The Best Motorcycle Alarm for UK Riders (2023 Edition)



Protecting your motorcycle from theft requires layers of security to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to steal. One of the best ways to stop someone from stealing your bike is to fit it with an alarm. 

Disc locks can stop a thief from breaking the steering lock and pushing your bike away. A chain attached to something sturdy can be useful, as well, but an alarm that attracts a lot of attention is going to be the most effective deterrent. 

Here are our top motorcycle alarms.

Best Premium
ABUS II Granit Detecto X-PLUS 8077 ABUS II Granit Detecto X-PLUS 8077

The ABUS is the best premium alarmed disc lock on the market, with a loud 100-dB alarm and 3D detection of movement in a steel disc lock reinforced against theft.

Best Value
Fosmon Anti Theft Burglar Bike Alarm Fosmon Anti Theft Burglar Bike Alarm

The Fosmon alarm is an excellent-value alarm that can be mounted anywhere on your motorcycle. It is controlled by a small remote and you can adjust the sensitivity settings and alarm volume to suit. 

The Best Motorcycle Alarms Reviewed

ABUS II Granit Detecto X-PLUS 8077 

ABUS has been producing security products since 1924. They make high-quality security products for even the most high-end motorcycles. 

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The Granit Detecto is a premium alloy steel disc lock designed to make it extremely difficult for thieves to remove. 

The 13.5-mm bolt, casing, and closure elements are made of special hardened steel to deter attacks, and the ABUS X-Plus cylinder makes it particularly difficult for thieves to pick the lock. 

The highlight of the device is that the alarm is based on the ABUS 3D detection system. This system can detect even the slightest vibration or movement which would indicate a theft attempt. The 100-dB alarm is then triggered upon detection. 

It is a practical choice that you can easily bring with you anywhere. No matter where you go, your bike will be protected by a loud alarm which should put off thieves. 

The lock is simple to use, with an LED light indicator and different acoustic sounds alerting you to what state the lock is in, whether it is activated, and when you need to replace the (two AAA) batteries. 

You get two keys with the lock and an ABUS Code Card which will allow you to easily get replacement keys should you need to. 


  • Solid device built from premium components
  • Loud and sensitive 100-dB alarm
  • Removable and easy to transport


  • Pricey

Fosmon Anti-Theft Alarm

In contrast to the ABUS, the Fosmon alarm is significantly cheaper but is a brilliant alarm for your motorcycle. 

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All you need to do is mount the compact unit onto your motorcycle. You can either use the adhesive pad that comes with it or thread cable ties through the brackets on the back of the device and tie it to where you want it. 

Once mounted, you control the alarm via the remote, both to arm and disarm. Another useful feature is that, using the remote, you can put the alarm into SOS mode, so the alarm will sound to attract attention if you need it.

The alarm has three different alarm volume levels and seven different sensitivity levels which you can adjust. Adjusting the sensitivity is great for times when the weather is bad and the wind is blowing your bike around since the movement can trigger alarms. Simply lower the sensitivity and it will only go off when you really need it to. 

The alarm unit uses three AAA batteries and the remote requires a 12V/27A battery. There is a 20-metre wireless range between the alarm and remote and the alarm has a water-resistance rating of IP65. 


  • Excellent value
  • Loud 113-dB alarm
  • Compact unit
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels


  • Just an alarm, no additional security

Oxford Boss Alarmed Disc Lock

Oxford boasts that the Boss lock is their strongest ever. On top of that, the device is fitted with a removable, sealable alarm module. 

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The Boss disc lock is water-, vibration-, frost-, and heatproof, making it your ideal travelling companion for bike security no matter where you go. It is quite a bulky lock, though, so you might want to have somewhere in your bike luggage to carry it instead of trying to shove it in your jacket pocket for rides. 

The unit has a big 14-mm shackle which will be difficult for thieves to remove in a hurry, especially with the 100-dB alarm signalling. 

Despite the security features, it is easy to arm and disarm. Simply turn the key to align the red arrows to arm, and turn them away from each other to disarm. 

You don’t need to worry about losing your keys because the alarm comes with an Oxford Code Card so you can order replacement keys without fuss if necessary.

The alarm is sensitive, so bear that in mind with placement; even winds can trigger the alarm if the unit moves around too much. 

The battery type for the alarm is LR44 1.5V, and you can purchase replacement batteries from SportsBikeShop here


  • Disc lock with 100-dB alarm feature
  • Quality, strong construction 
  • Removable alarm


  • Quite bulky to carry around if you don’t have luggage on your bike
  • Very sensitive

Kovix KOL Brake Lever Lock

Kovix is another company that focuses on producing security products, and in this case, they have created an alarmed brake-lever lock for motorcycles. 

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As the name suggests, the lock clamps on to your grips and brake lever, making riding the bike impossible. 

The unit is fitted with shock and movement sensors that if activated will trigger a 120-dB alarm. There is an on/off function for the alarm, which is powered by a long-life lithium battery.

The lock is constructed of aviation-grade metal and is designed to make it extremely difficult to pick.

It’s a great alternative for riders who want something on their handlebars instead of disc locks, which are easily forgotten and problematic if you try to ride with one attached.


  • Solid, high-grade construction
  • Loud 120-dB alarm triggered by shock and motion sensors
  • Small, compact, easy to transport


  • Won’t fit all grips without some manipulation and modifying

BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm

The BlueFire alarm wires directly into your bike’s electrical system and hooks up to your battery. The device also has a backup battery to draw power from if needs be.

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You use a key fob to arm/disarm the alarm and there is an SOS button—just like the Fosmon—so you can sound the alarm in the event of an accident/emergency for attention.

On top of this, the BlueFire alarm has an anti-hijack feature that can cut off the bike’s power supply by blowing the ignition fuse to prevent the bike being hijacked. 

The system is a little complicated and the instructions are not perfectly clear, but there are plenty of tips under the Amazon reviews to help. If that doesn’t work, any good mechanic should be able to help you out. 


  • Great value
  • Wired to the battery to kill power if bike is stolen
  • Four levels of sensitivity
  • 125-dB alarm


  • Complicated instructions; mechanic might be needed to fit

Monimoto 7 Tracker

The Monimoto 7 Tracker is not a traditional alarm, but it is a worthy contender as a slightly out-of-the-box alarm.

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Essentially, the Monimoto 7 consists of a key fob and a tracker unit. The tracker gets mounted somewhere on your bike and the key fob stays on your bike keys. The tracker arms itself when the fob is more than 100 feet from the bike. 

If your bike moves while still armed, you will get a notification via the Monimoto app and a phone call that your bike is moving, and you can track it.

While the other alarms in our list sound an actual alarm to hopefully deter thieves, the Monimoto simply alerts you instead.

This can be an effective alarm if you park your bike outside the house or work where you can get to it quickly. Should you be too late, you can track your bike to wherever the thieves take it.

For all the details on the Monimoto 7, the best place to go is our review, where we go into everything, including why I decided to name my tracker Gregory. 


  • Alerts you instantly to movement
  • Ability to track your bike
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Not a traditional alarm
  • Yearly subscription required

Buyers Guide

Motorcycle alarms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, which can make sifting through to find the right one a bit of a minefield.

Here are the main things to think about when buying a motorcycle alarm:

Type of device

There are three main types of motorcycle alarm:

  • Wired-in alarms that connect to your bike’s electrical system, such as the BlueFire Alarm
  • Stand-alone battery-operated alarms like the Fosmon
  • Security devices with built-in alarms like the ABUS Granit Detecto

There are benefits to all three types of alarms:

  • Wired alarms are harder for thieves to tamper with and immobilise.
  • Stand-alone alarms are easy to set up and maintain without affecting your bike’s battery.
  • The big benefit of getting a security device with a built-in alarm is the additional layer of security you get for your bike in the form of a lock or chain.


The most important feature of an alarm is that it will sound if it detects movement. You want to choose an alarm with a volume loud enough to attract attention. An alarm with a sound level of 100 dB or above is a good standard to aim for. 

Some alarms are very sensitive and therefore you need to think about where you position it, as even the wind can trigger it. 

Buying an alarm that is part of another security device, like a disc lock, is a great way to add a layer of security to your bike. It makes it that much harder for thieves to steal. However, if you go for an alarm like this you want to make sure it is as good an alarm as it is a lock. Make sure there are no compromises on either feature, as that will defeat the purpose.

While the Monimoto 7 won’t sound an audible alarm, it will notify the owner immediately and track your bike as it moves. This might be a feature for some that is far more valuable than a traditional motorcycle alarm. 

Some wired-in alarms are all singing and dancing. They can have immobilisers which prevent the bike from starting and some even have trackers. 

You should take other security measures

An alarm by itself won’t necessarily prevent your bike being stolen. It will hopefully attract enough attention to deter the thieves, but that isn’t always the case, and particularly in big cities, motorcycle thieves are more brazen than ever.

You should consider bulking up your motorcycle security by investing in disc locks, chains, and a bike cover, all of which will work alongside your alarm to help put thieves off. 

Opportunistic thieves want to do the job quickly and get out of there. If you make your bike security obvious and thorough, it will appear too complicated and time consuming and they will move on to another target. 


The ABUS II Granit Detecto is without a doubt my favourite motorcycle alarm, even though it’s first and foremost a disc lock. The lock is solid and hard to tamper with and the alarm is loud. 

Second to that I would consider the Fosmon Anti-Theft Alarm. It offers excellent value for money, and with features way above its price point, it would make a great addition to other security measures.