:

  • Provisional licence: £34 online (£43 via post)
  • CBT (compulsory basic training): £100–£130
  • Motorcycle theory test: £23
  • Module 1 practical test: £15.50
  • Module 2 practical test: £75 (£88.50 for evenings, weekends, or bank holidays)

Total: £247.50–£300

There are very few people who could obtain their motorcycle licence without some training costs. The exception may be people who have a full licence from other countries, perhaps who have been riding for many years but now need a UK licence.

Most people, though, will pay additional fees to get their riding up to scratch and pass their tests. 

Training Costs and All-Inclusive Courses 

CBT Costs

Although standard CBT will cost in the region of £100–£130, it may cost more if you take longer to complete the training.

For example, if you need to go back for a second day of riding, this can increase the price to around £180. 

Some training schools offer a practice session before you even undertake your CBT so you can get a feel for the basics of operating a motorcycle. 

This can cost £50–£100 but is worth doing if you’re particularly nervous about learning to ride. It will give you and your riding instructor a good idea of your starting point. 

Theory Training Costs

The first thing you need to train for after obtaining your provisional licence and doing your CBT is your motorcycle theory test. 

There are plenty of free resources online for you to practise your theory test, including the government website, where you can find free practice tests

However, some people find it useful to purchase the official DVSA theory test handbook, which covers everything you will need to know to pass your theory test. It’s about £15 on Amazon. 

Practical Training Costs

Next up, you need to think about your practical training options. 

Generally speaking, there are two routes. You can sign up with a training school and pay for lessons for each module, or you can look at Direct Access courses. 

Training schools vary in price. When it comes to training sessions, these can cost £75 per day or as much as £150. 

The number of sessions you need before you feel ready to take your test is completely subjective, as people learn at different speeds. You have a great deal of flexibility with this method. You can choose when your lessons are and how many to undertake before you book your test. 

Direct Access schemes (DAS) generally encompass all the test costs into their price, so it’s a nice, neat package that keeps things simple. Most will also include a CBT option if needed. 

For detailed information about DAS and what it entails, take a look at our Direct Access post. 

Course prices vary depending on the length of the course you choose, whether you pass your test the first time, and if you require extra training. 

Riders Motorcycle Training is one of the biggest training schools in the UK, with several locations. They operate three-, four-, and five-day courses priced at £690, £920, and £1,150, respectively – not including test costs. 

Phoenix Motorcycle Training offers two options. The first costs £690 and is called Fast Track. The other is a more standard DAS and is £790. 

The Fast Track course has both practical modules booked within the same 24-hour time period and the other is spread out, so you have more time in between for extra training. 

There is no right or wrong way to go about obtaining your licence. How confident you are and your level of experience will dictate the process more than anything else. 

If you want to do an intensive, week-long course but are worried about what happens if you fail one of the tests, then signing up with a company that offers unlimited tests until you pass might be a good option. 

BMW Rider Training offers a seven-day package aimed at completely novice riders. It is a “guaranteed pass” package in which you can do as many training sessions and tests as it takes to get your licence. 

The big drawback is that the price is £2,400, which is significantly more than the £1,250 they charge for a five-day intensive course without the pass guarantee. 

It’s important to know that you must undertake your theory test before you can take part in any intensive course. You cannot do your practical modules without passing your theory first.